More Transluscents… and More…More.

So this week sees me having finished some more birthday transluscents. They took me much longer than anticipated as I found myself experimenting with washes, drybrushing and different clear coats.

In addition I finished a couple of other relatively simple pieces.

First a small portal.

This is from the Dungeons and Lasers Kickstarter stretchgoals.

Originally I was going for a blue green ghostly appearance on the magical element but then decided to go with a matt black dotted with little stars. This evolved into experimenting with some of the new Army Painter metallic colors. A coat of Night Scales followed by a coat of Fairy Dust and now it has the appearance of a blackened mirror. My poor photography does not do it justice. The plan is to use this for the Ulterior Motives expansion for Frostgrave.

Next up is a stained glass golem from the Reaper Bones 5 Kickstarter. It should make a decent medium construct for Frostgrave.

Normally I am much more a low fantasy fan but Frostgrave is pushing me a bit out of my usual comfort zone. The high fantasy elements strike me as something from Harry Potter, which is not really my kind of thing, but for some reason in this case it is really working for me. I can just picture it peeling itself from a church window.

Here we have a 3d printed piece we won on eBay.

It was probably intended to be painted up as armor in metallic but I decided to make it a stone statue medium construct for Frostgrave due to the chunky design of the sword… which comes across more like a sword shaped club. The glossy blue studs are meant to be magical gems that bring the statue to life.

Another statue, golem, large construct… this time from Reaper Bones 5. I am thinking it will be perfect for the Frostgrave “Hunt for the Golem” mini-campaign.

Originally I went for red stones on its helmet but they just did not look right, so again Army Painter metallic Night Scales to the rescue. I am thinking polished “Skystone” gems, ie meteorite bits. The corroded bronze did not come out quite as good as I hoped it would but otherwise I am rather pleased with this piece.

Next is a Reaper Bones Water Weird.

I am not sure how we will use this piece just yet. I do not think there is anything in Frostgrave like it.

This elemental flame creature could be a demon or maybe construct for Frostgrave.

It reminds me of the Flame Atronachs in the Elder Scrolls universe.

Whereas these little balls of flame might be smaller demons or small elemental constructs.

Or just to mark something as on fire I suppose.

This clear piece is from the Reaper Bones 5 Kickstarter.

I think it would make a fine Nullman for Frostgrave but I need more than one and until they reach retail getting more will be problematic.

I was of a mind to paint the sword on this wraith but Mrs. GG convinced me to leave it ethereal for now.

What do you think?

The skull on this one was almost painted bone colored but again Mrs. GG convinced me to leave it ethereal.

No confusing it for a skeleton I suppose.

I experimented with a number of different eye colors on this purple wraith but nothing looked quite right. It may not look much different than fresh out of the blister but I did use subtle washes and drybrsuhing to try to bring out the details.

Another green wraith/ghost/specter.

A bit generic but I just could not think of anything spectacular to help make it stand out.

This one seems a bit saucy and I imagine a more skilled artist could really bring it to life, so to speak, but as is it works well enough for me.

So there we are. Not a huge amount finished but more in the works and each step on the path brings us closer to our goals.

I have been distracted of late from my Frostgrave obsession with some renewed passion for my Napoleonics and Tarnished Splendor. I am so keen to get The Silver Bayonet that I am a bit like a kid before Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas.. word is that the Dwarven Forge Wildlands Kickstarter pledge fulfillment should begin before Christmas but is dependent still on the messed up international shipping situation. Our pledges from Battle System’s First Born and Monster Fight Club’s Icy Wilds are similarly delayed and it is frustrating. However my painting backlog is so big I suppose I should enjoy the breathing space.

I am going to have to thin out some of the collection with eBay. There is just too much I love to hold on to things I am not that fond of.

It has taken awhile but I finally finished season 1 of The Punisher. It was ok but it just does not feel “right” to me. Perhaps I am too influenced by the Mack Bolan books of my youth. Don Pendelton’s Mack Bolan has been cited as an inspiration for Frank Castle aka The Punisher and the similarities are obvious.

There is something more “mean spirited” about Jon Bernthal’s version of Frank compared to other actors‘ take on the character. Nor does he remind me of any of the special ops folks I have met, he comes across much more of an average grunt. However he also reminds me of a estranged childhood friend of mine.

From tears to temper tantrums, there is a burning hot rage in Bernthal’s Punisher compared to the ice cold fury I imagined the character to have, as well as a level of cruelty that just seems wrong. A certain eye gouging scene just went too far, it felt wrong for how I perceive Frank. Bernthal’s Frank is just too overtly emotional for me. And too awkward at times, too insecure. I see Frank as supremely confident, sure of himself and his actions. Bernthal makes Frank a little too “average guy” at times, which just does not work for me.
To be fair to the show though, many of the other characters are quite compelling to watch with excellent casting.

A better take on how I see Frank would be how Keanu Reeves plays John Wick. Or how Hugh Jackman portrays Wolverine. Or Thomas Jane plays Frank in the short film “Dirty Laundry”.

But what do you think?


  1. So many fun pieces here. 😄 The stained glass fighter is particularly cool; I like the idea of it being a protective magic on a small shrine or temple. “If blood be shed upon Saint Eanswythe’s sacred ground, so shall her defender rise to punish the desecration…”

    Maybe the great blackened mirror fits with that too. (Neat sculpt; I hadn’t see that before.)

    I love the meteorite gems idea for the construct’s power, and the sense of its huge scale. Facing that would put a bit of jelly in the knees.

