Better Late Than Never…

Miniatures for Frostgrave

Real life has been interfering with my hobby time quite a bit of late. One of the frustrations with trying to keep deadlines is that I find it difficult to paint on demand. Instead, I need to be “in the mood” and to “find the groove” in order to paint to my satisfaction.

However, I have gotten a few things finished. Some things, gifts, I can not share photos of yet but I also tried to finish my Frostgrave warband, the Dragon we recently used when our friends Tom and Laura visited as well as tweak a couple of things on the very fine Napoleonic gift Tom gave me.

A Fire Breathing Red Dragon

Only some minor changes on the dragon…

…as well as on the gift from Tom…

A Napoleonic Gift

… a fine gift that will work well for Sharp Practice or the Silver Bayonet.

3D printed Constructs for Frostgrave

I was unsure if these 3d printed figures would go back on ebay or not but I think we will keep them for now. Mrs. GG likes my painting of them and they will work for our take on Frostgrave.

Frostgrave Apprentice, Necromancer & Captain

For my Necromancer I have used a figure from the Blacklist Games Fantasy Line. Overweight, like myself, it is an interesting miniature but no quite right I think for what I want to represent my Frostgrave Lichdom desiring Necromancer… who also still needs a good name.

The apprentice is something I built from the North Star Miniatures Frostgrave Wizards multi-part plastic kits. These kits, both the male and female, are among my favorite. They are so versatile! I wish more kits like these, covering more genres were available.

I chose to avoid the usual all black wardrobe and numerous skull decorations associated with Necromancers but I tried to have some appropriately macabre details.

A pair of Frostgrave Apothecaries.

The first Apothecary started out as my first miniature planned for my Necromancer. It is built from the North Star Frostgrave Wizards kit. The other Apothecary is the metal Frostgrave Cultist Apothecary from North Star miniatures.

I like having an Apothecary for both my Necromancer and his Apprentice but I think one will eventually become a “legendary” Potion Master.

A pair of Frostgrave Thieves

I want to eventual have a bunch of generic, “disposable & interchangeable riff raff thieves” so that when one thief is killed it can be quickly and easily replaced with a different miniature.

Here a historical Dark Ages figure built for this purpose and a Blacklist Games Bandit are part of that plan.

Reaper Bones Dreadmere Mercenaries turned Frostgrave Thugs

The Dreadmere Mercenaries from the Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter are quite tall, more like 32mm than 28mm, but they work well enough… especially if rebased. The sculpts have a lot of character. My experimenting with Citadel Contrast paints had mixed results. I made the mistake of being a little aggressive in applying my clear coat accidentally wore off some of the Contrast paint on certain raised surfaces. Lesson learned.

A Reaper Bones Zombie for Frostgrave

A zombie from Blacklist Games Fantasy Line 1. I should probably done the clothes in more pale colors to represented faded clothes. Maybe next time. Needless to say, with my Frostgrave Wizard being a Necromancer I am always in need of more Zombies.

Mrs. GG‘s Elementalist and warband
Caverns for a Frostgrave scenario

Mrs. GG and I managed to get another game of Frostgrave in. We decided to go back to the Dragon’s Cave of our previous game and take a second try on the two the Ulterior Motives that were unresolved last time and we added the Magic Well scenario rules for the strange pool in the caverns.

We both achieved our Ulterior Motives, Mrs. GG freed her minion from the Magic Mirror and I found the Staff of Power (3) on one of Ghouls. We both drank from the well but ultimately Mrs. GG “won” the scenario.

Game deciding moment.

It all came down to a single die roll. I could have secured the central treasure, giving me three treasures to her two but I rolled a critical failure when my Necromancer tried to use Telekinesis on the central treasure… sending right into the clutches of Mrs. GG’s warband rather than my own.

We play competitive but not violently confrontational Frostgrave at this stage and plan to play cooperative at some point.

In addition to playing some Frostgrave, we have done some Frostgrave reading.

Mrs. GG and I have finished reading the novel “Second Chances” and I finished reading the short stories in “Tales of the Frozen City”.

Also…..our Battle Systems Core Space: First Born Kickstarter All-In pledge has arrived!

Battle Systems Core Space: First Born Kickstarter All-In Pledge arrives!

However we have not had time to do much except open up the main box and look inside. Maybe it is my imagination but the sculpting on the miniatures looks crisper to me than previous Core Space sculpts. The only thing that really bothers me about First Born so far is the grid on the gaming mats. Otherwise I am very, very pleased.

In other news…

We finished season 5 of Superstore and look forward to season 6, the final season.

The show is not great but we do find it surprisingly compelling TV as we have started to care about the characters.

Fear the Walking Dead and Walking Dead: World Beyond continue to disappoint.

Fear just keeps on jumping more and more sharks… and if that was not bad enough the final episode of World Beyond has a post credits stinger that has really irked me.

If you do not mind spoilers, watch this clip….

I suppose I will need to do a separate post about that as I do not want to spoil it here but seriously, the Walking Dead universe is going to take a serious turn with this… complete game changer information.

