“Take the Gate!” A Battle Report

The Company of the Golden Boar is on the old road North but Ozzy’s Outlaws have gotten to a chokepoint In some old fortifications before them. Now the Dwarves will have to fight their way through the Men in order to continue their journey home.

It is a foggy day and the Dwarves advance in close order while the Outlaws hold in a defensive line. Step by step the advance continues through the thick fog. Finally the range closes and the two groups see each other. Arrows are exchanged but fail to cause any casualties.

Finally Brimir hits Fancy Jack and and the Ruffian collapses. More arrows are exchanged without effect.

Then Dolf Greymane takes a mighty shot at Onar, felling the Dwarf archer. But at the same time Brimir hits the Ruffian archer “One Eye”.

The Dwarves have slowly advanced to get close enough to throw axes. Rori throws an axe and drops William. Bili throws and hits Dolf but fate saves the Hillman sergeant from injury.

The Outlaws decide to charge! Two hold to protect the gate but the others rush forward. A melee ensues as some of the Dwarves advance towards the gate and others move to help their friends.

Bili incapacitates Braga. Brimir then cuts down Dolf and Snorri cuts down Korg. This is too much for the Outlaws. The Dwarves are victorious.

Not a terribly complicated game. The fog reduced range to 8″ so that impacted the archery strategy to some degree. However there were a few turns of shooting to no effect. This made the game feel longer than what it was.

My wife was has been getting a bit frustrated with playing the Outlaws as they struggle to wound the Dwarves. Part of the issue with playing cheap horde types versus elite troops.

I broke one of my own rules (to only use finished minis) and used the minis I have been working on for upgraded Rori and Bili. I chose to give them heavy Dwarven armor rather thonged the Rallying Horn or get any reinforcements. It is a gamble but I think it will pay off later.

Onar was injured, so will sit out a game.

Hanar leveled and was promoted to an Iron Guard. I spent the influence to have him keep his two handed axe… so I do not need to change the mini.

Bili leveled and is on the Path of the Champion (warrior).

Brimir leveled… I decided in the end to go with Path of the Scout rather than Path of the Sorcerer, and converted the Oathmark Dwarven Wizard to suit. I spent the influence to give him a quarterstaff and Raven (acts as a banner).

All of the Outlaw casualties had a full recovery. They spent some influence on a reinforcement and got an Orc.

We will see more of this in the next battle report…. “Rescue!”

Edit: You May have noticed some name changes on the Dwarves. I decided to replace the Welsh names with more canon sounding Dwarf names.

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  1. I can see ruffians really struggling with some dwarves so I don’t blame your wife for feeling frustrated. I enjoyed reading your report as usual! Being away for nearly month makes me appreciate your beautiful tables and terrain even more. Each report you share really does look great 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, Dwarves are funny… you can have an amazing defense, shrug off hit after hit from an enemy hero and then get one shotted by a mook with a S2 bow.

    I am glad you enjoy reading our work. I have to admit I missed your periodic input of positive encouragement!

    Liked by 1 person

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