Not gone…not yet….

Apologies for my extended digital blog absence… but for those few folks that might be curious, yes I can confirm I am still alive.

The simple truth is that I just have not not had much enthusiasm for writing much of anything online lately.

Following some unpleasant online interactions I have been rethinking all of my online endeavors. I have in fact withdrawn from a number of online locations, deleted a number of threads/posts/photos and debated with myself on whether I should continue this blog or not. I know I have had this debate before and a number of you reading this now have consistently suggested I continue… which is why I am writing this post right now.

I had written a very long winded rant a couple of weeks back but after Mrs. GG proof read it for me, we decided it may be best to delete it rather than post something so rawly personal. As has been said so many times in the past I think too much, I care too much and I wear my heart on my sleeve. Some folks think I have unrealistically high standards, that I am an overly demanding idealist but I try not to ask any more of others than I expect of myself… and I know I am not perfect. So I do not expect perfection from others. However, that said I do expect people to at least try to be as honest as possible and to try to avoid being malicious.

Why talk about this here, the digital home of my hobby projects? Because many of the recent conflicts I have had have stemmed from people bringing their politics into the hobby. For example a prominent miniatures sculptor making sexually abused models, including of a contemporary female Ukrainian politician.

I have increasingly found myself getting drawn into arguments as I felt free to express myself online in a way I could not as a serving soldier and then later as a police officer. I was perhaps too expressive however. Just because you can say something does not always mean you should.

And yet, I have also found silence can allow injustice to flourish. So I need to speak my mind on this before I can try to continue with this blog. Stop now if you do not want to read something political…

I strongly oppose Trump and the Jan. 6th Insurrectionists. I strongly oppose Putin and Russian invasion of Ukraine. I strongly oppose the Neo-Confederate movement that has continued to plague the USA since the end of Civil War to this very day. I strongly oppose religious extremism, criminality, injustice, malice, bigotry and dishonesty. Each of these issues have caused me some conflict of late and that is why I mention it here now, so folks reading this can understand a bit better why I have withdrawn so much from my previously quite vocal online presence.

To be clear, I am tempted to end all of my online presence but that would cut me off from some of the few remaining ties I have with a number of people I care about. So, as some friends of mine in the UK would say, that might be cutting my nose off to spite my face.

Hopefully I will soon feel motivated to write an upbeat blog post showing some hobby project progress and talking about the tv shows & movies that have been keeping me and Mrs. GG occupied of late.

Until then, please know that I really appreciate all of you that have taken the time to read this.



    • And I am glad you are still alive mate! You are one of the good people that have inspired me and I miss seeing you in person, even if it was only infrequently. Keep being you, the world is a better place for it!

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  1. I can relate to all of what you’ve said unfortunately! Sadly, there are too many people out to cause mischief and misery in this world and they seem to be drawn to decent people. My online presence is limited to my blog because I’ve seen the nastiness that social media can leave in its wake. So I can understand if you want to give things a break and concentrate on stuff that matters to you (like your family, activities you enjoy and your Quar project amongst others). Will always be good to read your posts! 🙂

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  2. Well, I can completely appreciate why you feel the way you do – I feel that way myself. You took the time to talk me out of quitting the internet, and I’m grateful that you did, and although I don’t find the time to read or comment on your posts as often as I’d like to I think it would be a great shame if this blog was to go away. All too often these days I find people to be spoiling for a fight, without stopping to think about what it is they’re fighting over. They’re quick to burn bridges in order to claim some fleeting moment of supposed moral superiority. I know a Latvian man who used to run a business as a gardener and generally handyman, who has had to give it up because “no-one wants to employ a Russian”. I’m sure when Putin hears about the self-righteous bulling of a man who isn’t even from Russia he’ll think again about bombing the hell out of the Donbas! Likewise I was talking to someone who, at the time, I thought was a friend and he started discussing the way society treats a certain minority group. I said I fully agreed with him and that more should be done to support them, I simply felt that some of his suggestions might put other at-risk minorities in danger and a careful and considered approach was needed. He told me “Nazi’s like you should die in jail!” and has never spoken to me since.

    It’s nuts isn’t it? Some might argue that there are those in the government and media who rather like the idea of the entire population isolated from each other and in a constant state of uncertainty and aggression. If that’s the case then when blokes like you and me find ourselves wondering “Should I post a picture of this little model I painted or will that just make someone start calling me a hateful bigot?” then they, and the bullies, have already won. Personally I’m too big and ugly to have much patience for bullies and people that can’t hold a civil conversation, regardless of their motivations. A cheerful or thought-provoking blog post is a fine way to raise a middle finger to them. Living well is the best revenge so please, keep posting, keep enjoying yourself, keep sharing your thoughts with the rest of us, keep reminding people through your actions that life is to be shared and enjoyed.

