Too Many Distractions!

So many distractions… and not all of them are undead!

You may be wondering if I have gotten off track with my painting projects. I suppose I have to a certain degree so not a lot finished since my last project update but you can see a few things above.

We had friends from the UK come visit us a few months back and some of the pieces shown here involve them. The two ground stone scatter pieces are resin pieces that our British friend Tom made.

Monster Fight Club, Ziterdes, Reaper Bones

I think they painted up nicely and were not difficult nor time consuming paint.

I had an idea to paint two copies of the same miniature to give to his partner Laura, one to gift to her and one to keep as a miniature version of her for our gaming. Sadly I failed to get them painted in time for their visit but I finally finished it and posted Laura’s to her.

Reaper Bones

The big stone and the small crypt are Ziterdes foam pieces that we won on eBay as part of a larger auction. Both were pre-painted but I decided to repaint them in my own style. And I added some vegetation to the big stone piece.

Reaper Bones and Ziterdes

The crystals are Reaper Bones. Mrs. GG did not think I needed to paint some dirt at the bottom of them but I decided to do so anyway and I am glad I did. I think the little effort it took to do paid off.

The trees are Monster Fight Club pre-painted trees we found on sale at Warlord Games. Despite being pre-painted I decided to repaint the stump and the three tree trunks. The foliage I left as it was. Little changes to the trees but I prefer them this way. A little less “plastic toy” looking in my opinion. You can judge for yourself.

In other news we have gotten a lot of TV watching done.

We finished season 6 of Expanse.

We enjoyed it and hope this is not the end of the series. I have heard it is but I remain optimistic. It is so good!

We also finished Superstore.

A decent, feel-good ending to the series. We will miss the short episodes that were good pre-sleep viewing.

Our Marvel bug continues to bite so we watched Eternals.

It was alright. Some interesting ideas. Good actors. Annoying plot holes. A disturbing moral conundrum. It left us wondering, “where were all the superheroes during all this and how does it fit into the new, overarching multiverse plot line”?

Shang-Chi, Legend of the Ten Rings was…

…. excellent! Much better than we were expecting. We heartily recommend it. An excellent blend of humor and action.

And we watched all of the Hawkeye episodes…

…which was alright. Better than we expected, not as good as we hoped.

We are now working our way through the Agent Carter TV series…

…and so far it is pretty good. Peggy Carter is an interesting character but we hope she gets some better stories, so far this one is a bit underwhelming. It is definitely stoking my craving for more Pulp.

Speaking of Pulp……The Book of Boba Fett…..

… continues to impress us. Although some characters steal the show from Boba when they are onscreen. Better as a Space Western than as a Space Mafia show though.

Given Mrs. GG does not like post-apoc very much I was on my own when I watched “A Quiet Place 2”…

…which was disappointing. I watched the first one with low expectations and found it alright. Unfortunately, that led me to go into the sequel with higher expectations and was let down. So much potential wasted yet again. Hollywood keeps forgetting Spielberg’s lesson from Jaws and Scott’s lesson from Alien… “less is often more.” Too much, too often the movie feels haphazard and unfocused. The characters not really believable nor properly fleshed out. The threat is so high, so constant that it is just exhausting rather than dramatic. Like a singer holding a note too high, too long. It begins to grate on your nerves.

Probably as this long blog post has begun to grate on your nerves.

In closing I will leave you with this…

Watch the skies….


  1. Distractions are half the fun. I have worked through three seasons of Z nation and 2 of manifest since Christmas which, given we do not watch a lot of TV, is a marathon effort for us.

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  2. The terrain looks great as always, mate! You have been busy on the TV and movie front. I look forward to catching up on Marvel movies so perhaps I will have some comments on Shang Chi and the Eternals in the nearish future!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Nicely done on the female ranger and the rock formations. I like Ziterdes products, might need to go look again what catches my eye.

    My wife and I watched Eternals even though neither of us are Marvel fans, we found it enjoyable but too many characters and head scratching at times.

    I like how you compare Boba Fett to a space western, it always amuses me to see so many people aimlessly walking the streets in westen movies and now in Mis Eisley. There is a lot of there is a new sherriff in town vibe.

    I’m halfway through All of Us are Dead, I had reservations about high schoolers combating a viral outbreak but I’m finding it engaging and they are managing to keep the story fresh in their 12 episode story.

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    • Thanks for the kind words mate. We won a bunch of Ziterdes stuff in a couple of auctions. Some has gone back onto eBay but most I kept. It will take some time for metro work through it all. It was a couple of really good auctions and got the pieces for a fraction of their price new. The only problem with foam terrain is that it can be a bit fragile sometimes. Not plaster fragile but still you need to be a bit careful with it.

      I really need to try All of Us are Dead. Thanks for the reminder.

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