Review: Archon Studio Rampart 2

We missed the Archon Studio Rampart Kickstarters, both of them. But when I saw the Kazumi Temple set I knew I wanted it. I managed to get some on eBay and liked what I saw so it was only going to be a matter of time before I tried to get more.

One of my Kazumi finds on ebay. It needs some work, my vision of this is a bit different from the previous owner’s vision, but I think it has potential…

… here is an example of what one person (not me!) did…

….if only I could get some more Kazumi pieces…

Strangely months and months went by and Rampart never went to retail. We backed Archon Studio’s Dungeons and Lasers 2 as well as 3… and still no Rampart sets in retail. Then some of the Dungeons and Lasers stuff went to retail… and still no Rampart in retail. Then Archon Studio announced Rampart 3 would be coming to Kickstarter… and still no Rampart in retail. Was I ever going to be able to buy Kazumi Temple without having to go through Gamefound and late pledge? Did that even still work?

Then we went to Spiel in Essen and saw the Archon Studio stand. This gave us an opportunity to see some things up close, in person… and painted! This is important because some of the Rampart Cathedral pieces were painted less sci-fi Gothic and more historical Gothic, perfect for Frostgrave according to Mrs. GG. Her being convinced in turn convinced me.

It is amazing what a difference paintwork can make. See my blog post about Spiel for photos…

So we resolved to sort out a late pledge for the Rampart 2 kits when we got home.

Originally I was for Kazumi, Mrs GG for Cathedral. I liked Cobalt as steampunk Gnomish Artificer terrain to go with the Dungeons and Laser sci-fi terrain we previously acquired but Mrs. GG was unsure. In the end she relented and we decided to get one of each.

As you can see, it has only taken a couple of weeks!

The Kazumi Temple kit will be great for our Ghost Archipelago gaming as well as any Tarnished Splendor 7th Sea jungle adventuring.

Apparently this kit style has done poorly for Archon Studios which is terrible news for me as it means we are unlikely to see much future support for it. I would encourage folks to get some and try it. Especially all the Games Workshop Lizardmen Seraphon Fans out there as well as those folks waiting for Wargames Atlantic to release their Conquistadors and Aztecs.

The Cobalt Foundry will make for some nice exterior terrain for our steampunk Gnomish themed Dungeons and Lasers sets. Theoretically it may even work in Frostgrave for the surface ruins of an ancient Artificer complex. Think, Elder Scrolls Dwemer…. maybe.

Or maybe I will change my plan for the D&L sci-fi terrain… I am working on getting my hands on a copy of the Goodman Games version of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, one of my favorite D&D modules. Wouldn’t Barrier Peaks make for some great Frostgrave scenarios? I do not think our Battle Systems sci-fi terrain has the right aesthetics for Barrier Peaks so this would give us a project for our non-cardstock sci-fi terrain.

Finally we have the Eternal Cathedral. From the originally marketing I disregarded it as too grimdark 40k style for my taste. Thankfully Mrs. GG was able to look at it with a fresh perspective. To her it looked like it could easily fit with the Age of Sigmar Warcry Azyrite Dominion terrain we plan for the northern part of Frostgrave.

I am glad she convinced me.

One of the strange things about Archon Studio kickstarters is that you are often more economically encouraged to pledge for multiple base pledges rather than one big pledge. So it was again this time. Surprisingly so… I certainly did not expect three of the tanks!

To be honest I certainly do not need these three tanks. I do not play 40k and I dread painting vehicles until I learn to use an airbrush.

So my plan was to get rid of them… however, after opening a box for this review I have decided keep at least one for now.

Maybe a future project will need a tank… and this is a pretty cool one if you ignore the idea of bolted construction in a futuristic armored fighting vehicle.

We also got three sets of the Starcide figures.

I am glad I opened a box. To be honest, I was not a fan until I got a close look at the sprues. A 40k style Inquisitor, a sci-fi necromancer, five space vampires and most importantly three big Mesoamerican style serpent folk that should work for Ghost Archipelago.

Now I think I can find a use for at least one box.

The various stretchgoal accessories are brilliant, as usual for Archin Studio. Lots of interesting scatter terrain to add character to a table.

Overall we are genuinely very pleased. It is a lot of plastic for the price.

The only real flaws are the floors…. they are terrible… and no roofs.

Several people have come up with home made remedies, you can find them with a quick google search. But out of the box these kits do not offer much verticality to the game play. Nor do they play well as working buildings. They are best used as line of sight blocking ruins…. and they do that very well!

Archon Studio says they intend to provide a solution for this in Rampart 3 but from what I have seen so far they are only going to offer one style of floor and that may not work for all three of these kit styles, let alone whatever new styles they come out with for the Kickstarter.

Maybe they will prove me wrong, I hope so.And I hope we see more Kazumi Temple. If you want to keep seeing Kazumi Temple tell the folks at Archon Studio and put some money behind it.

Enough of what I think, I want to know what you think. Do you have some Archon Studio terrain? What do you think of it? Will you be backing Rampart 3 coming soon from Archon Studio?


    • Archon Studio kickstarters have been excellent value for money. If I was into 40k then these tanks would be for me. Maybe I can kitbash one into something for a future project. I have long been keen to try some sort of “back of beyond” Interwar period gaming.

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      • I do love that tank scene in Last Crusade…

        What has my attention right now, which is terrible because I have so many other things to focus on, are both the French and Italians coming from Wargames Atlantic and a desire to have a cute little FT-17. I have been watching too many “Lion of the Desert” on YouTube.

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  1. i’ve got Kazumi Temple stuff and really liked it, and went back for more (and more of those lovely serpent people, my first ones went fantasy and i wanted to use their hightech weapon options on another set), agreed on the roofs especially if you want intact buildings i’ve ended up making mine out of foam board

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  2. I didn’t go in on this KS for something you alluded to – the difficulty of making it a complete building. I liked the Kazumi aesthetic, but it seemed it was intended to be more like ruins or a partial building than an actual, finished construction. It was a little tough, as I liked the design, but ultimately it seemed it wasn’t what I was looking for.

    You’re right that the Archon KS’s are high value for what you put in, and the stretch goals absolutely rock.

    Still haven’t finished my D&L 3 pledge manager…

    The only problem with using Archon stuff with Barrier Peaks is that Archon has no rounded walls. It’s been a few decades since I visited that particular space ship, but I seem to remember that it was a round craft. But maybe that just affected the rooms against the outer hull…that was a while ago.

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  3. You’re going to be busy is my main takeaway from this! I have never seen their terrain or any of their products for that matter but what I see looks good. It isn’t useful for Fallout so I don’t see myself buying anything from them in the near future but if they did make Post-Apocalypse stuff, I’d be interested I imagine. You’re going to have some awesome looking terrain when this is all said and done!

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    • Archon Studio pushed their Rampart 3 Kickstarter back from November this year to January next year. It looks like it will have ruins that could work for parts of Fallout… sci-fi WW2 city ruins. But I think it will still need work to truly fit into Fallout.

      And yes, I have years of work ahead of me. We are buying things where we find good deals because I think we are going to see supply issues get worse before they get better and continually rising prices.

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  4. That is some seriously detailed terrain! Your son will definitely get an active imagination with the gaming tables that you can build, now all you need to do is get him to help you paint all your backlog.

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    • We are really hoping our son will share our interest in gaming so it can become more of a family hobby rather than just “Mama’s and Papa‘s toys”.

      I suspect I will have to fight armies of spiders, ghosts and robots one day…


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