It’s Amazons — Scent of a Gamer

Yesterday’s skirmish game previews are up, and the new Blood Bowl team is confirmed as Amazons. I like seeing them go through the Teams of Legend list like this. It looks like the Amazon roster will change slightly, as the new team features Blitzers, Throwers, Line players and Blockers, while the previous version featured Blitzers, […]

It’s Amazons — Scent of a Gamer

While I am not a Blood Bowl fan I do like these fantasy Amazon sculpts and may try to get some for kitbashed conversion work. I can see these working well with some Games Workshop Seraphon and Wargames Atlantic Aztec bits. What do you think?


  1. Went into my local game store where they use to give a 10% discount on GW products, not sure if they do anymore as even with 10% off, the prices on GW products has gotten out of hand (even more so) They have some products that tempt me (scenery, and some figures) but not enough to open my wallet. Good luck on Ebay.

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  2. I would not have guessed these would catch your eye, mate, but I’m glad to see you finding new things of interest. I think Bret’s idea is a good one if you want them sooner than later, though I think if you can play the long game, I have a feeling this faction won’t be as popular as others in Blood Bowl and they may come down in price as a result over time.

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    • Long game for me mate as these would be for the already often pushed back fantasy and pulp Mesoamerica projects I have in mind for the Archon Studio Rampart Kazumi Temple sets and various Lizardmen we already have. I have been trying to get the Blood Bowl Seraphon team for a good price on eBay for some time now.

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      • I had nearly forgotten about that project, which is a shame because I think it will be a really cool one. I hope you’re able to find good deals on Lizardmen and Amazons both in the near future!

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