This blog post NOT brought to you by…. Warlord Games…

Quite a good deal from Customer Service at Warlord Games destined for Twilight ’49!

I am not a professional “influencer” or fancy social media “content creator”.

My blog does not have a big following or very much traffic. And I am unwilling to go back to Facebook and YouTube to do what would be necessary to grow my blog into something “more”.

So, therefore I do not get freebies or discounts for any kind of endorsements.

The reviews you see on my blog are purely my own honest opinions.

And now I want to talk about Warlord Games… which admittedly, much like Games Workshop, I have had something of a strained relationship with. They have done things I liked and things I did not like. For example I like them publishing Black Seas even if I am not playing it and dislike how they have managed the Project Z products.

However a few months back I found myself talking with Lorenzo (a Customer Service Rep with Warlord Games) while trying to see if Warlord Games could help me source some spare parts for some of my models… specifically two pairs of fists for Konflikt ’47 US Army Coyote Light Walkers.

It took awhile but in the end they helped me with this request and furthermore gave me a great discount on a bunch of stuff tailored for my Twilight ’49 project.

Now, I have worked retail before. I am sure they gave me a deal that was as good for them as it was for me. But it was a personally tailored deal following dialogue with a caring and well informed customer service representative. This is the kind of business dealing I like seeing. Lorenzo clearly knew his products, identified my desires and found a way for both of us to “win”.

Warlord Games has a very professional and streamlined online customer service platform that tracks your “issue” well. The program creates an excellent audit trail and ensures you are not forgotten about or “lost in the system”.

And they seem to invest in staff that at the very least appear to care. He took the time to inform himself, admit mistakes, and did not just take the easy way out. Not enough companies do that. His efforts ensured that I felt good about spending money for Warlord Games products not just now but in the future.

Customer Service

The complete Project Z, Konflikt ’47 and Bolt Action lines are not perfect products for me.

Instead, at least for me, Ash Barker’s Last Days works better than Project Z. I prefer the gameplay of Chain of Command over that of Bolt Action. I use 1/43 to 1/50 scale vehicles over 1/56 scale for my 28mm gaming.

But there are a number of things in the Project Z, Konflikt and Bolt Action product lines that do work very well for me and my projects.

And while I think the days of “One Quid Sprue Sales” are over… excellent customer service and decent products will help bring me back to Warlord Games in an ever increasingly expensive and competitive hobby market.

So Warlord Games gets the Grumpy Gnome Seal of Approval!

Thumbs up!


  1. Good customer service is such a joy. Delightful to receive and so pleasing as a worker when you’re truly empowered to give it.

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  2. You’ve been looking at my browser history, haven’t you? I’m currently looking at their sprue sale to complement my Romans for future games of Broken Legions.

    I can only second how well Warlord Games customer service is. I too have corresponded with Lorenzo, once asking him for suggestions on what vehicle would go best for a diorama I was considering, and several times on shipping. I was shipped two of an item I had ordered and he told me to keep the duplicate and once where I thanked the shipping being well packed. They include the names of the packers in their deliveries so I made sure to include that name in my appreciation.

    The only “complaint” I have with Warlord Games is that sometimes their figures don’t always size correctly. That might be their acquisition of Wargames Factory and their issues.

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    • It is great to hear others have had such good customer service and that it was not just a one off.

      Scaling issues are a real problem. My Warlord metal 28mm Italians are considerably smaller than my Warlord plastic 28mm Italians. I may keep the metal Italian paratroopers and put the metal Italian infantry back on eBay.

      I believe Warlord has bought more lines than just Wargames Factory but what lines, I do not know.


  3. I’m glad to hear you had a positive experience with them! I’ve never purchased any of their products, if you can believe it, but I have been eye balling their Roman minis and trying to decide whether to commit to them or Victrix for a future project. With that said, I was impressed by their display at Adepticon a couple years back and they seem to be quite a big operation (not unlike GW!). Finally, I will say that the thought of you as an influencer did give me a good chuckle! Its hard to imagine you being anything other than yourself and I’m guilty of that as well 🙂

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    • As odd as it may feel saying this in a comment on a post complimenting Warlord Games, for Roman Imperial sculpts I recommend Victrix. I currently have both and Victrix just appeals to me more but aesthetics are subjective.

      Warlord does some good set ups at conventions it seems and they are a big, professional organization. It was nice to see they could still connect on a personal level.

      I may be a Grumpy Gnome but I try hard to be an honest Gnome… painfully honest at times.

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      • I’m leaning more towards Victrix as I think they’re higher quality and those things matter to me, as you know.

        I know what you mean about the personal side of things too. Its hard to imagine GW connecting with either of us in that way, if you know I mean!

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