One lonely knight…

A Templar on the attack…

With a lot of different projects on the go, very little has actually been finished lately. The Templar above is I believe a North Star Frostgrave metal miniature that we won as part of a larger lot on EBay. The previous owner had a dark paint scheme. I added a plastic cloak from my our bits box and gave him an off white color scheme. This is basically how I see the Children of the Light (Whitecloaks) from Jordan’s “Wheel,of Time” series. I have been considering some sort of fantasy version of the Knights Templar for a warband of Paladins.

Speaking of one lonely knight…

One of my projects has been the continuing of repairs, painting and then finishing of terrain we won in some bulk auctions. The lot above has gone onto eBay to help fund future purchases… including the upcoming Dungeons and Lasers 4 Kickstarter.

A lot of my hobby time has been spent not at my painting workstation but instead at our gaming table in our hobby room. Games 2, 3,4 and 5 of the beginning campaign of Core Space have been great fun.

Battle Systems Core Space

As you can see I have two crews painted and I have Zenithal primed all of the rest of my additional Core Space figures (barring the new ones in the First Born Kickstarter).

While I have also been trying to reduce my painting backlog by putting things on eBay it has been several steps forward, and two steps back in that we won a couple of excellent auctions for kickstarter sets for a fraction of their original price. I am not 100 percent sure how I am going to use these yet…

…. but I am thinking the Walking Dead stuff will work well to play Last Days with our Battle Systems Urban Apocalypse Terrain and the Anno 1666 stuff would work well for playing 7thSea based gaming. Or maybe these will eventually and up back on eBay. Only time will tell.

In other news I finished the most recent season of “Fear the Walking Dead”. Ugh. It definitely feels like the original writers are back.

Deeply disappointing. Grim, unlikable characters that contradict themselves. Yet more relatively well organized/equipped antagonists with a malicious grand plan. Sigh. Have you been watching it? What did you think of it?

What has been better has been listening to the theatre of the mind podcast “We’re Alive” on YouTube. The military aspects are not perfect but better than most Apocalypse stories. Someone at least vaguely aware of the US military clearly was invoked in the writing. There are some inconsistencies but still better than usual. And I would do a number of things differently but that is what apocalypse gaming is for….

We‘re Alive

Despite what I originally thought it appears that it is not a zombie apocalypse so much as a fast moving, raging mutants apocalypse. And of course the various survivor groups can not get along it seems. The characters have done a good job of growing on me so I care about what happens next but I have to admit their emotionally driven mistakes sometimes greatly annoy me. These mistakes however help make them feel more like real, but realistically flawed, people. It is an apocalypse so it has some grisly tragic points so be warned.

As always, I look forward to reading your comments!


  1. No painting because your too busy playing games! What a hard gaming life you live! great painting on the night, I will have a look at we’re alive. just started Stranger things last night.

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    • We‘re Alive is decent background listening while painting. I have seen the first couple of episodes of season 4 of Stranger Things but it is not grabbing me like the first three seasons did. I hope it gets better.

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  2. The addition of the cape really gives a sense of movement to what could be a static pose, well done!

    Looking at your Core Space makes me want to get out my old miniatures for Traveller, like I need something else on my plate.

    I had listened to We’re Alive when it was a podcast, I enjoyed the concept of where they located for survival but gave up listening for some reason fairly early on. The first few episodes seem dated now, with minimal sound effects. It also bothered me when they said San Luis Obispo is Northern California when I lived near it and it would stretching it to say Central California. Minor detail I know, but it bothered mr.

    Did you see Warlord Games miniature of the month with the GI holding the coffee cup?

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    • Thanks for the kind words mate!

      Traveler is a pretty cool setting but there is never enough time to do everything we want to do.

      We’re Alive is far from perfect but it certainly is better than a lot of the post-apoc stuff out there. I understand your disappointment. I started feeling that in the latest episodes as they have gotten to Fort Irwin. I did a rotation there for a couple of weeks and so far it does not match my memories of it.

      Yeah, I saw that Warlord Games figure and thought it a remarkable coincidence.

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  3. The knight came out nicely and the amount of terrain you’ve gotten done is impressive! I should really send you some of my terrain as you seem to be able to get it done so much faster than I can manage.

    Those eBay scores are impressive as well. I’m guessing Walking Dead will become cheaper as people ditch it since Mantic has discontinued support but eventually, the price will go up again as it becomes more scarce, though that may be a matter of years before that occurs…

    I’m glad to hear that Core Space is going well too. Does that mean we’ll see some painted minis from the game soon? That would be cool, if so!

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    • Thanks for the kind words mate!

      To be fair the terrain was “product improved” rather than built by scratch from me. I merely repaired the pieces then added additional detailing and finishes. It is surprising how some washes and drybrushing can improve someone else‘s block painting.

      I agree with you on the Walking Dead game. It is a bit surprising how chunky the minis are for 28mm. They make the Mantic Mars Attack humans look tiny.

      There are five Purge Harvesters on my desk right now in the middle of being painted. I now see why some folks complain about the “boardgame miniatures“ aspect of Core Space. They are not as nicely cast as the two crews I have already painted but with contrast paints they should go quickly enough for tabletop standards. It is frustrating that my once excellent eyesight is letting me down. And my glasses do not seem to be the best prescription for gaming being bifocals made for reading and car driving. It is cutting into my enjoyment of the hobby but I loathe the idea of additional time and money spent on new glasses.

      I have so many things I want to get done, I have no idea when I will get all my Core Space minis done. I want to play Last Days, Sharp Practice and Chain of Command at some point. Waiting months if not years to play those games is very frustrating.

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      • Feel your pain on glasses, I have progressive lenses that never seem to be at that right focal for painting. My advice would be to try the game rules you might like with unpainted figures to see if you like them before spending time on painting figures for a game that you once play again. (Sorry Kuribo for jumping in your thread)

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      • Yeah, I may need to try out Chain of Command and Sharp Practice like that. Good idea. And the laser surgery is another good suggestion. Cheers mates, I really appreciate the input!

        I like the somewhat cartoony aesthetic to the Mantic Walking Dead minis but they are even more chunky than I realized. They may not work for me after all. Sigh.

        The good news is that I tend to buy things at prices which allow me to later sell them on eBay without much of a loss.


      • You’re very welcome and you’re right that I don’t consider how much is previously painted sometimes when I see how much terrain you’ve finished. It still looks impressive regardless!

        The TWD minis are chunky and pretty cartoony looking but that actually makes them fairly quick to paint as I remember anyway. If they aren’t too far out of scale with the rest of your minis, I think you’ll find them fun to work with.

        That sounds good on Core Space minis and I’m sorry to hear that your eyesight is giving you difficulty. While I know it is a bit rich coming from someone who doesn’t have vision issues, I would consider investing the time and money into getting new glasses or laser surgery or whatever you need to help improve your vision. If it helps you enjoy life and your hobby more, its worth more than buying any new miniatures or terrain!

        I feel your pain on waiting to play new games. I have so much Hellboy, Fallout, and prehistoric stuff to paint that I will have to wait years to actually use some of it. I’m almost definitely not picking up any new games that require more mini painting for a couple of years until I can get caught up on what I have. I’m sure that vow will be tested in the coming years though!

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