Review: Kromlech Dark Forest Scatter

Everything in this hobby seems to take longer than I expect. Painting up these three sets of Kromlech scatter terrain pieces has taken me much, much longer than I planned but I think the time and effort was worth it.

Each piece is so well detailed that it felt like painting Tabletop World buildings, where the sculpt basically demands you put in the extra effort. Build quality is great. Solid pieces that do not feel fragile or brittle. Crisp, deep sculpting. Lots of character, perhaps a bit too much individual character on a couple of the pieces. Much bigger than I expected with two of the kits, so much so that again the pieces sometimes become almost individually iconic. Which means they do not always fade into the background when being reused. Almost too memorable, if you see what I mean. And the size at times feels a bit like they are almost out of scale rather than just big, ie even the mushrooms are big.

When I heard about the Dark Forest line coming from Kromlech I just knew we had to have the pieces to compliment our Haggelthorn Hollow pieces for that Jim Henson fable vibe.

But I was surprised how well the sculpting suits our Tabletop World pieces as well.

I did not exactly copy the official paint scheme but I took inspiration from it. This means it is more colorful than I normally would paint plants. But I tried to keep a tone to the color palette that would keep it consistent with our other pieces.

This piece really suits Middle Earth in my opinion with that broken statue head.

One of the pieces appears to be sculpted with thorns. I decided to paint them similar to the Dwarven Forge thorned plants, perhaps not the most realistic but consider it artistic license as part of the visual storytelling. Realistically colored thorns would be lost to the eye for most folks.

While I really like the sculpt, this one is probably the most problematic for me. Mrs. GG is not so bothered by it but for me, I can not think of many places that would have a broken wooden fence like that. Fine for an overgrown, abandoned farm or village but not so much the kind of thing found alone out in the wilderness.

The largest piece, this ruined wall is huge but not quite big enough. It would have been nice to be able to have a spot on it big enough for a 25mm based figure to safely stand on it. But otherwise it is a brilliant piece that will fit in nicely in a lot of builds. Unlike wood, the stone can remain a long time even isolated out in the deep wilds. It went with mostly grey stones broken up by an occasional random tan stone, just like most of my walls.

An amazing stump, this is one of m favorite pieces. Lots of character and it looks natural so can easily be found out in the deep forest…

…. unlike this stump, which clearly has come into contact with civilization at some point. Fine for the outskirts of a village or along a road though.

Same with this one. Some serious forestry work done there, and by saw rather than axe.

I do wonder just how big the beavers are in this forest.

Another one of my favorites. So big, so much character. The only thing missing is some wildlife but I decided against adding a permanent animal to it.

The third set was the smallest in size, biggest in number of pieces and the first I painted. They went pretty quick so they were a bit misleading for my estimates on the time the bigger pieces would take. I think they are meant to add to individual bases but we like them as tiny scatter pieces to help add some texture to the Deep Cut Studio neoprene mat. These pieces convinced me to try the more varied colors I did on the bigger pieces.

Here you can see a 28mm Northstar Osprey Frostgrave Barbarian for a sense of scale.

Mrs. GG and I love these terrain scatter pieces. Perfect for a primeval or Fey forest atmosphere. Great quality and while not inexpensive we feel they are good value for money so we highly recommend them. We also eagerly await more releases for the Kromlech Dark Forest line… and to be clear, this is not some kind of review of free terrain. I winced at the idea of paying full price for new pieces but it was a good decision which we definitely do not regret.

Please let me know what your thoughts are about the quality of the pieces (and my paintwork) in the comments below. I know folks like to read more reviews than just my own when it comes to considering expensive purchases. So if you love them or hate them let us all know and why!



  1. Man those pieces look so fun. Makes me really want to grow my forest terrain…. Darn ideas and inspiration.

    The only thing I think could add some extra pop to those stumps would be to add more variation of color or dry brush the bark.

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    • And your printing tempts me to take that hobby up… but I really do not have the time to invest in another hobby tangent.

      I chose to use the same color on the stumps to help tie the pieces together given the variation of leaf colors but yeah I probably should have used more variation. For dry brushing I chose to go subtle as I find that when I try a heavier dry brushing it can make the bark look more like stone. Truth is I do not think I have properly cracked dry brushing as I also find that too often it can just make my pieces look too muddy or dusty.


      • The painting hobby is all about experimentation I still have so much room for growth myself.

        Also printing isn’t for everyone. I absolutely love seeing the different products, companies and reviews of purchased products you do. I wish I knew about these things before I went into printing.

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  2. Ah those are great!
    I wonder if a broken wagon wheel might make those broken fences read as broken old wagon sides instead?

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  3. Great piece and superbly painted. But Darn you! I unfortunately visited the Kromlech site which has much wonderful “shiny” new stuff which is likely to remove more of that “hard earned” from my pocket. Seriously though , they are a great find thanks……………I think!

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  4. Not my style for terrain but can’t argue with how well you’ve done painting them! Looks like it will fit very well with your other pieces. Especially like the piece with the statue head, it’s very subtle.

    Have you seen on Netflix the show The Defeated? NYPD policeman in 1946 Berlin. I don’t watch crime dramas so can’t tell you how it is.

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  5. I’ve had great luck with Kromlech’s smaller sized tree stumps. I used some for MESBG on my trolls forever ago and they really worked out nicely. I think I may have given the leftovers to Bret after that but I might be wrong. Either way, I think they are a high quality sculptor and so when I saw that these were made by them, I had no doubt that the quality would be high. I do agree with Bret that these don’t quite match my aesthetic but I think they match the terrain you have perfectly so they were a wise purchase. You did a nice job painting everything up and I can see why it was time consuming to do so. Kudos to you for knocking these out and I look forward to seeing them in action in the future!

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