A Zombie Follow Up…. (spoiler free!)

Zombies from various manufacturers waiting for a slot in my painting schedule…

So on my recent Zombie blog post… there have been some great comments.

It is fascinating to see such interest in Zombie narratives. And I took the discussion to various forums….

The best thread is probably…


… but also good are…





… and an outlier where a mix of fast and slow has been the leading preference…


The movie of World War Z, often mentioned, is in my opinion a travesty.

The book, by Max Brooks, however was quite good.

As a former US Infantry NCO I found the Battle of Yonkers quite on point in regards to the plot element of today’s generals being too often fighting yesterday’s war as well as being over-reliant on high tech, high profile weapon systems.

If you have not read the book… watch this. Recognize the narrator?

Max Brooks, son of the famous Mel Brooks, has some impressive access to the US military officer corps…. having even spoken at West Point and the US Naval War College. Check out some of his presentations on YouTube. Fascinating stuff!

Max Brooks at West Point

…. and…..

Max Brooks at US Naval Warfare College

…and not really zombie related but good…

One of the things about Max Brooks for me is that he has already said in the halls of power things I had been thinking and he has not had a lot of traction there it would seem. There was a time I used to think, “If only I could get my ideas to the right people maybe we could change things.” Now I can see my ideas would fall on deaf ears too.





One of the things I learned from this Zombie discussion is that slow zombies are more… sad. Pitiful. Pathetic. Especially when seen alone, stumbling along awkwardly. It is easier to feel sorry for them than the rage filled fast zombies.

Think about how often melancholy music is played in scenes of barren city streets with the occasional slow zombie wandering around aimlessly.

Not so for most fast zombie movies.

Like costuming, is interesting to consider the storytelling a soundtrack can do.

I need to consider zombies for our games. Simple enough for Frostgrave… hence the ones I started that you can see at the top of the page.

But if I end up doing a Weird War 2, “not quite Fallout”, post-apoc project as I am current thinking about then slow zombies are something I want to add. But then I think I may want some faster moving ghouls as well.

I have been looking into zombies in other settings.

A couple of our rare full retail price purchases, we bought Stargrave and it’s first expansion, Quarantine 37.

Originally I was excited about Stargrave but then as more information came out I felt that it would not offer anything that Core Space from Battle Systems does not already provide us.

So we passed on Stargrave‘s “North Star Nickstarter” when it came out.

However we have grown to enjoy Frostgrave so much we decided to get it. I figured that at the very least it may have some game mechanics we could add to Frostgrave.

My first impression of Stargrave now that we have the main rule book is well, to be honest, underwhelming. It just does not seem all that brilliant. We may at the very least use a modified version of the secured loot in Stargrave for our Frostgrave… and I am still trying to figure out how to use Stargrave for an Frostgrave version of AD&D’s Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

However, Quarantine 37 does impress me more. Zombies and a Bug Hunt (Xenomorphs!). A bit more “world building”. Still not as immersive as the Frostgrave setting but getting a bit better.

Maybe Stargrave just needs some more time to mature as Frostgrave has. I am still optimistic and looking forward to the two expansions planned for Stargrave.

We also picked up the Konflikt ’47 main rule book and one of its expansions, Defiance (focused largely on the Italian campaign), on sale.

Konflikt has some very interesting Weird War 2 background fluff and some nice artwork. Warlord Games makes some very cool, although expensive, models for Konflikt. There is a cool, almost Fallout retro sci-fi aesthetic that is demanding my attention.

However the Bolt Action based game mechanics do not really do it for me. So my plan is to try to adapt some things for Chain of Command instead.

There is a certain appeal to me in using giant suits of power armor to fight Nazi zombies.

What can I say. I have simple tastes.

What are your thoughts on all this zombie stuff?


  1. Wow, someone has been bit! 😁
    Really interesting reading the replies on the different forums, which one drove the most traffic to your site?
    I am resisting peer pressure and will not buy the secure compound and a hoard of zombies. I just watched Aliens again and while I went to Gale Force 9 site and wanted to buy their Aliens game and the figures I resisted, I can do this.
    I too like the idea of some faster zombies to begin with mixed in with slow before they all become slow. Curious how limited ammo/supplies will be applied in your game, as always need to be a balance between playability and not just constant, repeating the same scenario of gathering supplies.

    Liked by 3 people

    • None of the, brought much traffic to my site. Reaper, Dakkadakka and the Miniature Page forums were at the top but not very high numbers. Most my traffic comes from search engines.

      You have better discipline than me mate. I respect that.

      Yeah, getting the balance of fun game, immersive narrative and believable simulation is difficult. Especially when you throw in things like Pulp Alien Invaders!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re a one-man conversation starter when it comes to zombies anyway! Its cool to see you getting some new rulesets too. I don’t know much about any of them to be honest so I’d be curious to hear more about your thoughts on them when you get around to it. I’m excited to see where this takes you. I have a feeling it will be an organic process and you’ll end up somewhere neither one of us would expect!

    Liked by 1 person

    • With so many real world distractions, family drama, eBay, new game rules… not a lot of progress made on my painting projects. But I have been having some non-painting fun out of it. So many ideas bouncing around my head right now. Tarnished Splendor will need to go o the back burner for a bit. Not sure if it will switch over from Napoleonics to French & Indian War or not.

      There is something very appealing about my own Fallout that is not exactly Fallout but that is such a huge project to undertake.

      I suspect you are right about this being an organic project that will end up very different from where I have started. A lot depends on reusing materials I already have in order to reduce costs and storage space demands.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Being inspired is among the best parts of this hobby so enjoy it while it lasts! Space concerns are good to think about early on. I have been thinking quite a bit about space lately and will probably talk about it more in my next update.

        Liked by 1 person

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