Location: the large town of Tunnelton — Our Magic

View of Tunnelton from the south. The inn at the crossroads is known for good bard shows and dancing, as well as its fine top floor deck view of the tunnel entrance. The northernmost town of the Nymion culture is Tunnelton. It is located on the northwest flank of the sacred Twin Mountains and is […]

Location: the large town of Tunnelton — Our Magic

I think I just screeched a bit in a particularly inappropriate way for a gentleman of my age and disposition. This build is amazing! I am so thoroughly impressed and inspired!

Mrs. GG and I are still waiting on our Dwarven Forge Wildlands kickstarter pledge but we hope it arrives early next week. Until then we will have to live vicariously through the awesome builds of others.

Let’s hear it for Dinah from Kabalor! Awesome build! 👏🏻


  1. 💖 Thank you! So much fun on this build, especially because my pal Lance helped get it started and with the history of the Silver Reed Inn. The photo backdrop for the tunnel was his idea and let me do a straight run of roadway.

    My new color printer also came into play for a spot on the lefthand side which didn’t happen to make any of the post photos in the end. I’d put down a big, white, vinyl, 1″ grid mat to protect the table, thinking I would cover it entirely with forest, but actually had a gap where I had to go down to negative build. Problem was I already had elevation supports for mountain on the mat and I didn’t want to unbuild. I was able to print a little page of someone’s drone shot that they’d donated to the public domain and scooch that in to hide the white grid.

    I’m so bummed your Wildlands hasn’t come yet! Are you part ot the DHL/customs delay? I’ve seen lots about that in the DF Discord including some language to give them about what your boxes contain.

    Once it arrives I know you’ll love it and do builds that will amaze, delight and inspire me!

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  2. That looks very nice indeed! I love how it has a “background” with the mountain and mine in the back. That is always one thing I wish my wargaming tables had because it makes your photos look that much more realistic.

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    • I’ve seen some good tricks done with kind of a ‘reverse dungeon master screen’ situation to at least get some horizon.

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    • Dinah always makes the coolest things!

      Part of me would like to have our gaming table in the corner of the room so that we could have a backdrop but it is much more practical for us to have it in the middle of the room. I suspect I could rig up a mobile background of some sort but that project would be pretty low on my priority list right now given everything else on.

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      • It is a cool idea and is something I wanted to do too with LOTR in particular. I gave up on it because it was difficult to get prints large enough to make convincing background and it is an extra step to be able to play as well. If you ever figure out how to do it effectively, I’d love to know how you go about it!

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