Bugs Sir… thousands of’em!

Wargames Atlantic “Bugs”

You know when you get so excited that you get carried away and do not fully read something?

Well that is exactly what I did when I saw the new contest from Wargames Atlantic where they are looking for a name and background lore for their new “alien bugs” kit!

As ideas flooded into my mind I skimmed the criteria for the submission but missed some vital parts, such as it being a known species in the Death Fields competition and that they may use ranged weapons.


Hudson Adams at WGA has suggested that I could resubmit and I think I will just send an addendum as I wrote my background lore open ended to allow future development of the kit, ie adding a queen model.

Below you can see what I submitted….

Wargames Atlantic “Oo-Rah” Marines and “Alien Bug”


The following information has been declassified in the interest of public safety.

The Krixor, or more formally the Krixor Tyrannus (nicknamed Bugs, Krix and Crickets among other things) are a hyperviolent xenomorph species of unknown origin.

Suspected to be from outside the Milky Way, the Krixor are so well developed as an apex predator species that scientists theorize they may be a genetically modified species. Their intelligence is at least on par with Terran primates and dolphins. While they are not tool users they show incredible ingenuity in capturing their prey. They work equally well in teams as solo, adapting from frontal swarm attacks to stealthy lone ambushes with ease. Tactically they quickly adapt to their environment as well as the defenses of their prey. While they show no signs of fear they are not always reckless and do not blindly rush towards obvious dangers in most cases. They appear to communicate vocally through a chittering language that so far has been untranslatable and it is believed there may be a pheromone or telepathic aspect in addition to their vocalizations. They have shown no evidence of a written language. The metabolism of the Krixor is incredibly adaptable, allowing them to survive long periods without sustenance when required however when large quantities of food is consumed their speed and aggressiveness increases phenomenally. Their appetite is voracious, consuming almost all biological matter. They are incredibly resistant to environmental extremes, radiation and toxins. The hard exoskeleton carapace creates not just formidable armor but their remarkably strong limbs are deadly weapons, the tips of which can easily penetrate hardened steel. With numerous ocular organs it is believed they see various spectrums including thermal.

It is theorized that they may be a caste species with worker, soldier and queen castes however so far only one adult caste has been documented. Witnesses have recorded images of what are believed to be young Krixor and the eggs from which they have emerged. Whether these eggs have been laid by the documented Krixor or some so far unseen queen is unknown.

The Krixor so far have only rarely been encountered and in small numbers, while incredibly dangerous, it is believed they can be managed. However, should an infestation reach sufficient size it would become an existential threat to all life in the target environment up to and including causing an extinction level event on a habitable planet.

Contact with Krixor should be avoided. Do not attempt to communicate with them. At all costs not allow yourself or others to be taken captive by them. Report all suspected Krixor sightings to your local authorities immediately.

Further information, including information on the current location of known Krixor infestations, is classified.


I decided to send this addendum…



A relatively new contestant to the Death Fields competition, this exotic contender is something of an unknown.

The owners of this species have been particular about keeping them shrouded in mystery as part of their marketing strategy. It is believed that they are an extragalactic species that has since arrived in our galaxy but that seems of less interest to the audience than their deadly need to consume almost everything.

Any name they may have for themselves has been kept secret, their owners calling them “Species 727” and they have picked up the popular nickname of “The Sanitizers” from the audience as they clear battlefields of all biological material.

They are equally at home in close combat as well as having access to integrated biological ranged weapon systems.

These unnatural and unnerving predators are a consistent favourite on the Death Fields circuit.

Rumor has it competitors have offered a fortune for a living Species 727 Queen.

Some even believe the current owners of Species 727 are merely the subterfuge of a Species 727 Hive Grand Empress.


In other news…..

Our Archon Studio Dungeons & Lasers 3 Woodhaven pledge has arrived. First impressions are good but we will not really be able to fully judge the items until we start building with them.

Archon Studio Dungeons and Lasers 3 Woodhaven

The miniatures are on the smaller side, being “True Scale” 28mm so on par with a lot of the 28mm plastic Perry miniatures. Details are fairly crisp and while requiring assembly not complicated. Their design, due to the monopose nature like that of Games Workshop, is not particularly conducive to kitbash converting. They do however still have lots of character.

