Translucents and More…

Not as much finished as I would like but not too bad considering we got a couple of games of Frostgrave in.

First up, the transluscent figures. These are from Blacklist Games. Having five figures with identical sculpts and poses is a bit underwhelming so I used the hot water trick to repose some of the figures. you can see my test piece on the left of the first photo of the slimes. The right photo is the end result.

I did this with the Vapor Snakes, Ghosts and Banshees from Blacklist Games as well.

The top three photos are the original poses. The bottom three are after heating in hot water and reshaping.

There were limits to what I could achieve. Bend too far and it looks too unnatural.

I tried different drybrushing and clear coat finishes to bring out the best in each figure.

Mrs. GG suggested yellow eyes for the Vapor Snakes, which I did with Citadel Contrast paint and I think look good, but none of my attempts at eyes on the Ghosts and Banshees worked for me. I tried various colors but they just did not look good to me. These should work well for Frostgrave.

I also finished a couple of other Blacklist Games figures.

These two should make good Large Constructs for Frostgrave.

A piece I went back and reworked following a suggestion from Dinah…

… her suggestion to add a wheel to make it look more like an old wagon wreck than an old fence was genius.

Some folks suggested the Ogre I did was a bit lopsided looking so I went back and added a manacle to its left wrist.

I think it looks much better now and was worth the effort.

There were a couple of chairs I did with red leather but the red blended in with the wood so I went back and redid them with green leather.

And I made a couple of small jungle scatter pieces out of spare bits.

One reason I have not gotten more done has been Mrs. GG and I have managed to get some games of Frostgrave in.

Here is a photo from our third game.

This was the first game to see a lot of casualties as we play competitive but not confrontational. We play it as a race for the treasures with the Monsters being the real risk. Mrs. GG lost three of her soldiers but they were easily replaced thugs and thieves. She made great use of her Leap spell to get three of the treasures whilst I relied on Crumble to bring a couple of the higly perched treasures in the central tower down to my soldiers.

The fourth game took much longer than we expected largely because of all the monsters that kept spawning. We experimented with using a rule from Ghost Archipelago, putting monsters out of line of sight and at least 6 inches from our parties rather than the middle of a random board edge. We also play that we have a roll at the end of each turn to see if a monster turns up (10+) in addition to checking when a treasure is picked up.

The board is a bit more sparse than I like still but I built it in a rush due to an unexpectedly early night for our son. Our games are always dependent on his schedule and activities. We look forward to the day he is old enough to join our games.

This game saw me getting three casaulties this time. Just thugs and thieves as well but they all recovered. However in one dramatic fight my apprentice managed to kill a bear with a dagger in melee whilst down to his last hitpoint. I was sure he was a goner but he surprised me. I was also surprised to see White Gorillas have a +8 Will, making them very hard to control via magic. My current strategy revolves around the various control spells.

Again Mrs. GG used her Leap spell to great effect, getting three treasures once more. I really need to get lucky on a treasure roll to come up with a spell to get some faster movement for my party in order to counter her speed with

Thanks to a person on the Lead Adventure Forum we picked up a good deal on huge Reaper Bones 4 kickstarter bundle.

This bundle rivals the size of our Reaper Bones 5 kickstarter pledge and has a lot of pieces we wanted that are otherwise unavailable, such as the Stygian Barge.

I eagerly wait in anticipation for the Reaper Bones 6 kickstarter coming in 2022…. whereas Mrs. GG is more focused on the next big Dwarven Forge kickstarter due in 2022.

Speaking of eager anticpation… in November this year our Tarnished Splendor project will get a real boost…

Similar to Rangers of Shadow Deep but with some changed core mechanics.

In other news we finished season 1 of Netflix’s Trollhunters and we greatly enjoyed it. It is generally upbeat and entertaining with excellent voice acting but with a few darker scenes. It is certainly not just a show for kids.

We also started watching the Marvel “What If…?” animated series on Disney+. The first few episodes we alright but a couple later ones have been depressingly grim, focusng largely on bad decisions.

I was excited to see season 2 of Netflix’s “Into the Night”…

… but it was not as good as season 1. The showrunners clearly do not like the military nor understand how the military generally works. As a veteran it was painful to watch such gross ignorance of military culture, regardless of nationality. It completely plot. Simple things like rank and chain of command are misunderstood or ignored. That said, I am still curious about the Turkish spin-off that is coming outbof this Belgian production.

The trailer for the new Tom Hanks post-apoc movie looks good…

… I can watch Tom Hanks in anything. I have been resisting yet another streaming service but AppleTV+ is becoming quite tempting with this and Foundation.

However, I am more of an Isaac Asimov than Mrs. GG is.

There is more of course than just these…

Do you have AppleTV+? what do you think of it?

Are there any other movies or TV shows you are excited about?


  1. Ah! That wagon wreck turned out better than I could have imagined. Great job!

    Nice to have a big meaty post from you to enjoy this morning. Thanks! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That is a good haul of minis and the terrain you worked on looks great too. I like the wagon wheel with plants around it, in particular. It sounds like Frostgrave is going well and I’m glad you and Mrs. GG are having a great time with it. I saw that Wargames Illustrated was covering The Silver Bayonet and it looks like they did so in a fair bit of depth considering the video’s runtime! I look forward to seeing what you do with that project as you get ramped up on it.

    I feel that I’m getting behind on movies and TV shows sadly. I need to watch Loki, Black Widow, Dune, Shang-Chi, and I’m sure there are others. I haven’t even been playing many video games lately so I have no excuse to be falling so far behind. I’ll have to work on rectifying that once I get this Blood Elf done!

    Liked by 1 person

      • You’re very welcome and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had more free time than others at different periods of my life and even with that, there’s still always something else you wish you had time to do.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Really like the Orge with the broken chains, feel sorry for his captors. Glad you are enjoying Frostgrave and the different figures required for it. Haven’t watched much of anything lately, getting Appletv would just give more of nothing to watch, maybe when the lotr series happens.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just wish I had more things finished for Frostgrave… I hate playing with unpainted minis but the game is just so much fun.

      Not going for the Wheel of Time series in November on Amazon Prime?


      • Never read the Wheel of Time books, looking at it I never realised there were so many of them. Did the quality drop off and become a paid by the paragraph series?


      • I never finished the series but I have heard he quality dips in the middle before picking back up in the end. What I read reminded me of an enjoyable mix of various other Fantasy series.


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