Bits and pieces…

Thanks to the weather finally drying out I managed to get some things clear coated today… First we have the yearly Christmas mini I do for my son. A young dragon napping on its holiday hoard. This is a metal mini from Reaper. Some other Christmas minis the dragon will be joining… Also finished is […]

Elves…but not Santa’s helpers…

So this weekend saw the completion of a few minis, some for our table and some destined for elsewhere. All those above are GW metal, and destined for our game world… but the Gil-Galad and Elrond going elsewhere, hence the black edging on their bases, are resin. Those for our table are all fresh paint […]

Numenoreans… in the Service of Sauron!

So I finally finished a bunch of Numenoreans that I have converted to Black Numenoreans. It was just a case of waiting for a dry enough day to clear coat them. It started with the test piece awhile back… He did get a bit of minor improvements when I was working on his colleagues. I […]

Sci-fi distractions…

One of the agreements I made with my wife when I got back into the miniatures and tabletop gaming hobby last year is that we would focus on our Middle Earth project and not get distracted by the other genres I love… like post-apoc, Western Frontier, French and Indian War…and sci-fi. Somewhere I fell down […]

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