What do you think this mini is supposed to be?

What does this mini look like to you?

I love cinema.

One of the key elements of cinema is visual storytelling.

Just like the soundtrack audibly tells a story (if done well, ie Star Wars, The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, Jaws) costumes and set dressing (if done well) can visually help tell a story too.

This is one reason Bladerunner is a masterpiece.

Zemo says so!

And it is said a picture is worth a thousand words…..

What does this have to do with a kitbash converted mini?

I have had a mini idea in mind ever since I saw two parts in two different Warlord Games WW2 kits. The shotgun on a bent arm (Warlord “new” US Army Infantry) and the head with soft cap & cigarette (Warlord US Marines). I knew I wanted to create a specific mini and to have that mini be somewhat iconic.

And Warlord Games multi-part plastic figure kits are great for kitbashing.

The question is, am I on the right track?

Using bits from 4 different Warlord WW2 kits and some greenstuff I have built this fellow.

I could not find the WW2 American torso with the perfect stance I was looking for so I had to settle on second best (Warlord “old” US Army Infantry). The problem is that this stance does not convey the identity of the figure as well as the one I had in mind. So for me this mini can go two directions, be one of two people so to speak.

What do you think he is supposed to represent? I will give you some hints, WW2 (ish) US Army European theater. What rank, position, unit do you think he is? Some folks (looking at you veterans out there) may think he is a bit too “Hollywood” but I am going for something specific for a narrative reason and I think there were real world equivalents based on some folks I knew when I served.

So what do you think?

PS. The cup was cut off from a backpack on a Warlord WW2 British Infantry sprue and the hand holding it was cut from a different arm on the “new” US Infantry sprue.



  1. Except for the weapon and soft cap the character that came to my mind is Vic Morrow as Sergeant Saunders in Combat! (showing my age again).

    Too grizzled and dgaf attitude to be a squad leader (unless busted down again) I would say a platoon sergeant.

    Excellent job of kitbashing! Add a two day stubble when painting and you got it.

    My lingering cold is still addling my brain so might need more hints to get the character right.

    Read Bernard Cornwell’s latest Sharpe’s book, takes place immediately after Waterloo, nothing ground breaking, just a comfortable read.

    Your continued praise of The Last Kingdom convinced me to give it another shot. Glad I did, finding it a nice adaptation. I think my problem the first time was I had recently read the books and couldn’t separate the two enough to enjoy the show.

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    • I am glad you are taking to Last Kingdom. Distance from the books really helped me, so no surprise it is helping you now. You have to be willing to tolerate some facepalming at times, especially in costuming and tactical decisions, but the show is alright popcorn entertainment.

      At some point I would like to read more Sharpe but no idea when I will be able to do that with such a long “to read” list already.

      I hope your cold vanishes soon!

      Thanks for the kind words on my kitbashing. You are on the right track. Definitely going to have stubble. Not sure if the cup will be white ceramic or silver metal.

      I did not have a specific tv or movie character in mind… rather more like a trope. And as I said, you are on the right track. So that is cool for me.


    • Doughnuts rarely survive first contact.

      A proper US canteen cup would have been ideal but I could not find anything with that shape and my patience nor greenstuff sculpting skill is up to making my own. It was originally British cup but the handle did not survive being removed from the original backpack it was on.


    • Thanks! I was not aiming for a “behind enemy lines” or “special ops” look but yeah I can see that. Certainly could go for FSSF (Devil‘s Brigade) now that I look at it.


  2. I have no idea who this is but I think the conversion looks great. It strangely reminds me of Duke Nukem and the expression “chewing bubblegum and kicking ass”. If you’re going to be busy converting awesome minis like this then I’m even more excited to see this project 🙂

    Also, bonus points for working Zemo into this update too. You can’t go wrong with him!

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    • Thanks mate! I was definitely inspired in part by Rowdy Roddy Piper in “They Live”, where I believe Duke Nukem got the “chewing bubblegum”line.

      I have been busy with too many other things to get to this conversion sooner but yeah I want to create a bunch of interesting kitbashed conversions for the Twilight 49 project. I want to create a cinematic feeling narrative for the games with colorful characters.

      Like Loki, Zemo is an interestingly entertaining villain. I could not resist that meme when I saw it.

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      • I’m surprised and a little impressed that I was anywhere close with the Duke Nukem guess. I never played or liked those games but I remember when they were in vogue! I look forward to seeing more conversions as you get time for them too.

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  3. […] What do you think this mini is supposed to be? @ Grumpy Gnome – I really like conversions. I like taking a stock miniature and changing it up, really making it your own. The author of this post took a plain, stock soldier miniature and properly kitted it out. There’s so much personality on display here. […]

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