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    • You make some excellent points. I try to be fiercely moderate, this seems to earn me conflict from many sides. When I engage with debate it is as much to test my own position as it is to try to convince anyone else. I try to constantly challenge my own views for I have been wrong in the past and seek to walk the best path I can find, imperfect as it may be. And I ask questions…. too many uncomfortable questions for some people.

      I am indeed living well. So well that I feel guilty for it. My wife tells me I have earned it by my years of service to others but the continuing injustice others face makes me question that. Reason would dictate though that the fight for justice is never ending.

      It is important to me to also clarify that I have Russian friends, that I am fascinated by Russian history and culture and have been throughout my life. Blind bigotry towards all Russians is as offensive to me as other forms of bigotry.

      But let me also be clear in saying, while I strive to be tolerant there are somethings that I am intolerant of. Such as the Neo-Conderate while supremacist movement that has plagued the USA. The Confederacy lost the Civil War but has been won a number of battles since then in the on going culture war. I have no tolerance for racism of any stripe but Neo-Confederacy is of particularly personal problem for me as I was blind to it for far too long and unknowingly participated in its continuance. While I am not a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement due to its own problematic behavior I understand the outrage which has led to its excesses and place that firmly on the shoulders of the Neo-Confederate movement that has caused the USA to continue with foolish racial strife.

      And I am aware that politicians and businesspeople of all camps across the world seem to want to use divisions for their own gain. An series of injustices that infuriate me.

      Is it foolishly arrogant of me to think I may influence anyone else with my words?

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  3. I feel your pain, while not the same path, I have lived in the LEO world for 12 years as a materials supplier for ballistic resistant vests, and now for the past 7 years have lived in the Bible Belt of America due to my line of work moving out of the North East. Our current situation in the US has caused me to purge all social media presence save my blog and a fledgling YouTube channel.
    I wish you well on your own personal journey, and hopefully we’ll see more of the grumpygnome in future blog posts!

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      • Yeah, being 3/4 German and 1/4 Irish decent it’s hard for me to keep my trap shut when I get emotional about stuff that pisses me off. It’s a real challenge to just clam-up and walk away from all the over the top “christian” shit at work.
        I need to go finish some projects and get some blogs up!

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  4. My experience is similar as well. Sadly the world is full of too many people that want to spread their darkness like Nazguls. I know that all I can do is to try to be positive and encourage those around me and not become too disheartened when I have little or no effect. I kn ow I have tried to do the right thing. I can understand if you need a break but being involved in talking about something you enjoy not only brings a little joy to lour hearts, but hopefully yours as well. Looking forward like so many others to your next epistle on the Quar. To quote ZombieSmith “we are all trying to recreate the valiant deeds of our ancestors” – and isn’t that all we can do!

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  5. This explains your lack of posting, I hope you find balance between real life and blogging, and can overcome the keyboard warriors that make life miserable. A divided population is easier to control, and blame than a cohesive one !

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  6. Oh my dear friend I`m so sorry for you, thats not the way people should be, you are entilled to your opinions, and should not be abused for your beliefs, they make you the man you are, my friend. I wish we were down the road and we could pop round give you a cuddle, and have a pint together. Even though all our communications are by machine I`m proud to call you a friend, don`t give up, or change your soul, take solace from those who love and care for you. I want your output and all your modelling, Eileen and myself want to stroll through those Quar filled valleys, and drink in their lovery stories. You are strong, far stronger than the fools who abuse you, treat them with the contempt they deserve. Stay with us my friend ,the world would be a lonely, sorry place without you in our lives. Love Geoff and Eileen.

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  7. Having a strong opinion and wishing to discuss it? On the internet? Heresy!

    I have found that legitimate discussions where opinions can be shared and friendly argued seem to be a thing of the past, even among relatives.

    I found my blood pressure requires me staying away from certain websites/social media/etc, or to limit my time just to see what the latest is.

    For your opinions above, if it was a drinking game I would be in an alcoholic coma with agreeing with you. I’m technically a Son of the Confederate Veterans as well as a Son of the Union Veterans, I recognize their service on both sides but only agree with the reason on one.

    Looking forward to more terrain/painting/conversions!

