Proper Core Space…

I have several projects on the go right now, all of which interest me to varying degrees… but Core Space really is something special for me. I do not really know why but I fell in love with it when it came to my attention… and that love turned into near obsession when I met […]

Star Wa… er I mean Core Space….

I realize I have been procrastinating on my Core Space project but I had some Wizards of the Coast Star Wars miniatures gifted to me for Christmas by my friend Tom. These seemed like a quick and easy path to having some extra Core Space minis finished. They come pre-painted but anyone familiar with them […]

Sci-fi distractions…

One of the agreements I made with my wife when I got back into the miniatures and tabletop gaming hobby last year is that we would focus on our Middle Earth project and not get distracted by the other genres I love… like post-apoc, Western Frontier, French and Indian War…and sci-fi. Somewhere I fell down […]

So much done, so little finished…

The last week has been very challenging, primarily due to surgery on my left hand. It has hurt less than I feared but more than I hoped. Recovery so far has been good but apparently I have a few weeks of physiotherapy and healing to look forward to. A condition called trigger finger of all […]

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