    I have the un-welled version of that water weird, but I like it a lot here in a place that makes sense for its transformation. I used my version for a nice creepy Slithering Tracker

    I like the translucent staying that way; I suspect Mrs. GG has some plans for LED lighting in a dim room (at least for a brief view between looking up details in small print in books in better light. 😄). Purple wraith came out particularly eerie.

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    • I like how you think!

      And you correctly guessed Mrs. GG‘s plans. She has been tracking down some small LED earrings to experiment with putting them inside some of the translucent figures.

      Thanks for the kind words, they are very helpful with my motivation.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I see the Frostgrave bug has really bitten you! Really like the stained glass and the large golem.

    I have not heard of the Army Painter metallics, are they more for spot painting or can you use them on larger items like swords or give someone a cost of Night Scale armor?

    I know you post on TMP, did you see the thread on painting Tabletop World buildings?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks mate! Frostgrave has bitten me and Mrs. GG hard, we love it.

      The new Army Painter metallics can easily be used like any other AP color, so definitely useful for swords and armor. I have to try to think more high fantasy with such applications. I really got them more for sci-fi applications but yeah now I can see magic swords or armor in various metallics.

      If you mean the post with the fellow experimenting with different paints for quicker painting, I had not seen it until you commented on it… which prompted me to go look for the post. Fair play to the painter, they look pretty good. I need to make good use of Citadel contrast paints when I get to ours.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I could never make the Bones transluscents look good, but your efforts have them looking very nice. Just enough drybrushing to bring out the high details so you can tell what the heck they actually are.

    Love the stained glass golem. I don’t think I got that figure in the KS. The package came in and went to my massive To Be Done Later pile. I didn’t get the base pledge, which I seem to remember that piece being in.

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  4. Great progress once again, mate! I like the golems as well and the stained glass knight looks convincing to me. That is a creative idea for a sculpt in my opinion. Have you considered trying using some of the techniques GW uses for Army of the Dead in LOTR on the translucent pieces? I’ve seen people get good results quick in that specific range of colors and I wonder if that could translate for minis like these as well. I’m pretty sure they share the paint scheme in the Citadel Colours app though Youtubing it may also prove useful. I second what you’re saying about trying out Contrast paints. I’m trying to figure out what I need to do that with all of the Hellboy minis I have to paint…

    In terms of Punisher, I enjoyed reading your review and it is as I feared. I don’t like the character much, other than as a foil for Daredevil so I will be skipping that show. Without seeing it, I agree that the brutality and mean-spiritedness that the character potentially has is a big turn-off. I thought they might go that way after Daredevil and it is a shame they did in my opinion. Not that I’m a huge fan of The Punisher anyway but that type of depiction is never going to win me over.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I had not thought of using the Army of the Dead technique. I will have to experiment with that.

      Bernthal‘s Punisher reminds me a little too much of his take on Shane in the Walking Dead, too manic. I thought he had some potential in the couple Daredevil scenes I had seen him in but the show just keeps hammering home his high level of emotion. I am not very familiar with all the Punisher comics so maybe that is the direction the canon took the character but it feels off to me from what I do remember from the comics.

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      • I’ll be curious to see how you get on. I think The Punisher’s depiction varies quite a bit depending on what you’re reading. Sometimes he is a vigilante who is harsh but fair and other times, its almost more dark, revenge fantasy like it sounds like the show is. I don’t care as much for the latter part though I’ve mostly avoided The Punisher comics as I don’t think they’re really for me.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I enjoy it well enough on the harsh but fair side… but not the revenge fantasy side. Too many folks, including military and police personnel, think the Punisher is a hero rather than a cautionary tale and that bothers me all the more now. Much like Navy Seals using pirate symbology. It sends the wrong message in my opinion and I wish the chain of command would sort that out.

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      • That is very well said, mate. I lived in Manhattan, Kansas for two years while I got my Master’s and Fort Riley is near there and all of my friends knew to stay away from soldiers at bars as they tended to be a bit crazy, extreme, and exhibit some anti-social behavior unfortunately. If someone isn’t in the right frame of mind and embraces the Punisher, it could lead to bad things for sure…

        Liked by 2 people

      • I am an Infantry veteran and have not always displayed the best behavior myself back in the day. There are already several examples of “bad things” in the American special operations community which I think is exacerbated by misplaced hero worship. And I can think of a few cops I worked with that took their view of law enforcement from Judge Dredd, Robocop and the Punisher. Do not get me wrong, I was not always Officer Friendly but it is essential that people do not become the monsters they are sworn to defend the public against.

        Liked by 2 people

      • I can only imagine all of this as a civilian but these are things I see as problems too. They are complicated issues but it makes me glad to hear someone from your side share them because I see a lot of officers who are antagonist towards people they’re supposed to serve which is bad for all of us.

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      • Policing is tough work. It can harden a person, reduce their empathy. Day in, day out dealing with difficult people in difficult situations. I think police management generally is the real problem, often being out of touch with daily policing issues whilst focusing on “the big picture”. Not enough training, not enough officers, too little budget. But no one wants to pay more taxes. And too few folks volunteer to help.

        We need better leaders and better role models in our entertainment. I am sick of corrupt cops versus rogue anti-hero loose cannon cops.

        Liked by 2 people

      • That’s well said, mate. From what I’ve seen in my life, management in academia and in the business world can often be just as bad or leave a lot to be desired. Its difficult at times to watch and to deal with as a “grunt” or someone with little in say in the organization but such is life and adulthood both, unfortunately.

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