The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…

Battle Systems Core Space Purge

It has been awhile since I actually finished something. Most of my time has been spent on “progressing” things rather than finishing them. However I did just finish some Purge models for Core Space.

Originally my plan was to paint them more white (as the original art looked to me) than tan (as I see most folks paint them) for a sort of “Evil Apple IPod” look rather than a robotic skeleton but once I got working on the actual minis I could see an advantage in making them look battered and dirty. The sculpts are not perfect, having a number of small flaws in them. And being a somewhat soft “boardgame piece” plastic they were not fun to clean up. The thin model design did not help. Still, for gaming at arm’s length they should do the job. Games Workshop Contrast Paints helped speed the process up.

While Core Space is my current sci-fi “go to” game I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I had stumbled on to a great deal on the Star Trek Adventure RPG from Modiphius. Unfortunately they have discontinued their minis for that game. I decided to ask on the Lead Adventure Forum for some help tracking down some Klingons and Next Generation Starfleet figures. I was rewarded with a PM pointing me towards a couple of possible sources including…

I managed to get their last Starfleet Away Team and Klingon Warband. Yay!

However, it seems Q decided to play some tricks on us.

The shop prices were high… but only as high as what retail should have been. They were not marked up for being out of production. Modiphius has high prices, I suspect as part of the licensing for the IP. Look at their current Fallout and Skyrim figure prices to see what I mean. And I was willing to pay more than I usually do to get these figures as I had been unable to find them anywhere else. Which made took a little out of the sting I felt when we got charged VAT a second time and a handling fee on delivery. Thanks Brexit.

So, grumbling a bit about the price paid I opened my new box of Klingon warriors with ideas of a long coated Klingon character as Captain of his own Bird of Prey… to find out I did not get the Captain miniature. Sigh.

Modiphius 32mm Resin Klingons

Four figures with the exact same pose as well as two sets of doubles. No long coat wearing Captain. Grrr. Not the tidiest sculpts. And monopose resin so not the most fun to try to convert or kitbash. I am not sure how brittle they are yet…. but atleast they look the part and scale well with the 32mm figures of Battle Systems’ Core Space.

Klingons! Qapla’!

EDIT: I was surprised to find Spirit Games UK have given us a partial refund once I informed them of what happened. I definitely did not expect that! The money will be set aside to cover future attempts to track down that long coated Klingon Captain!

I have not yet opened the sealed box of Starfleet Officers as I am unsure now where I am going with this project.

Modiphius Star Trek TNG Starfleet Away Team

Should I create an Andorian Starfleet Captain and try to make use of the Star Trek Adventures PDFs somehow? Use the figures as a new crew in Core Space? For some reason I do not think a Starfleet crew fits as well as a rogue bunch of Klingons….

Instead I may focus on the Martians of Mars Attacks as we managed to get an amazing deal on a huge collection of Mantic Mars Attacks stuff as well as the GURPS Mars Attacks RPG from Steve Jackson Games.

Steve Jackson Games GURPs Mars Attacks RPG
Mars Attacks the Role Playing Game

We basically got two Mantic Mars Attacks Kickstarter NY Comic Con pledges for a fraction of their original price to add to our already pretty sizable Mars Attacks collection.

Mantic Mars Attacks Kickstarter

So we have several of the big robots and flying saucers! More than a company of Martian infantry, a bunch of giant mutant bugs and surprisingly at least an over strength platoon of WW2 US Marines. So much work to do….

In other news…

We finished season 3 of The Rookie and started season 4. As much as we enjoy the show it is not as good as the earlier seasons. We noticed a real sense of “plot threat inflation” at the end of season 3 and it seems to be getting worse in season 4. It seems that many showrunners are not confident enough to just focus on the more common elements of policing and the personal interactions. The relationship of Chen and Bradford for example is much more entertaining to me and Mrs. GG then the next serial killer, gunfight or terror attack.

The Rookie with Nathan Fillion

As the show continues to progress I am seeing more things that have very little in common with my own policing experiences however the more I see of Smitty, the more he reminds me of some cops I worked with.

Watching Lightyear….


…. was a joy! Mrs. GG told me that Buzz reminds her of yours truly… something I was quite tickled to hear I must admit. Neither the film, Buzz himself nor I are perfect but we do try and I like to think our hearts are in the right place. Mrs. GG, Little GG and I have adopted the “To Infinity and Beyond” ritual.

We also enjoyed The Sea Beast.

The Sea Beast

It started off really strong, got a bit predictable in the second half and I was not that keen on the ending but overall it was a decent movie. Both Mrs. GG and Little GG enjoyed it so it was good family fun. Yarr!

I have been trying to work my way through War of the Worlds… but wow has it been tough going.

You can read more of my thoughts on it here….

