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  • Bittersweet Nostalgia?

    22. Nov 2021 by

    Nostalgia can be sweet but it can also turn new versions sour. When I saw the Goodman Games expanded reprint of the D&D adventure “Expedition to the Barrier Peaks” I knew I had to get a copy but it was very expensive so I took my time looking for one at a much better price.… Read more

  • We Few, We Happy Few…

    19. Nov 2021 by

    We were fortunate enough to have some friends come visit from the UK. Not only was it nice to see them face to face we actually got to get a game of Frostgrave in! In addition to this blog post you can see Tom‘s blog about the visit from his point of view…https://darkspacemessages.blogspot.com/2021/11/german-trip-days-4-5-painting-chatting.html Tom and… Read more

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