Twilight ’49 to be discontinued…

I have chosen to discontinue my Twilight ‘49 project for a number of reasons.




  1. This project checks a lot of my boxes, very impressive. I’ll be looking forward to the progress, in particular the allies. I might have to steal this concept for a Marine Corps squad of my own.

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  2. First off, I like the flexibility of this setting. You can do an awful lot with it which should make it fun from a hobbying and gaming standpoint. I personally think supernatural Nazis are the way to go. That is a huge component of Hellboy’s world and I think it is perfect for what you’re doing. I’m impressed by all of your acquisitions as well. Its true that eBay has plenty of deals if you’re willing to put in the time to look for them. That is how I acquired more cards than I know what to do with (among other things!). I would like to know more about the post-apocalypse side of the setting when you get around to it. I saw hints of it here and I’m curious to learn more!

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    • I forgot to mention Hellboy as one of my inspirations, it definitely is. The Ron Perlman Hellboy that is!

      Part of my thinking on the post-apoc is regional post-Apoc, like Stalker and Zona Alfa. So not as wide spread per se as Falling Skies but perhaps still world wide with the Zetans having destroyed all of the world’s national capitals on the first night of their invasion.

      One idea I have is that the Aliens have shattered the US, claiming the Midwest after their main mothership was forced to crash land by some plucky heroes. West of the Zetan Zone California has seceded and become the NCR (like Fallout). South of the Zetan Zone Texas has seceded and become the Lone Star State (filled with folks unhappy with progressive politics in the surviving USA on the East Coast. The Mississippi is a heavily defended border. Things get progressively worse the deeper you get into the Zetan Zone.

      Some things I will be mixing from other sources like Konflikt and Dust but some will be my own.

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      • That’s good to hear. I thought of Hellboy immediately when reading your ideas. I really like the post-apocalyptic ideas too. They sound pretty interesting and unique to me! I’ll be looking forward to seeing more as you get time to work on this project.

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      • Such a big vision, with heaps of ideas. I wonder if you need to pick a corner and start to build a couple of forces and try some games and/or rules. The rules might the tough part, whether it is finding something out of the box or adding the right mix of home brew.

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      • I tried Bolt Action awhile back, not my thing. I have been studying Chain of Command and that seems more satisfying for my desires. This project really is window dressing for that. The idea of also have something like Last Days is really just a secondary thought as Mrs. GG and I enjoy Frostgrave so much. She is more likely to try a smaller cooperative skirmish game than something like Chain of Command.

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  3. You are never one for half measures are you 😁 All in or nothing. Seeing the vehicles wants me to pull out my brothers and my old Dinky tanks and trucks.
    Curious how you are going to merge the rule sets or are you just going with Konflick’s 47? Looking forward how you do your gaming table for these battles.
    Funny you mention those movies, I was watching Kelly’s Heroes as I read your post.
    Watched Vikings Valhalla on Netflix (don’t bother, budget and story seemed half of what Vikings was) Made the mistake of watching a new episode of Walking Dead, totally lost on what is going on but still seemed oddly familiar. Cleansed my viewing by watching the Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra for the grand scale of everything in it.
    What’s your priority for painting your new acquisitions?

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    • I am definitely a go big or go home kind of guy.

      For rules I am thinking both Chain of Command for platoon ops and Last Days for smaller skirmish stuff. I plan to use Dust, Konflikt, and Achtung Cthulu to modify the Chain of Command gaming. With Zona Alfa, This is not a Test, Stargrave and what not to modify Last Days.

      I love Kelly’s Heroes. The level of wacky in that movie is the kind of thing I am aiming for in this project. You might call it satirical even.

      Too bad about Vikings Valhalla, thanks for the warning. It was on my watch list but I never even finished Vikings. Every season after the first it got progressively worse. After Ragnar died it became pretty much unwatchable for me and Mrs. GG. She totally gave up on the show but I planned on finishing it one day just out of a sense of completionism.

      We are looking forward to the new season of Last Kingdom. We just finished season 4 of the Last Ship so Last Kingdom is next on the roster.

      Not sure when I will get to see the latest season of Walking Dead.

      I do not really have a painting priority list. I will just paint what I fancy I suppose but all that has to wait as my current painting time is devoted to restoration work to put on eBay to help pay for continuing the hobby.

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  4. Good call on using the right rule set for the scale and participants of the battle you’re doing.

    You could almost see the director calling action for the extras in Valhalla and they were trying too hard to have the female lead be another Lagertha (fyi, they failed)

    Did you ever try All of Us Are Dead? Curious what you thought of the police officer in several of the episodes.

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    • I started watching All of Us Are Dead and it was not capturing me… but then Kingdom took awhile to take hold with me as well so I guess I should give All of Us are Dead a second shot… especially now that you mention there is a recurring police character.


  5. This looks like it’s going to turn into an epic project, so I’m going to enjoy following it! 🙂 I think you’ve got more than enough ideas that will combine well. And that is a really nice haul of troops and vehicles! Have to agree with you on diecast stuff – it can give you an easy start on getting vehicles for your forces. And not sure where you’ll get them, but you’ve got to get rocketmen!

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  6. This. This looks like a tremendous amount of fun and a great project to sink your teeth into. I’m impressed by the range and quality of your online finds! I too love the vintage GI look – I’m in the midst myself of a project bashing Warlord Games US troopers with Games Workshop Imperial Guard to create some Warhammer 40,000 GIs.

    I don’t know that I could suggest other influences to add to the game, though your talk about an alien-occupied Midwest reminded me of an episode of Love, Death & Robots where a family of farmers uses their mech suits to fight off hordes of giant bugs. I need to give the series a re-watch..

    Thanks for sharing this! Eager to see where it goes from here!

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  7. I went through a breif Public Domain comic phase where I really got into atomic war comics. There was something about the 50’s stark portrayal of destructions contrasting some of the goofiest sci-fi weapons and gadgets that I find utterly fascinating. Books like Atomic Attack, and Atomic-Age Combat are still some of my favorite comics of all time.

    I’d love to play a game.with some of these influences, or just build up a diorama or two.

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    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate the link and quite agree with you..There is something fascinating in the mix of goofy and grim. I think perhaps it lends it an air of satire that makes the horror digestible.


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