Honor who?

Everything takes longer than I expect when it comes to my hobbies. I messed about entirely too long today with magnets, trying to make do with what I had and in the end ordered more anyway. So nothing finished… but working on my Dropfleet Commander project got me in the mood for sci-fi reading. I […]

Tick Tock…clockworks and anchors aweigh…

A few things completed today… First, a tinker gnome from Reaper. Then a mechanical spider… or rather a clockwork crab. I won an older Malifaux mechanical spider in an auction, painted decent and similar to the one below. But it wasn‘t quite right. Only four legs so not that spidery but my wife was not […]

In the Service of Sauron…

Somewhere I recall reading Easterlings being of many nations with one having great shields of bronze. For some reason that put into my mind classical Spartans. The bare feet and beards without moustaches of these miniatures just add to the exotic look. Weta put in helmets with transverse crests for Uruk-Hai… Also some standard Weta, […]

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