    Do need an opinion on a recent twitter thread I read, who had the best depiction of an NCO in tv/movies? Of course it rambled into what level of NCO. Leading the way seemed to be Colour Sergeant Bourne of Zulu, but also discussed were Cpl. Rolf Steiner of Cross of Iron and Sergeant Chip Saunders of Combat. It was interesting who was perceived as the best based on the nationality of the poster.

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    • Always nice to hear when someone agrees of course. 😉

      I like all three of those examples, for different reasons. Of those three probably Colour Sergeant Bourne would be my choice as I admire his calm professionalism and his focus on NCO business without a maverick attitude. Lots of good examples of fictional NCOs come to mind. Gunnery Sergeant Highway from Heartbreak Ridge comes to mind as a strong contender. As does Sergeant Major Plumley from We Were Soldiers. Bear in mind I am talking the fictional versions of these folks here.

      But I think I would put forward Master Sergeant Joe Gunn (Bogart) from the 1943 version of Sahara. He cares about his troops. Is hard but fair. Can step up to officer level leadership when required. Can work diplomatically with allied troops. Is not a maverick with a chip on his shoulder. Can handle officers without overstepping the mark. Brave. Does not give up. Technically and tactically competent. Even in 1943, with an unfortunately still racially segregated US Army, he looks beyond skin color. He inspires his troops but does not coddle them and can make hard decisions. He is a role model for what I sought to be as an NCO.

      Sergeant Stryker (John Wayne) of Sands of Iwo Jima is another inspirational NCO character but he loses points for his alcohol abuse. And I liked Sergeant Major Mulcahy in Glory but we only see him in a training environment. It is hard to assess him properly without combat scenes. I tend to favor fairly strict disciplinarian NCO’s while trying to avoid actual bullies or martinets.

      As for the real world, the currently outgoing Sergeant Major of the Army (Career Artillery NCO) does not really inspire me very much but the incoming new Sergeant Major of the Army may be something completely different (Career Special Forces NCO). I look forward to seeing what impact he has on the US Army given the current recruiting and retention problems.

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      • Both Highway and Plumley were mentioned. I have a fondness for Stryker as I watch Sands of Iwo Jima every February as my Uncle received the Navy Cross there.

        Had forgot about Sahara, great movie and great points about Gunn!

        I’ll end with a quote from Sergeant Oddball that could apply to too many people posting on topics they know little about but still have strong opinions: “Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?”

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      • Oddball may not be an ideal NCO mind you but he is a fun and interesting character with some beautifully colorful dialogue.

        I was four years old watching the Sands of Iwo Jima with my Dad when I decided on day I would be an Infantryman (I was a bit vague at the time of the differences between a Soldier and a Marine). Deepest respect for your Uncle.

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    • I forgot to say, honorable mentions should also go to Master Sergeant Apone from Aliens and Sergeant Wells from Dog Soldiers. Both were more unlucky than flawed and both demonstrated excellent NCO skills that made them role models for my own NCOing.

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  8. I think others have said it more eloquently than I have, but “Keep on Posting!”. Unfortunately people will certainly take shots at you if you admit to a preference or liking just about anything (or dislike, though that seems to be less likely to be jumped on). I’ve been caught off guard a few times how vehement people can be, when I just mentioned I liked a song or TV show or a game. Let alone a political opinion. Like Eric, I’ve dropped out of social media other than this blog, YouTube, and Reddit. All of which I can pretty much control my level of involvement. Keeps me sane!

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    • An interesting observation about being jumped on less for stating things you do not like. I had not considered that.

      I have not been one for social media except Facebook and forums. I left Facebook a few years ago now and only watch YouTube, never comment on anything there. Same with Reddit, read but never post. I tend to avoid memberships in things beyond a few forums. Now I am going to be cutting back on the forums.

      For now I think I will keep posting here. The comments I have had today have certainly been an incentive.

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      • Yea, I’ve found that negative people just want to bring everyone down with them. So if you say something negative, you’re sort of on the same boat with them and they are less likely to argue. Unless it’s their favorite thing. At least that’s my anecdotal opinion. The good news though, is that it sounds like we can look forward to more posts from you! 🙂

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  9. I want to encourage you to keep posting. Many of us love these updates on your projects and it’s so personally valuable to be able to go back and see how things progress and lead from one into another project.

    Thank you for your strong stand for inclusivity and democracy; it matters!

