Review: Skeletons… Warlord Games & Northstar Figures Oathmark

So, 28mm multipart plastic skeleton kits… several immediately come to mind in addition to all the Games Workshop options.

I decided to try two…

My original thinking was that we would use the Warlord Games skeletons as unarmored skeletons and the Northstar Figures Oathmark ones as armored skeletons as per the Frostgrave rules. But I was a little unsure of what to do about skeleton archers… as they were supposed to be unarmored yet the “naked” skeletons looked a bit odd with a quiver stuck to their bones without a belt or should strap. Yeah, I know…. magic.

And the Frostgrave rules seem unclear to me about things like shields and two handed weapons for skeletons.

I decided to get both of these sets after watching a video by “Obscurities in Miniatures” On YouTube. He does an excellent job reviewing miniatures and I often agree with his opinions.

I wanted to definitely get the Oathmark skeletons but I wanted “naked” skeletons of the same size so they could be interchangeable so I decided to try Warlord Games. Unfortunately I did not get skeletons of the exact same size.

The Warlord Games skeletons are part of their Warlords of Erewhon line but were originally designed and produced by the now out of business Wargames Factory. These skeletons have been around for awhile and numerous modelers have “enjoyed” the frustration that accompanies the fiddly nature of assembling these skeletons.

They look great but they are by their very nature thin, brittle and in this case particularly fiddly with even the feet being separate from the legs. I am not the biggest fan of putting weapons into open hands all the time either.
Unfortunately they do not scale well enough with skeletons from other companies to allow perfect skull swaps. This is the same problem with Games Workshop.

This set is however really good for generic “naked” skeletons to decorate terrain. They are fairly flexible in this regard, easily being repurposed from eldritch horrors to the harmless remains of pitiful victims… if so required.
Not necessarily the case for the more ornately over the top obviously warrior skeletons of Games Workshop or even Northstar Figures Oathmark skeletons.

If you do want to use them as undead monsters to terrorize folks in your games you have some decent looking Ancient Greek themed shields and weapons, including bows.

I did mix and match shields from other sources for my Warlord Games skeletons but I have tried to keep the Bronze Age theme of the Oathmark skeletons throughout.

The Northstar Figures Oathamrk Skeletons have been by far my favorite skeletons so far. I love the simple yet hauntingly elegant look of them. I have built, painted and then sold a number of Mantic and GW skeletons that I liked but Oathmark skeletons are top choice for me.

It took me awhile to get the corroded bronze look I wanted but I think I finally got it thanks to a video tutorial on YouTube.

There are a couple of different way to get a similar effect, I also read the online tutorial from Northstar Figures.

HOW TO PAINT OATHMARK SKELETONS FROM SCRATCH1. I then glued on some sharp sand with PVA glue and painted it Oak Brown. 2. I then dry-brushed on Monster Brown. 3. I then dry-brushed on Desert Yellow. 4. then I dry-brushed on lightly, Skeleton Bone. I then added some of the Beige Tufts from Gamers Grass. Then some Gale Force Nine: Meadow Blend Flock stuck on with PVA glue. The final touch is a very light dry-brush of Desert Yellow on the …

Let me be clear, I am a big fan of Northstar Figures but I do like kitbashing from many different companies.

My current thinking is to use both of these types of skeletons for “unarmored” and use something else for “armored”. Perhaps Oathmark Revenants. Yeah, that might be the answer. I like the idea of keeping a Bronze Age aesthetic consistent for our Frostgrave skeletons. Until I get them painted up though, I think we will need to use painted Gundabad Orcs as proxy armored skeletons.

Overall I am satisfied with both kits and really like the mix of both. I think he kits are excellent value for money althoughnthey are a bit of modeling work compared to say Reaper Bones skeletons.

And maybe I should get some Wargames Atlantic skeletons after all…

Let me know what you think in the comments!



  1. Nice review. If I was in the market for skeletons I would probably buy the warlord games one since I have other old wargame factory sets and I like the interchangeably of the weapons. Of course I had to go watch the Jason and the Argonauts scene with the skeletons. I had never noticed the chittering of the bones at the beginning of that scene before so it was nice watching it again.

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  2. I enjoy Obscurities in Miniatures as well. I don’t watch a lot of his videos but if he’s looking at something that I am interested in, I always find his content worthwhile. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on these different skeletons as well. They are indeed handy to have for pretty much anyone to own too. I have some GW ones ready for a future diorama but what I really want is some plain skeletons that are easily posed for Fallout terrain. That is something I haven’t really found a good source for and it would be so handy if I could. Regardless of that, your painted skeletons look very nice and I look forward to seeing them in action in the future!

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    • Thanks mate! The only thing with using the Warlord Games skeletons for terrain corpses is that they could do with some different hand options and they are 28mm rather than 32mm otherwise they should work well for Fallout terrain. Fallout needs skeletons, definitely needs many skeletons.

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  3. […] Review: Skeletons… Warlord Games & Northstar Figures Oathmark @ Home of the Grumpy Gnome – I’ve recently been looking at some of the Oathmark miniatures. They look pretty good. It’s mainly been the revenant-y type undead I’ve been considering. This is a nice wee look at the Oathmark skeletons, along with some more from Warlord Games. Of the two sets, I think I prefer the Oathmark ones. […]

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