… but the TLDR is that this is a very grim, extremely depressing take on classic War of the Worlds story. It is as depressing as the 1984 movie Threads but with aliens instead of Nukes. And the showrunner clearly ignored their military and police technical advisors. I keep hoping it gets better but so far no luck.

Speaking of Dakka Dakka, there is an interesting thread on their about wahr Star Wars and Star Trek shows do you want to see…

… well I put a pretty long winded post on there and did not get much of a reaction to my ideas so I thought I would repeat them here for the curious…

Star Wars… bearing in mind these need to be done well… and when I say well, I mean lean into the pulp space opera atmosphere of the original movie and the Mandalorian, with a pulpy dash of Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

Rogue Squadron? Yes please! 

Rogue Squadron

Something exploring Droid rights would be brilliant but done in a pulp space opera vibe rather than a Star Trek sci-fi vibe. Do not get me wrong, TNG Data plots were great for this but I would like a different tone… and not one where folks start calling an AI a SJW. 

Star Wars Droid Rights!

A New Republic “Elliot Ness” trying to clean up all the organized crime that has flourished during the rebellion. Non-Jedi buddy cop peacekeepers trying to do the job that the Jedi used to do. Dragnet with blasters. Again, lean into the pulp aspect. Maybe give equal time to the other side, perhaps focusing on the Hutt Cartel Godfather tropes. What Boba Fett could have done given the way the Mandalorian skillfully leaned into Wild West tropes. In the background explore lots of regular folks doing every day things to make the galaxy come alive. Obi-Wan could have done that better than it did but it gave a glimpse of the possibilities. 

Star Trek… please avoid the bitter, too on the nose, mean spirited, canon ignoring Discovery, Picard, & Kelvinverse Trek. 

Captain Sulu and the USS Excelsior? Yes please! 

Captain Sulu and the USS Excelsior

A show about Starfleet security trying to fight a war without becoming “ends justify the means, 20th Century Earth soldiers” could be interesting… and I say that as a former US Army Infantry NCO. A show that admits war is unavoidably ugly but combatants can try to avoid becoming the same as the enemies they are fighting against. Roddenberry optimism cranked way up. Not necessarily people how they are now so much as how they could be. An example of this is in the characters in the TV series the Rookie with Nathan Fillion. But make it clear Starfleet Security has to transition from peacekeeping and law enforcement to war. Show how that transition would need to work to retain the ideals of Starfleet rather than just make Starfleet the hypocritical sham it is in season 1 of Picard. (I admit I have not been willing to subject myself to season 2 yet) Perhaps explore how Andorian military culture might influence Starfleet doctrine, ie use of fighters and deadly melee skills rather than restraints. No need to turn to the Klingons for this. 

Captain Worf… interesting either as a Starfleet Captain or Klingon Defense Force Captain. Both have their own appeal. Probably best to have this series be a bridge between the Federation and the Empire, allowing fans of both to be satisfied. 

Captain Worf

Speaking of Klingons… a Klingon centric show but rebooted to TNG/DS9 Klingon look & culture. Perhaps something exploring Martok’s political reforms of the Empire. Or a show about a Starfleet officer on exchange with the KDF and the audience learns about Klingons with this character. Think of it as an extended version of the Riker TNG exchange episode. 

I think a Starfleet Academy show is a magnificent idea! Get input from real military and law enforcement academies.

Star Trek Federation Starfleet Academy

It could be a brilliant recruiting tool. And it could educate the audience on Star Trek lore. There could be all kinds of interesting episodes covering science of all sorts as well as the usual student/teacher/family drama. Xeno…Ethics. Philosophy. Biology as well as the Human Earthcentric stuff. Illustrate how the Federation takes the best of each member culture and creates a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. Holographic projection technology at first leading to real missions later. Explain how a post-scarcity society might work… and how it would look to a new Ferengi Cadet who wants to argue the advantages of extreme capitalism. A great tester for spin-off series based on the most popular students and guest stars. The trick is, this all needs great writing so that it avoids being too preachy. It needs to show more than tell. If it can teach more folks to do real world critical thinking even better. 

Have you seen an of these shows? Do you like any of my ideas? What are your thoughts on Core Space, Klingons, Martians and whatnot? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!


  1. I’m quite amazed with how you come up with all of these ideas! I tend to have more of a passing interest in shows and there are a lot I don’t see, but your ideas sound pretty good to me. I think a more dark, gritty side of Star Wars would be good (I’ve not seen The Mandalorian or Boba Fett), maybe featuring someone like Dr Aphra! Nice painted minis right at the start by the way – colour scheme looks good to me! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am full of ideas. If only I had the self discipline to sit down and actually finish a story I believe I could be a decent novelist.

