Proper Core Space…

I have several projects on the go right now, all of which interest me to varying degrees… but Core Space really is something special for me. I do not really know why but I fell in love with it when it came to my attention… and that love turned into near obsession when I met […]

Star Wa… er I mean Core Space….

I realize I have been procrastinating on my Core Space project but I had some Wizards of the Coast Star Wars miniatures gifted to me for Christmas by my friend Tom. These seemed like a quick and easy path to having some extra Core Space minis finished. They come pre-painted but anyone familiar with them […]

Christmas loot!

The season of giving… and receiving. My friend Tom was exceedingly generous in his gifts to me this year as can be seen in the photo above. Star Wars, Sedition Wars, Star Saga…. and Hammer’s Slammers all added to my ever growing backlog of cool things to paint! Talking of Sedition Wars, I had thought […]

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