    I too have become wary of public forums with a few well-moderated exceptions. What’s saddest is that this began not as a broad movement, but as clever exploitation of some fringe adherents whose reach was promoted through organized trolling with bots to amplify the outrage. The technique was field-tested with Gamergate and there’s a through-line from there into the rise of Trump and to the mainstreaming of Neo-Confederate, anti-inclusivity, and extreme authoritarian views throughout the world. (Putin’s war isn’t just in Ukraine and far-right thinkers are happy to ally with him, all the way up to the current GOP.) It’s tragic, triply so because the weak points in the line—sexism, racism, anti-semitism—were so poorly defended when it began to ramp up.

    So keep on letting companies and politicians know when they cross the line—so few people take the time to contact them that one voice can make a difference. Keep on encouraging inclusivity with what you buy and where you shop. Keep on listening and learning. And definitely, enjoy your retirement! You have earned this!

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    • Those are again some excellent points. I have really been surprised with just how helpful the comments on this blog post have been. What you are saying makes sense and I agree with you. I fact you echo many of my own thoughts, however it is good to hear it from someone else. I am fortunate to have found decent people who have made to the time to communicate with me and I am thankful for your efforts! Democracy is an endless struggle.

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  10. I think for myself I am terminally online (lol) and though we share some beliefs I think there’s probably a great deal we disagree on but I never get the sense that you believe only in your righteousness or that your view is the only one that matters.

    Your few, relatively minor in my opinion, expressions of “politics” here have been considered and well mannered. I regret I haven’t posted more often to encourage you.

    Kia kaha.

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    • Some of my views are different today then they were in the past. People with different opinions helped change them. Respectful, reasoned debate not only sharpens the mind but also allows us to develop, the change, to learn. The more I learn, the more I realize I can never learn enough. There just is not enough time. So I must accept my ignorance at times and be flexible, yet have the strength to endure a storm that would seek to undermine my core values. Difficult indeed and I see why so many fail at that. While I do not wish to be dependent on people I am not so stubborn as to refuse help from my friends when I stumble.

      It was very interesting for example to learn what Kia Kaha meant. I am admittedly fascinated by Māori culture.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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  11. Yo fellow grunt! I just wanted to let you know that it is OK to dislike and disagree. Don’t completely remove yourself. I enjoy seeing your projects and reading your posts. Being responsible adults is a real drag but we can still be kids a heart. I’ve only commented on one other post and will remind you that I also served in the U.S. Army as an infantryman. I was in Asia , Korea. 80’s vintage…lol… I only suggest that you not be too bothered by those that challenge your values.

    Dave aka CorporalChaos

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    • Being Infantrymen means we can take conflict, thanks to training and practical experience. I do not mind folks disagreeing with me or challenging my views. My issue is deeper than that. It is a question of just how much do you keep giving of yourself for others. Sometimes I question if the fight is worth it. Especially as I get older and more focused on my family. But I have been reminded by folks in these comments that yes, it is still worth fighting the good fight. I just need to be more selective in which battles to fight.

      Years ago as a cop I got someone to take a Nazi flag out of a window when other cops would not try. I managed that just by talking to the guy and convincing him to. No threats, no violence, no arrest. Taking. Recently I got a public building here in Germany to remove a sticker (it had the word “Rebel”, a grey kepi and a Confederate Battle Flag on it) from a door by pointing out the history of those symbols. I believe no malice was intended, merely misunderstanding. But it felt awkward for me to address it. And yet what we do not challenge we imply complicity with.

      It is great to be reminded that I am still a grunt deep down even if my wife has tried to polish some of my rough edges. Thanks for commenting!

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      • I know I don’t put too much of myself in my posts. I’ve been stung as well. I guess in the grand scheme of things I’m a bit more subtle and a lot quieter in the way I deal with the dissenters. I went through and read all the posts previous to mine and have to agree with what I see. I have decidedly kept myself a neutral political being. I usually pull the joker card and change most conversations to other things… I’ll share this here, I have become disillusioned with the state of the union. Saddened by the behavior of my “leaders” and the schism and division of my people, friends and the world in general. I became a warrior for pride of country, a soldier because it is what my father was and I wanted to make a difference. Now it seems that our children have no idea what pride in self and country is. I’m lost …. I won’t let the opinions of the ignorant put me down. Never , ever stop being who you are. Defend that which you believe in. I guess I heard it best in a country song… “ You have got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything “
        Well that is the most I’ve said in a long time..

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      • It is funny, I was thinking of just that quote before I read your comment.

