On the Road…

This week has seen me finish the test sample pieces we got of the Printable Scenery Hagglethorn Hollow printed by Resin Engine. As well as other assorted odds and ends.

We were happy enough to order a lot more pieces, including more than roads.

Mrs. GG wanted some more variety to our scatter to make it look more natural, all the round bases were looking a bit artificial to her. So she cut out a base made of MDF and added some 25mm holes. I put a cardstock bottom on it so the holes would act as shallow recesses for 25mm based scatter terrain.

It was a lot more work than I expected to decorate it to my liking. I just kept feeling like there was something not quite right. To be honest I think it is just that I prefer the look of the Dwarven Forge forest terrain.

What do you think?

Awhile back we won some pieces from the Troll Forged Kickstarter on EBay…. But those pieces all found new homes exemption for this creepy horror. I am not sure exactly how we will use it yet. Perhaps as a giant worm or demon for Frostgrave.

Aragorn is there just to show a sense of scale. I believe it is the “Goliath Worm” add on.


Not exactly exciting but a bunch of onjective markers and scatter terrain.
The five stumps are resin pieces we won on eBay and were meant to be 25mm figure bases. They came partially painted so I just had to tidy them up.

Those three 40mm resin bases were going to bases for some of our giant spiders but I decided to add some details and make them into scatter terrain pieces instead.

I added a little critter to each of the 40mm bases. Can you spot them?

The three objective markers are official Frostgrave pieces.

I am not sure what scenarios they are for though.

Those two grasping skeletal arms are for the Frostgrave Necromancer spell “Bones of the Earth”. I made them from spare bits out of the Warlord Games skeletons set.

The gravestone piece was made from a bit of one of the translucent Reaper ghost miniatures that I cut off. I did not want to have that ghost with such a distinctive piece. I may go back and some vines growing on it.

Yes, I went back and put some vines on it.

I have been pleasantly surprised to find out North Star Miniatures will be having a pre-launch sale on bundles for The Silver Bayonet. I like most of the sculpts so it looks like we will be getting the “all in”.


The Silver Bayonet. – North Star Military FiguresThe Silver Bayonet. – North Star Military Figures – 28mm Metal Miniatures for Gamers and Collectorswww.northstarfigures.com

Whether we will play it as written or transfer it over to our own version of the 7th Sea setting for Tarnished Splendor remains to be seen. From that sales page you can get an idea of the various monsters to expect in the game. More minis for my backlog of work!

I wonder if Games Workshop Goblins from the Hobbit would make decent Silver Bayonet Hobgoblins….

Speaking of excitement, Mrs. GG and I are looking forward to a number of other things as well.

We have the fourth Colony 87 Kickstarter from Crooked Dice to decide our pledge on!


Lots of very characterful sci-fi sculpts. We did not back their previous KS and we later regretted that decision. We picked up a couple of the figures from them at Crisis in Belgium back in 2018 but now we can get some more.

Then there is the Dwarven Forge restock event on Friday. Will I get my “mother of all mushrooms”?


Buying stuff from the Dwarven Forge Website on restock day is a bit like participating in the Hunger Games. If you are joining in on that feeding frenzy, may the odds ever be in your favor.

This weekend we are going to Spiele in Essen.


We had a great time at Essen in 2018 and hope a repeat of that experience although we heard there is only about 50% of the stalls compared to 2018. Archon Studio, Battle Systems, Ziterdes and Warlord Games are scheduled to be there so we have some definite stops planned.

We also hope to do some serious in person comparison shopping for gaming mats. Several gaming mat companies are scheduled to be in attendance and it is much better to see them in person rather than have to rely on internet photos. Something urban for Frostgrave maybe. And something for an underground cavern table probably. Perhaps a sandy desert mat that can also double as an underwater mat.

There is also the Ragnarok 2 Kickstarter. I am more interested in this one Than Mrs. GG is.


I like the armored Dark Elves… they make cool looking Tolkien Orcs in my opinion. But if our finances allow we may get some of the other sculpts as well.

In other news we binged the first season of strangely entertains sitcom tv series called “Superstore”.

It is not great tv but we find it oddly compelling.


It sort of reminds me of the tv series “The Office”… and brings back memories of working in a supermarket as a teenager in High School. It is a decent show to unwind to right before bed.

Mrs. GG and I love the Marvel movies and we finally got to see “Black Widow”.


Mrs. GG enjoyed it more than she expected from the trailer. For me it was alright but I had higher expectations.

It was delayed entirely too long as it messes with the perception of continuity for the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it could do with some more polishing. Red Guardian certainly needed more dialogue and character development. The actor was great with the few lines he got but the character felt underwhelming, too often just used for comic relief. Scarlet is brilliant as Black Widow but again I felt like she needed more development. She seemed along for the ride in what feels more like an origin story movie for her sister. Especially given the credits ending scene.

In a Post-apoc mood I watched “Zombieland 2, Double Tap.”


It was disappointing but then so was the first Zombieland so I do not know why I was surprised. So much potential but too often the jokes fell flat.

Has anyone been watching the “Foundation” tv series on Apple TV+? I read the book as a kid but do not remember much. The trailers look great.

Not long now until the Wheel of Time tv series and season six of the Expanse. And of course the new version of Dune, which looks amazing.

What shows are you looking forward to?

Will you be trying out The Silver Bayonet? Can you tell how excited I am about this game?