And I hate it.

Will I watch the Rick Grimes movie when it finally out? Yup, most likely.

We finished the final season of Lost in Space. Very pretty with excellent set dressing, costuming and special effects but the writing just does not do it for us.

As a former soldier I do not feel like the writers really get veterans. As a former cop I do feel the writers get the Doctor Smith character quite well. I dealt with a number of folks a lot like her, going through similar ethical journeys. Mrs. GG as a former scientist and academic did not feel the writers really got scientists. 

The overall constant pro-individual, anti-authority tone was tiring but we both enjoyed the more optimistic, hopeful tone of the ending. We wanted to like the characters more but felt the very competent actors were let down by the script.

Mrs. GG never saw the original series and probably benefited from it. My rose tinted nostalgia at times soured this version for me at times. However that same nostalgia made the updated score sound magical in my ears. 

Overall, in a field of tv programming that means there is more to watch than we have time to watch this was a show that did not feel like a waste of time but we wish the writing had been better.

What we want is writing like we see in the Expanse. Season six has started well.

Good dialogue, interesting plot and characters we care about. Give us more of this kind of thing please!

I watched “Stay Alive” on my own as it is not the kind of thing Mrs. GG enjoys.

It brought some interesting new ideas to the usual apocalypse genre. Fast zombies, what I tend to call ghouls although in this case more like just “crazies”, which I am not a fan of. A less than usually heroic protagonist was an interesting choice although I found it difficult to identify with him as he is just so different from me. Not that I am super heroic, just that I have led a life that early on taught me to better confront fears and be more proactive. That said it makes the protagonist more of an “every day kind of guy” rather than a Rick Grimes (whom I very much identify with).

Also what has been good is the second season of the Witcher, although that is primarily down to how good Cavill has been at channeling the computer game version of Geralt.

That said, Freya Allan has certainly gotten better in her portrayal of Ciri. The show is not perfect. The Yennifer plot line has been really underwhelming with too many of the Elves coming across as not very Elven.

The Wheel of Time tv series has been something of a love/hate experience for me. Some of it I enjoy… I want to like it. Lan and Moiraine are cool. However there is so much I do not like. I hate that the show runner seems determined to subvert the expectations of the book reader segment of the audience. I do not need to, or want to, be surprised by the plot. I just want a faithful visual rendition of the book.

I understand the showrunner wants to subvert book reader expectations to evoke a sense of surprise or suspense. I get the theory but I do not like it. It feels too much like meddling, trying to fix something that is not broken. It is bad enough when something gets cut, like Jackson cutting Tom Bombadil from Lord of the Rings, but this show wants us to not be sure if Frodo is Ringbearer, whether it will be Aragorn or Boromir who will succumb to the Ring and has a female Elven love interest to conflict with Legolas, The Dragonslayer… oh, wait… err.

At least Lan is cool and Moiraine reminds me more of Gandalf with every passing episode.

A cool surprise was Space Sweepers.

Far from perfect, and not Mrs. GG‘s kind of thing, I thought iit was enjoyable. It drags a bit at times, with some challenging segments but by the end I was caring about the characters.

Thorn, King Under the Mountain, makes a fun Mega-Evil Bill Gates/Steve Jobs/Elon Musk Wayland-Yutani Tyrell Corp. type villain. In spirit it felt like an 80’s sci-fi action adventure. Dystopian Firefly Cyberpunk Popcorn fun….. if that is your kind of thing.

Some other interesting news is that Wargames Atlantic has their own forum now.

This is great for folks like me that do not want to use Facebook. Wargames Atlantic is good at asking customer feedback so it is worth taking the time to join the discussions there.

Well, it is Christmas Eve and this blog post is finally coming to an end.

Hopefully you have enjoyed not seeing crazy commercials on here as I finally upgraded from the free version in order to get a bigger memory allotment for the photos.

I wish all of you who have taken the time to read this online airing of my consciousness a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your holiday with those you love and if you have some spare time please leave a comment!



      • Lego sets have been built, taken apart, and built again so I have time to reread your blog and comment. 🙂

        Agree with Kuribo that a bit of edging on the dragon scales would help. I received the army painter metallic paint set from my son for Christmas, maybe one of those would work? I used the gemstone for a dry brush on my GW dragon, I think it helped the look of it.
        Look at for an example. I haven’t tried them all yet except for the Fairy Dust which really looks sharp on edging a sword.

        I will also watch the Rick Grimes movies even though I gave up on the Walking Dead world awhile ago. Glutton for punishment I guess.

        About half way through the latest season of The Witcher, enjoying it so far but wish that shows would realize that shows could be filmed in daylight.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have a set of those AP metallics so will give it some thought.

        The thing is, Walking Dead has so much potential. I keep hoping it will get better.

        Good point on the lighting in the Witcher.