      Dark and gritty Star Wars… perhaps a Coruscant crime show? It might run the risk of going too cyberpunk. The Mandalorian demonstrated how to do sci-fi Western. Boba Fett failed in my opinion at sci-fi crime drama. I suppose by dark and gritty you mean Rogue One? I think Andor may have you covered. Not long now for that, less than a month.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That is a tough break on those Klingons and the missing captain. You could try and contact Modiphius’s customer support in the off chance that they’ll send you a replacement. Its a longshot that they still have any kicking around but it might be the only way to get that mini. I can’t recall missing any minis in boxes I’ve purchased from them but maybe I’ve just been lucky. I do think their minis are pretty fragile though and I try to be gentle with mine. Nothing has broken yet but I’ve heard people say their Fallout minis broke easily for what that’s worth.

    Those Synths, I mean, Core Space minis look great too! 😉

    I think a Rogue Squadron show is coming (unless I’m mistaken) which will hopefully be good. The video games were always fun back in the day.

    Have you seen the new trailers for Lord of the Rings? My excitement for the show is draining away as it looks like it could be a generic fantasy setting. My hope that it will be good is pretty low right now. I’m curious to hear your thoughts though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I suppose it costs nothing to try. Modiphius Staff on their forum confirmed that the minis are out of production however which is why I did not contact them earlier.

      Thanks for the kind words on the Syn…er Purge!

      I have not read the Rogue Squadron comics but we could do with some sci-fi Top Gun tv show right now to help recruit the next generation of Mavericks and Wedges.

      Amazon dropped a new trailer last night. Mrs. GG and I thought it looked good but with potential to miss the target like the Hobbit did rather than be the joy that was LOTR. The costuming, set dressing and special effects look good. We think it is a mistake to focus on Galadriel. It would have been more interesting for us if it was a new Elven character as we feel Cate Blanchett will be a very tough act to follow. That said Ewan MacGregor did a brilliant job of channeling Sir Alec Guiness in the Star Wars Prequels (and to a lesser degree in the more recent Obi-Wan). So we yet be surprised.

      Not sure how we feel about the new take on the Hobbits.

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      • Rogue Squadron was a series of books and comics. I think I read a bit of both of them and they were very good. Star Wars should always do lots of space combat as it is exciting to read and watch!

        I concur with your thoughts on Rings of Power. The special effects are amazing but the focus on Galadriel seems like that could be a bad choice. The guy who plays Elrond looks nothing like Hugo Weaving to me anyway too. I’m worried about the Hobbits being forced into the story when they’d be better off without them. I’ve heard early reviews of the show are good so maybe it will be a pleasant surprise to us all. Amazon intends to make quite a few seasons so we better hope its good in that sense!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I was surprised to find Spirit Games UK have given us a partial refund once I informed them of what happened. I definitely did not expect that! The money will be set aside to cover future attempts to track down that long coated Klingon Captain!


      • It is a longshot but they might have an extra one floating around. People on the forums tend to be very kind and supportive as well so hopefully someone can help you!

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  3. “Evil Apple IPod” look – love it! Hard to duplicate but I knew immediately what color you meant. That said, the paint job you did looks great!

    I really enjoyed the comic books “Rogue Squadron”, they were some of the best Star Wars comics.

    Haven’t seen that version of War of the Worlds, I had high hopes for the 2019 tv mini series but it quickly disappointed me. The 1953 movie is still the standard for me to be beat.

    Lightyear is on my list, just don’t know when I’ll get to it, might have to add The Sea Beast.

    My concern about a Starfleet Academy show is that it would be less on what you would want and become more of a high school teen drama.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks mate! I feel like I spend more time experimenting with different colors and painting techniques than I did actually painting them and replacing the bases with clear bases was not as bad as I was expecting. I was sure I would accidentally cut off one of their feet.

      This version of War of the Worlds came out close to the same time as the BBC version that I think you are talking about. I did see that one too. It was disappointing and grim but not as grim as this one. This one has more on screen corpses of kids and visibly pregnant women than I am used to. The camera lingers far too long on horrific corpses sometimes and throws blood around the set dressing that is inconsistent with the nature of the attacks. It makes it look more like a Halloween haunted house setting at times. The alien robots are interesting but I fail to see how they could so easily outfight human soldiers once those soldiers were prepared… of course the show struggles to portray actually competent, professional soldiers.

      I agree on the 1953 standard and I am confident in recommending Lightyear and the Sea Beast as time not wasted.

      You are correct about my Starfleet Academy idea… that is indeed the biggest risk.

      Instead of being a tool to actually teach, to establish clear canon lore, to clarify technical aspects of the Star Trek universe, to explore the various xeno branches of education, it would likely turn into insipid tales of teen romance, teacher malfeasance, and rebellion against authority as the students become the teachers of “true wisdom”contrary to the false dictates of “The Establishment.”


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