“Rescue!” A Battle Report

In the predawn gloom Rori, the leader of the Company of the Golden Boar, grumbles to his two companions, “Cursed fog! Thick as pea soup. Either of you see the blasted road?” Before either can answer the noise of snapping branches and rustling leaves announces the arrival of shadowy figures ahead of them. Mannish voices…. the Outlaws!

Rori, Snorri and Hanar call out to the rest of the company whilst moving towards a rocky outcropping that should make a good defensive position. With so many Outlaws the risk of being swarmed and overwhelmed is real.

Brimir and Bili follow the sound of Rori’s voice. The Raven that had recently befriended Brimir takes off from his arm and speeds off towards Rori.

Cursing the Dwarves and their love of rocks the Outlaws approach Rori, ignoring his two companions. Oswald wants the Dwarf leader dead at all costs. But the first entry on the butcher’s bill comes quickly. Rori recognizes William due to his trademark whip and drops him with a thrown axe. Hanar hits one of the Outlaws but fails to wound him.

The fog makes long range archery impossible but as the groups converge arrows and axes fly. All fail to find their targets. The Outlaws are forced to attack Rori one at a time due to the large rocks he has climbed. First Rori cuts down Braga, then Korg but fails to wound Dolf. The Outlaws are unable to land a single blow on the new heavy Dwarven armor that Rori wears.

However, the Outlaws seize the initiative at this point. One-Eye shoots Brimir but fate saves the Dwarf sergeant. No other arrow or thrown axe finds its mark and a melee ensues.

Their new Raven inspiring them in the combat, the Dwarves proceed to add to the butcher’s bill. First Hanar cuts down Dolf. Snorri incapacitates Victor when fate fails to intervene. Bili, in his new heavy Dwarven armor, fells Edgar. The Outlaws are exceedingly frustrated at this point. Between the Raven, the throwing axes and the Dwarven armor, it seems the Outlaws are doomed. Oswald realizes it all depends on killing the Dwarf leader. However, Rori has other plans and first cuts down the Orc, Wigduf that had only recently joined the Outlaws. Finally Rori strikes down the ill fated Outlaw leader.

This is too much for the remaining Outlaws, Rori is “rescued” and victory goes to the Dwarves. All before the rise of the sun.

A quick but challenging game. Very different from how it went with the Taken and the Elves. My wife was frustrated with how rubbish the Outlaws are but I think she has been a bit spoiled with how good her elite Lothlorien Elves are. The Outlaws are a horde company with disposable troops. Nearly incapacitating my sergeant Brimir with a couple good rolls helped her see that it was a matter of just rolling enough dice. I have gambled heavily on a handful of elite troops rather than recruiting more troops. This may turn around and bite me but there is a method to my madness.

As it stands, Rori is on the Path of the General (+1 courage, +1 fight). Bili is on the Path of the Warrior (+1 attack) as my champion with added throwing axes. Brimir is on the Path of the Scout (+1 attack) with an added quarterstaff, Raven and after this rescue scenario where he almost fell… Dwarven armor.

Hanar had already been recognized and made an Iron Guard but after this scenario he leveled again and was determined to be a hero in the making! I chose Path of the Warrior for him (+1 strength)… making him 5 Strength. With a two handed axe. Tasty!

Snorri also leveled and was recognized…. as a hero in the making as well! I chose Path of the Adventurer (+1 attack).

As you can see I got very lucky with my level up promotions and skills so far. All those extra attacks! It makes the points value of my company pretty high, especially as I want to invest to protect those heroes. I chose to add heavy Dwarven armor to Hanar and Snorri so they are back on my workbench to have some conversion work done. Photos in the next blog entry.

The foggy weather dropped the missile range down to 8″ and I am sure that was to my benefit as I had only one archer versus the Outlaws having three.

I reminded my wife about the manacles of the Ruffians in the Outlaw company but the Raven and Dwarven fight values helped ensure I won the duels. That and the advantage of fighting from an elevated defensive position. I will admit that I was relieved to roll and get the defense on the scenario… I did not look forward to having to track down her Move 7″ Oswald with my Move 5″ Dwarves…. part of our armor house rules.

After the game we did the results for the Outlaws for this scenario as well as an abbreviated version of the narrative Ruins of Annuminas for them…which sadly for them they lost (1-2 lose, 3-4 draw, 5-6 win), so not much experience or influence. But some leveling, some heroes in the making and some new recruits! More detailed information to come in a future blog entry.

I hope folks are enjoying reading these. If anyone has any questions, suggestions or recommendations please leave a comment!


  1. So far I think they are but I am not sure my wife would agree. Some of it is random. My wife is annoyed at how often I have rolled and gotten +1 attack, where she has not…. and +1 attack is pretty powerful. And there is the issue of getting a Galadrim Knight recruit for the same influence cost the Outlaws get to have an Orc.


  2. Another great report! I think this confirms my suspicion that the dwarves have a favorable match up over the Ruffians. I think your wife should get to play more elite faction against the dwarves in the near future so she can try and get a bit of revenge 🙂

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  3. We have plans to introduce more elite companies in the near future…. but I do not think the Evil side has anything as elite as the Dwarf and Elf companies. Evil seems to rely more on outnumbering their enemy.

    I think I will put our Gundabad company higher on my workload priority list.

    One balancing factor we are going to try is to adjust recruitment influence cost as per some house rules I have been looking at. Specifically for us Elves and Dwarves go up to 5 influence points whilst most of the Evil sticks around 3, barring some exceptions like Denizens of Mirkwood at 6 influence.

    That said our next scenario, when we get the chance is the narrative mission against Wargs.

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  4. That makes sense! I could see evil magic from Ringwraiths causing the dwarves problems. The other would be a highly mobile force and the Wargs would fit that bill really well. It seems like you’re doing a great job of mixing things up whenever anything gets stale which is great.

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  5. Ringwraiths are awhile away. We are somewhere in the timeline before the Nine are riding abroad. I do not expect to see them until we start mixing BC with SBG.

    The same applies for the cavalry heavy Evil for es of the South… I think they would be challenging for my slow company but it will be some time yet before I get them finished. For now Wargs are the speedy threat.

    We are trying to introduce new NPC companies in line with the narrative scenarios.

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