  1. I guess my adblocker prevents the ads because I don’t see any and never have! The Frostgrave progress looks good to me, mate. That is quite a lot of figures you got done and I’m thrilled you got a game in. It sounds like it was a good one at that. For that one dragon, you might consider drybrushing the tips of the scales with an even brighter/lighter red to push the highlights a bit further in an easy way, if you feel comfortable doing so. I think that will make the dragon pop even more though it looks nice already too.

    I have watched no TV shows lately though I did watch a movie recently that I’d recommend. The Last Duel was pretty great. Not sure if my thoughts are worth writing about in my next update but they could be I suppose!

    I do think TWD has a life long fan in you mate. They’re testing you by making the shows as bad as they can and they still can’t shake you! 🙂 In all seriousness, I’m impressed by your love of the post-apocalypse and I’ve had a bit of nostalgia for TWD lately so I can relate to that, if nothing else. I really need to get caught up on Marvel TV and movies as I’m 2-3 shows and movies behind at this point. Perhaps I’ll do something about that soon…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I suspect you are right about that additional drybrushing but I tend to favor a little less contrast than you, going a bit more saturated in my painting. But I will give it some thought.

      Last Duel is on my “to watch” list so good to hear you enjoyed it.

      What I like about post-apoc fiction is thinking about how people face adversity and a break down in society. It comes from having seen people deal with crisis in the Army, National Guard and Police. If I was more academically inclined I would seek a degree in disaster psychology.

      It is incredibly difficult to keep up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe but generally the shows we have caught have been worth the time spent.

      I hope you and yours are having a great holiday mate!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nothing wrong with that, mate! Feel free to leave as is. The Last Duel is a somber movie but its very well done and visually impressive. The action sequences in the movie are excellent as well.

        I’m with you on why you like post-apocalypse too. I find the “adventure” of survival in that world to be interesting to read about and explore. The best parts of the TWD focus on that in my opinion.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I should add, based on my behavior in post-apoc gamesI am also largely focused on rebuilding. I find no joy in playing a immoral raider or amoral loner. Invariably I find myself helping others and righting wrongs. The apocalyptic setting allows an exaggerated example of this, a caricature if you like. Thinking about my reaction, and the reactions of others, to an apocalypse is fascinating for me.

        Liked by 1 person

      • This helps explain your support of The Institute 🙂 I agree with everything else you’re saying though as well. Its why the genre is so interesting!

        Liked by 1 person

      • The Institute to a large degree was a case of the least worst option. Mrs GG was very surprised I did not back the Brotherhood of Steel, as I have done in the past… but Fallout 4 really took the Brotherhood in a direction I did not like. The Railroad should have been something I could get behind but they were not well written enough to feel fully fleshed out, pardon the pun. They did seem to do anything other than live in the moment, no real long strategy for dealing with the AI synths. The Institute, once under the correct Leadership (not an option for the Brotherhood without a buggy mod), could atone for its past and guide humans and AI’s, as well as mutants, to a brighter future in partnership with a restored Commonwealth thanks to the Minutemen. Care to enlist? A settlement needs your help….

        Liked by 1 person

      • I backed the Railroad and Minutemen because they were the most idealistic though I think they were less equipped to be successful than BoS or The Institute. I think that lines up with my political/world views (for better and worse). I appreciate how much of a litmus test Fallout 4 is for your political and social views. Its interesting to hear others’ thoughts on why they like particular factions and see how much variation there is. I do wish that Walking Dead provoked that kind of response but I guess it is a different kind of thing and can be excused for that.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yet again I agree with you mate. Fallout 4 was flawed, without a doubt, but it had some fascinating elements as well… and that litmus test is one of them. Mrs. GG told me at the time that she had never seen me so emotionally engaged and yet conflicted in a computer game before.

        I have given up PC gaming to focus on analog tabletop gaming but I do wonder if Starfield will have me questioning that decision. Not that I trust Bethesda so much these days.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I haven’t followed Starfield very closely but I have heard some promising things about it. Bethesda needs to get themselves straightened out because we need the next Fallout game to be better than Fallout 76 was! I haven’t played that one and would be shocked if I do.

        Liked by 1 person

      • While I did not play Fallout 76 I have followed it closely, pre-release and post-release. I think it is a big disappointment. It does not strike me as done with love, sticking to the earlier lore. It feels to me like a “sell out corporate product” to me.

        Starfield looks good but I do not trust Bethesda anymore and at the end of the day I do not intend to go back to PC gaming at this stage, even if Starfield is amazing.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. As I went to go paint it reminded me about your comment about having to be in the mood or in the groove to paint. I stopped doing internal deadlines of having to get something done because I’m the same way. I like to paint first thing in the morning when my eyes are fresh but if we have to shop or do something else first thing it throws off my painting “schedule” for the rest of the day.

    In the morning my eyes are “fresh” and I like to paint details on figures, especially faces and eyes. I paint larger areas such as cloaks, etc later and can even do those areas after dinner.

    Dry brushing and terrain details I can do anytime but still like to have a dedicated couple of hours to focus on it.

    It’s a fickle hobby, in that it takes time to do where time to do it is constantly hard to find.

    Liked by 1 person

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