        I lost faith in the leadership of America over two decades ago and it seems to have only gotten worse. It saddens me to hear that folks struggle to find pride in the USA and in themselves. I seem to see more of an issue in people being quick to talk about their rights but slow to talk about their responsibilities. It is part of the price to be paid for poor leadership over far too many years. I still believe in many of the ideals that I was taught were core American values. Truth, justice and the American way as they used to say. Too many “school house rock” cartoons as a kid I guess.

        It is nice to hear folks sharing their thoughts on here, so thank you for that.

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  12. I can’t speak to how you interact with people or what you discuss outside of this website since I don’t frequent any forums but discussing politics anywhere on the internet is difficult these days. There are people who are really aggressive with their views and put down any that do not conform. I see this on Facebook a lot and with the most random things that have nothing to do with politics. All this is to say that I think people can easily cross lines that they wouldn’t dare do offline and whether it be the comments section on a news article, Twitter, or Facebook, the amount of adversarial interactions people are having is alarming. I can only imagine that this sort of thing filters into our hobby at least occasionally.

    I’m not a hippie and there are plenty people I don’t like and don’t get along with but I’ve seen way too much antagonistic, embarrassing, and shameful things said and done on the internet in the last 5-10 years. I try to walk a different path and maintain my integrity because I know what my values are and that they’re right for me. When I see people doing the opposite of those, I don’t try to engage and can only imagine that karma will catch up to them eventually. I’m not saying that you are seeking them out either of course, I’m just saying that is my approach and it seems to work well enough.

    I would definitely recommend continuing to evaluate what places on the internet bring you joy and sticking to those to help you enjoy your hobby and life the most. While the internet can be a great motivator and a source of inspiratio within our hobby, it can bring a lot of negativity too and so finding the right balance can be tricky. Either way, I hope you’ll resume regular blogging service soon. We all miss your regular updates!

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    • You make some valid points mate. My problem is that I just put myself out there, too much, too often. And to me injustice anywhere feels like injustice everywhere.

      I have been focusing too much in getting things prepped to get rid of and not enough on finishing things I intend to keep to have decent updates. I will try to correct that.

      Thanks for continuing to inspire me!

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      • While I don’t put myself out there that much, especially not offline because I’m introverted and somewhat picky about who I associate with, I understand what you mean about injustice and tend to be the same way. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who would practically do the dirty work of a fascist for them, if they could, and there is no reasoning with such people, especially online.

        I would say you can always talk about some of the things you’re getting rid of and what that’s like. I’ve been half-tempted to discuss how selling off my card collection is going because that has taken up a fair bit of my time. I may or may not actually ever do that but I’d be curious to hear how your experiences have gone and what you’ve learned in the process if you’d like to share of course!

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      • As a fairly extroverted person myself, I tend to walk myself right into conflicts pretty easily.

        It is great to have such supportive folks commenting on this blog, so thank you being apart for that!

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  13. I’m glad you’re still online. Although I had spent less than two weeks with you, you are more balanced and objective than many of my friends I have known for years. Here is a safe place to post your feelings as you have control over it. It’s not censorship anymore than it would be to ask a rude guest to leave your home. There’s no reason to deal with that vitriol and I have left more than one site or unfollowed more than one friend over their constant negative comments.

    I do my best to see both sides of an argument as that’s the only way to understand where someone is coming from and being able to work out an equitable solution. Although there are definitely some things that should not be compromised on, many things can find a point where both sides may not be ecstatic but they can both continue to live their lives in the pursuit of happiness.

    Unfortunately, today it has become very polarized. I feel that over the last decade the right has seen and/or has been validated on their beliefs and have pushed even farther to the right to the point where what was once seen as moderate has now put that area into the left. Granted, there are a few that have gone way to the left as well but they are a vanishing small number of people capable of enacting changes to the law in comparison to the others. But now I’m posting politically here so I’ll stop.

    I have quite often held my comments when some of my friends go off on a rant as I have to understand that most of them are under 30 years old. They hadn’t experienced the cold war, measles, the HIV epidemic, gas rationing, polio, cold war, etc. I think that when a time of relative peace and comfort comes around, the past is forgotten and therefore repeats itself. I’ll admit I’m curious though as to what your original post said as there is more than one Facebook post I have made that I set its privacy to ‘only me’ as I didn’t want to jeopardize my friend network – but wanted to keep it around for me to see in a year.

    I look forward to seeing the completed Quar federation and hearing more about you and your family. Seeing your happiness when talking about your hobbies or your family gives me happiness as well.

    Hope dies last.

