“Seize Ground”… 7th Battle Report

Both the Elves of Lothlórien and the Taken of Minas Morgul have withdrawn to recover their wounded following encounters with a Barrow Wight and its minions in the ruins outside Annuminas. The fighting has taken a toll on all parties but the Orcs following the Barrow Wight have been savaged and the few remaining flee […]

Numenoreans… in the Service of Sauron!

So I finally finished a bunch of Numenoreans that I have converted to Black Numenoreans. It was just a case of waiting for a dry enough day to clear coat them. It started with the test piece awhile back… He did get a bit of minor improvements when I was working on his colleagues. I […]

Ring Wraiths…

Yesterday I finished a couple of Ring Wraiths….Nazgul is the term I prefer… both are from GW, one of better quality material though. The lesser one was broken, which made it an easy decision to convert to a Black Numenorean. Technically these are supposed to be named Nazgul, the Dark Marshal… But Tolkien did not […]

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