We will probably not use these pieces as they were originally intended (ie modular temporary structures), instead using them to create a “bits box” of sorts to create our own more permanent structures using these and various other terrain pieces.

The scatter terrain, as always with Archon Studio, is excellent.

I was wondering how much I would like Archon’s new figure bases as the concept art had a lot of charm but getting them in hand I do not think they will be replacing our current basing system. That said, I do think they will appeal to a broad audience of modellers with decent designs and are anticipated to be priced reasonably once they reach retail.

Maybe I will use some to make scatter terrain.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



    • Right now we have two basic base styles we use. One is a generic temperate woodland style and the other is clear plastic bases (for our Core Space sci-fi stuff). Temperate woodland may look a bit odd on some boards but it does help create a unifying look for all of our various miniatures.

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  1. I’ve done my pass through my pledge and started the process of clipping, clean-up, and washing for the ones I want to keep. Yes, I got my money’s worth, but I’m not sure I’ll be doing another Dungeons and Lasers pledge since I don’t play to the D&D tropes that they lean into hard. No doubt I’ll find buyers for all my unused sprues when the time comes though. Neat stuff!

    What I am keeping though, is every single one of that top right corner base. Gonna paint those puppies up as garden plantings and maybe stick ’em in half-barrel planters. My cottages need a little herb pot by the door.

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    • Whoops, sorry, not top right (tho’ maybe I will do the same with those and the leafier others), I mean the really cabbagy one right below the 3rd and 4th from the left top row ones.

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  2. Nasty looking creatures, though I find it hard to believe they could be silent, clicking their way with their feet on any hard surface. Curious how well they would stand on a base with just two tiny points of contact for the leaping figures. Would hate to hold or have the recoil for those weapons also.

    Nice write up on them and even a nicer haul of goodies.

    Some of the bases I could see as a base for objective markers or as the excellent suggestion above, a top of a barrel.

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    • I hear you on the legs mate. When watching the new Resident Evil show on Netflix I was wondering how the giant spider, with the same torso piercing legs, could climb and move silently on cement. That scene caused me to google whether any spiders used their legs as weapons… I did not find any. But I did not look up insects in general. Or crabs.

      What I really need are giant intelligent crabs like the Prador.


      But these will do until I find those.

      I have suggested to WGA that they should reduce the size of the weapons on the Oo-Rah Marines. The more people who voice that, the greater the likelihood of them doing so. These things are all still in development and WGA does seem to listen to customer input.

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      • I wouldn’t mind the weapons so much if they had a harness like Vasquez had in Aliens.

        I’m halfway through the Netflix resident evil series, not a big fan of the show but will probably watch it all since I’m a sucker for anything resident evil.

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      • Yeah, a weapon (steady cam) harness would look cool in that set.

        I almost finished with the Netflix RE and… I am not liking it very much. It is ok but not great. One problem for me is that the villains are more interesting than the protagonist. And she makes some really incomprehensible decisions thanks to terrible writing. However I keep hoping it will improve while enjoying the occasional bits I like.


  3. The new Kickstarter loot looks great in the package to me. As do those bases which should be pretty versatile as well. I like what you wrote for the contest even if it didn’t match up with the rules. Is there any chance you’ll be picking up any of those sculpts from WGA?

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    • I am pretty sure I will pick up at least one box to experiment with at the very least.

      In hindsight what I wrote for the Krixor/Species 727 is filled with predictable tropes but I am glad at least a couple folks seem to like it.

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  4. I enjoyed your background on the Krixor though the only thing I didn’t see (may have missed it) was any theories on how they move through the galaxy. They’re apparently not tool using so they don’t make their own ships. Maybe they developed laying their eggs on the underside of ships and the heat of re-entry has them drop off and they incubate that way? So they manage to get though any landing inspections.

    Just spitballing but I always enjoy backstory 🙂

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    • A great point! This is why writers need good editors. I figured they moved about the same way the Xenomorphs of the Alien franchise. Since they are remarkable resistant to extreme climates, including vacuum, they could be in the nooks and crannies of starships (inside and out) as well as perhaps inside meteorites. But I was thinking it and forgot to articulate it for the background. Proofreading for the win!

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