What gaming projects are you working on right now?



  1. A good read there and a lot for me to take in! I like the big scenery base with the holes left for scatter bits – good for trees, rocks, swamps or jungle I’d imagine! 🙂 I should maybe go and check out The Silver Bayonet since you mentioned it once or twice!


    • I am glad you enjoyed it. The scenery base is hopefully going to work well as something of a modular piece with variable scatter bits, from ruins to jungle plants. We will see how it goes.

      The Silver Bayonet may not appeal to everyone but I am certainly excited…. Sharpe versus Werewolves? Yes please!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the sabot terrain base. I have used something similar for my 6mm Irregular Miniatures trees and buildings. Helps define the base from a gaming effect point of view, but also makes storage on the shelves and accessing for games easier.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. There is a lot to chew on in this post! The terrain looks great and I think spending time on those objective markers will pay off in the future. I still have Fallout ones to work on and I kind of have to drag myself through the process of painting them but when they’re done, I’m always really happy I followed through. The base with the markers on it looks really nice and I think those roads will be very handy too.

    One thing I saw is that on your skeletons, I’d recommend adding a dark or heavier wash in the eye sockets to add some depth. You can do it with Seraphim Sepia or probably even Agrax Earthshade straight from the pot if that’s all you have handy. It takes no time to do (only a bit of time to dry) and I think you’ll appreciate the results.

    In terms of Kickstarters and Essen, I hope your wallet is ready! That is a lot of cool stuff you’re eyeing and I can’t wait to see what you think when you get some of those things. I may actually jump into a Kickstarter soon if you can believe it.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks for the kind and supportive words as usual mate.

      I use a sepia wash on all my skeletons but yeah I have gone a bit too light on some of those eye sockets. It comes from experimenting with both a heavier sepia wash and a black wash on the eye sockets in the past to poor results. Looking at the photos however I tend to agree with you, I should go back and give those eye sockets a bit more.

      We set some money aside for Spiele but also sold a few things on eBay…. but knowing me, we will not be able to get everything we want.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Once again your posts either costs me money or inspires me or reminds me of something I have yet to do. Besides the usual inspiration, luckily, this one reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to do vs spending money. I had done a MDF base with 40mm holes for my nazgul on horses or switched out for knights of minas tirith depending what I wanted to look at on my bookshelf. Ive been basing my trees and objective markers where it made sense on 40mm bases with the idea of doing another base like you did. Idea in my mind is a grove with a well or something similar in the middle. Might have to move it up on the ever changing list.

    The Silver Bayonet game looks intriguing, be nice if the British Unit match size wise with your Wargames Atlantic British Riflemen set, would add depth to them.

    How well do your new roads match up with the Battle Systems ones?

    I enjoyed Double Tap, especially Tallahassee’s way with words…

    Saw the latest Bond film this week, no spoilers.

    Good luck on getting your mushroom and enjoy the convention!

    Liked by 2 people

    • If my posts encourage anyone to spend money then I will consider my part in stimulating the economy successfully achieved.

      Mrs. GG intended to do 40mm sized terrain bases if this experiment worked out. We think it will look good but eat up hobby time we could prioritize elsewhere so we will see. Mrs. GG wants me to prioritize our unpainted Dwarven Forge forest terrain.

      Silver Bayonet uses parties of up to 8 characters. I suspect there is a good chance we will do a Sharpe themed group at some point. Otherwise our Rifles are destined for games of Sharp Practice.

      In regards to the Battle System roads, in what way do mean? Color, size? We will be fully replacing our Battle Systems roads with these new ones. More time and money but we prefer the look.

      How was the new Bond film?

      Liked by 1 person

      • At first I had thought you had just bought more battle system roads, they looked the same. Do the edges match up at all or when you have both on the table you can tell the difference? Best to go with the one you prefer the most and ebay will benefit with the other.
        I enjoyed the new Bond film, had some references to older Bond films that I appreciated. My wife never really liked Daniel Craig as Bond as she found him to be too “gritty” but she enjoyed the film as well. While having a long run time, it didn’t feel like it.

        Liked by 2 people

      • I will have to try matching them up when we get back home but I think aesthetically they will not go well together, going from 2d to 3d and a slightly different tone in color.

        Mrs. GG is not a Bond fan. I tend to like the older Bond movies so will appreciate references to older films for the nostalgia. I like some of the grittiness of Craig but do think he could be a bit more charming. Early Connery Bond was gritty and charming.


  5. Did you get your Dwarven Forge restock mushroom? I missed out on the Medieval Building Expansion Set (trying to get four things instead of just going for that one, as I suspect some collectors were) but did get the unpainted Stone Ruins Add-On Pack and painted LED Elements Assortment I wanted. Many tree options, but I’m waiting to see what my collection really feels like on the table once I add in the Wildlands pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Forgot to say what the fourth thing was: Wicked Dungeon Trove. When I looked again after the frenzy where I’d missed it, I realized that I would probably only make regular use of a little more than half of it, so I’m content to wait for a future restock.

      Liked by 1 person

    • No, we missed out on the MOAM. I am glad you got some of the things you were after but sorry you did not get everything. Since we missed the mushroom we postponed our order for a few days. Hopefully they will still have the other things we wanted, ie the various ruins. We are undecided on more trees right now for the very same reason you mention.

      Liked by 1 person

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