Wildmen and Dwarves!

In order for us to pick up on how our Battle Companies “Journey to the Blue Mountains” campaign is branching out this weekend I needed to finish a few things… including my new Dwarven Battle Company! First off are some Frostgrave Barbarians that we won in auction already painted to a decent standard. They only […]

“Show of Strength”… 8th Battle Report in Journey to the Blue Mountains

On an old road heading from Annuminas, on a fair evening, the Elves of Fingaerion’s Spear come across the Taken of Minas Morgul. Despite being at a slight disadvantage, Fingaerion decides that an engagement against Arnakhor is called for as a show of strength given his recent return to the journey North. Arnakhor is ready […]

“Seize Ground”… 7th Battle Report

Both the Elves of Lothlórien and the Taken of Minas Morgul have withdrawn to recover their wounded following encounters with a Barrow Wight and its minions in the ruins outside Annuminas. The fighting has taken a toll on all parties but the Orcs following the Barrow Wight have been savaged and the few remaining flee […]

“The Ruins of Annuminas II”… a Taken of Minas Morgul Battle Report

Following the Elves of Lothlórien on their journey North, the Taken come upon the outskirts of ruined Annuminas. They have arrived the following day from the defeat of the Elves and hope to catch them in their camp. Their numbers have been bolstered by two reinforcements, an Orc warrior named Ufgaz and a Dead Marsh […]

“Ruins of Annuminas”… an Elven Battle Report

The Lothlórien Elves of Fingaerion continue their journey North, traveling past the outskirts of Annuminas, fabled former capital of the fallen kingdom of Arnor. Weary and near sundown the Elves seek to set up camp for the night. Two of their number are injured but two new arrivals have joined their company. The Galadhrim warriors […]

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