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    • Hope does indeed die last. An excellent reminder. I caught some bits of a terrible low budge post apoc movie on YouTube and the heroine makes a comment about life without hope is pointless. It struck a nerve. I really need to remember hope dies last.

      I appreciate your comment. While it was only a couple of weeks, I like to think the nature of the event meant that you got to see “the real me”. I try to live to the values I espoused there, I try to be fair and objective yet also loyal and determined as well as decisive. But I am far from perfect and too emotional at a times.

      The polarization you mention is a problem. Some things can not be compromised on but many things can be. That is important for democracy to succeed. And while autocracy can be appealing in the short term or in specific situations (ie combat) democracy is better in the long term. Also, I used to think democracy could only work at the Greek city-state level but I have changed my view. I have begun to think that the bigger the population the greater the need for democracy, although likely as a representative republic rather than the direct democracy I yearned for when I was a Libertarian.

      As for the rant I deleted, it was long winded, preachy and filled with too many personal details. I do have a bad habit of finding a soap box to climb up on all too often and love telling my “war story” anecdotes. Things much better said in person than online.

      Thankfully my family is doing very well, although we are all busy, busy, busy. I hope you are well my friend and continue to be so.

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  14. One last thought, continue writing long rants to get it out of your system, then delete it. It isn’t healthy to keep it inside but continue to fight the good fight when appropriate.

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  15. Mr. Grumpy — Don’t let the assholes win. Since the invention of email and internet groups, there have always been idiots whose sole purpose of online discourse is to spew outlandish crap and cause flame wars. My personal motto is this: Don’t Poke the Bear. Keep on scrolling by. It’s not worth wasting your valuable time trying to reason with people who will NEVER be reasoned with.

    Life is short. Focus on the stuff you enjoy posting and sharing with us. I enjoy your blog. I sincerely hope you keep on going with it.

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    • Thanks mate. The responses on here have been much more enthusiastic than I was expecting. They have helped motivate me to continue blogging… once the writing bug bites me again that is. I really appreciate everyone that took the time to comment and I want to particularly thank people like you mate that have inspired me with their own blogging.

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    • I just wanted to add… the issue is not some unpleasant folks saying nasty things to me. That, I am used to. No, the bigger issue is the variety of much broader problems. Extremists of all kinds continually making things more difficult. It is the two steps backwards for every three steps forward. It is a case of me wondering if I am wasting my time engaging with folks not just online but in general. I am considerably more of a hermit now than I used to be. I see so many problems in society, so little critical thinking and just so much ugly dishonesty mixed with cowardice. So I ask myself, if I shut myself away from folks is that a form of cowardice? I suppose it is. And yet, neither my family nor I benefit from me being recklessly and confrontationally outspoken.


  16. Hey, Rick,

    I read this last week and wanted to offer some encouraging words, then got too long-winded in doing so and deleted it and decided to write later. I let a week go by and that’s not right. I agree with everything you said above. Your thoughts here are something I always look forward to, and your posts and comments on LAF are a highpoint for me. It’s tough because of the false dichotomy that politics has become, particularly if you care about what the simple truth is, but too many are willing to jump down your neck and ascribe horrible things to you. I barely engage on social media or any other platforms, I’ve even let my own blog go a bit fallow. But I always enjoy your posts, so as others here have said here, please continue!


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  17. I’ve engaged with you on LAF and you have often commented on my stuff (Spinal Tap), I also have your blog bookmarked and check in at times. I’ve been a bit self absorbed this past few months and hadn’t fully read this post until now.

    I just wanted to say that your absence from the internet would be a loss and I hope you can sort out your current stressors.

    And when you get back to it please update us on the Quar.

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    • Thanks mate, I appreciate reading that. One of the great things about the online wargaming community is the inspiration that is available when people share their joy of the hobby… such as you have inspired me at times. I have a few things I want to write about for my next blog post but real life keeps getting in the way, busy times of late. Thanks again for taking the time to comment! 👍


  18. It is good to see that you are considering to continue with your blog, as I was worried when I noticed your posts on other websites mentioning that you would be reducing your online presence significantly, fearing that you would completely vanish.
    You will always find people who support ideologies (politics or otherwise) that are opposite to your own views of the world and I think you have always been considerate in how you expressed yours, even if the other side of a conversation was not necessarily as open or considerate.
    I hope that you continue to post your updates and experiences, but obviously never feel forced to share if you are not in the right mindset to do it at the moment.

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    • Thanks for taking the time to make a comment mate, I appreciate hearing what folks think. It is tempting to go offline but for now I will continue, although more lurking than posting.


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