Terrain… So Much Terrain!

It may not look like a lot but it was quite a bit of work to get these all to look acceptable.

The Renedra Chevaux de Frise were much more problematic than expected for example. They went together rather well and I was originally quite surprised I had not seen more people use them. But then I noticed the build design had somewhat obvious join lines.

First I tried to make due with thick paint but that did not obscure the lines well enough so then I tried plastic putty. It was rather messy and only did a barely adequate job. So then I thought, turn a flaw into a design concept. I added more messy plastic putty and tried to make rough bark on the trunk of each piece. It looked alright, not great, but good enough I think.

I thought some creepy giant spider casualty markers might come in handy in the future. I used spare bits from my bits box and some cotton for the extra webs.

Lots of little details on there if you look close. I am not fully satisfied with the cotton webs but they will do for now.

A Kromlech figure base that I turned into terrain scatter. I added a mushroom, some vines and a little critter for character. I also tried texturing the edges of the base but I am not particularly happy with the result.

Originally I had not intended to put critters on these but I am glad I decided to.

So not really all that much terrain finished… but a whole bunch more just arrived!

Our pledge from the latest Tabletop World kickstarter arrived.

So much work ahead of me.

I do worry about how fragile those wall tops are going to be but the detailing is exquisite. All of the Tabletop World sculpting is amazing.

Mrs. GG and I managed to get another game of Frostgrave in.

Again we had a good time. Mrs. GG had the jump on me, if you will pardon the pun, with her leap spells but we are using the optional critical success and failure rules from Spellcaster… and her apprentice got unlucky. I still think she could have gotten to the center treasure before me but if my guess is right she did not want to beat me two games in a row.

We still need more line of sight blockers in my opinion. And for the next game we will introduce traps/secret passages from Into the Breeding Pits as well as random monster placement from Ghost Archipelago.

If you are curious about our table layout design concept, we are playing the basic standard game but we set it in the outskirts of the city. Eventually, when we have more ruins painted up we will move into the city proper.

When I will be able to get those ruins done remains to be seen.

Another kickstarter has caught my eye…


What do you think, is it worth backing?


  1. Really nice job on that last batch of terrain bits. The critters do add some character, particularly the vulture.

    The cotton webs are nice to my eye. They let you know that there are spiders about, in no uncertain terms.

    Love the Tabletop World stuff. One fine day, I will get some.

    Nice layout for the game. Maybe it’s the camera, but the mat contrasts with the trees a bit. Like maybe the ground is too dry for the vibrant green trees? Very minor, nonsense critique, though – it really does look good.

    Interesting that the kickstarter is teamed up with Frog God Games. I liked FG’s original incarnation, Necromancer Games, quite a bit, and the megadungeon Rappan Athuk was their iconic release. It’s interesting how it keeps growing in size and scope, with newly discovered levels. The most recent incarnation was a 500-page book, or something. But that conforms to some conceptions of the megadungeon, as almost a living, changing entity.

    The figures in that kickstarter look nice, at least the renders do. Too big for me, but they seem to be a decent bargain for $80. Never worked with resin figures. I know that there are different formulations, some are more fragile than others. Are most resin figures of the bendier kind of resin?

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    • Thanks mate! I agree that the trees are not quite fitting. But then the entire table is not quite right for how I envision Felstad. We are having to make do with our collection. I will feel better when the table is more ruins and less trees.

      The more I hear about that megadungeon the more curious I get.

      From what little I know about resin figures most currently available are not the bendy kind there is admittedly a lot I do not know.


  2. I like the spider’s web terrain quite a bit, mate. Its really thematic and should be really useful in several types of games too. The Frostgrave board you made looks fantastic as well. All that terrain making has certainly paid off. I can’t wait to see what you do with the new Tabletop World stuff. I do need to give some of their terrain a try as I’ve seen so many nice pieces that people have made using their products. Terrain I can focus on painting is great for me too. That cuts out some of the parts that I don’t like quite as much! 🙂

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  3. Those buildings have very nice detail to them, should be interesting to paint. Will be quite a town when completed.

    Will be interested to see how you use the Chevaux de Frise in a game, part of your Napoleonic/non-Napolenonic?

    Haven’t tried the cobweb approach before, I have the same figures from the wizkids spiders, might have to give it a try. Do like your addition of critters and mushrooms you add to your terrain, becoming a grumpygnome signature.

    In the US they’ve been showing the extended versions of the Lord of the Ring movies in select theaters, just saw Fellowship last week and will see Two Towers tomorrow, forgot how great they look on a large screen, could really appreciate the craftsmanship that went into the movies. Inspired me to look at my figures in a new light on my painting of them. Won’t get any better mind you, but inspired nevertheless:-)

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    • It may seem foolish for us to buy so much more than I can keep up painting on but there is a method behind our madness. We are anticipating prices going up and some items going out of production so when we see a good sale offer or deal we try to take it if we can afford it.

      Originally the plan was to mix architectures but as our collection grows we may not do that after all, as you say the TTW stuff by itself creates a nice village. Different architecture for different locations I am thinking right Chevaux de Frise were bought for our Tarnished Splendor project but now we figure they might fit in some other settings as well.

      My ego is tickled by the idea of a GG signature. Ah the weakness that is my vanity!

      The workmanship in the LOTR movies is magnificent. Such brilliant attention to detail and the music is phenomenal. I do wish some design decisions had been closer to my own vision of “Dark Ages” Middle Earth (ie no plate armor) and that the script had stuck closer to the book (ie no Elven reinforcements at Helms Deep, no spectral WOMDs etc). But the quality of the production is so high it is easy to forgive these things.


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