Ogre, Ogre…

A lot of real world issues of late, so not as much finished as I would like but I am pleased with what I did get done. One of the things distracting me from painting has been researching Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep… resulting in me spending more than perhaps I should but will be great fun I think. The question now is, play them as intended or mod them for Tarnished Splendor?

The piece that took the longest was the Forge World Ogre. I got it for a great price in a bulk auction on eBay, I certainly would be hesitant to pay full retail considering how expensive they are. Ogres in the Hobbit surprised me. I had forgotten the casual references to them in the book so did not expect them in the Peter Jackson movies. To be honest I have mixed feelings about them but they do make an interesting addition to our Battle Companies games and I can probably use the model in other games.

Again I had trouble with getting the skin right. I studied many photos of painted models and stills from the movies but time and time again it eluded me. I tried contrast paints, various base coats and multiple washes. Several attempts, and coats of paint, later I got this result which works well enough for me. However you may feel differently.

Sadly I dropped the model after I had gotten that skin tone I was satisfied with and its hand broke off. Painting the repaired join was problematic so I tried to greenstuff a leather bracelet and failed miserably. So I dug up some spare jewelry chain and wrapped that around the wrist. It is something of a cartoonish sculpt anyway so I guess it works alright.

At some point I expect this ogre to join our Gundabad Battle Company to help give them some real punch, so to speak.

I also finished some Corsairs of Umbar. We are thinking of adding them to Ozzy’s Outlaws.

These were part of a lot we won on eBay that were painted by the previous owner. To give you an example of before and after…

For these I tried to stick with the movie and GW inspired painting scheme the previous owner chose. I am thinking to make some of the unpainted Corsairs of Umbar we have a bit more colorful. I think right now they have something of a Klingon vibe going on. The facial tattoos were more difficult to do than I expected.

Next up some metal furniture from the same folks who did the metal table and benches I wrote about in the previous post.

I kept the design the previous owner used on the plates and cups but I changed what he painted as meat to be bread instead. And I thought deep red leather would look good on the chairs but it may blend in a bit too much with the wood.

Next we have some Monster Fight Club scatter trees.

I debated putting more greenery on them but decided this way they are more general purpose.

Then we have a mix of Dwarven Forge and Archon Studio Dungeons & Lasers 1 columns…

… with lanterns. The Dwarven Forge ones are the bigger ones and they have working LED lanterns. I only did a little work to tidy them up and help match our color palette. The smaller ones are D&L stretchgoals but I added lanterns I had in my bits box. And I put sand on the top of the column to hide the join as well as give more texture.

And here is another D&L 1 stretchgoal scatter piece.

A rather grim piece. We have another one of these which I think I will make a lot more overgrown with foliage to both hide the skeleton and two prevent the pieces from looking repetitive. This one, without foliage can work both in a normal summer forest but also can work in say a Mordor style horror setting or a winter setting.

In other news, we finished Sweet Tooth and despite the cliffhanger ending quite enjoyed it. Few things have captivated Mrs. GG and me as much but I put that largely down to the actor for the character Gus, who come across as an older version of our son.

If you are curious about the graphic novel that inspired the tv show… warning spoilers!

We also finally finished season 2 of Knightfall. Such a disappointment.

I mean it was cool to see Mark Hamill play a Templar more like how I pictured an old Luke Skywalker than what he played in the recent movies but there were so many unnecessary historical inaccuracies that it actually made me angry watching it. There is such good documentation available and the recorded history is interesting enough there is no need to “spice it up” in my opinion. With the costuming and set design, clearly much love, effort and money went into it but it runs so contrary to historical evidence that it is painful for me to watch. It does not help that I used to be a huge Templar fanboy. In the 90’s I ran a website for researching Templar history and even re-enacted a bit as a Templar in the SCA for a very short time. The idea was not popular at the time in the SCA. Given the resurgence of interest in Templars these days the SCA is probably more open to them.

Another doppelgänger….

…. apparently there is, or was anyway, a guy that looked a lot like me in Libya. And despite my dental problems it looks like he had teeth even worse than I me.


  1. Nice work on getting the D&L columns to match your DF terrain.

    I watched that Knightfall trailer and was immediately disappointed to see how desaturated the visuals are. Why do people insist on muting colour to make it look more ‘historical’?

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    • Thanks mate!

      I liked the color palette of the show, I thought there were enough colors on display for me, but yeah I think that is just my personal taste and that clothing of that period and locale would have been more vibrant historically.

      One thing I liked was the not-too bright white attire of the Temple Knights and that Temple Sergeants were in muted black attire…. but there were not enough Sergeant characters to explore the class system within the Order that reflected the class order of the secular world.


  2. I was already thinking “Oh that chain on the ogre is really great…” before I got to the part of the break repair, so I think you’re in the clear. 😄

    Excellent job on the column matching!

    On your recommendation I backed Dungeons & Lasers Third Edition, expecting based on the initial pledge to have to get some buildings pieces I needed to sell, but was able to go all minis and scatter in the actual pledge manager. I’ve got the minis only pledge coming with stretch goals, plus fantasy stretch goals from Second Edition, plus various stairs, market stall, and the base pack. A bunch of great stuff to add to my woefully neglected craft table.

    On the bright side, the Kabalor game rules are still coming together very well at the writing table. 😄

    Re: colors in that world, note this image from Weald & Downland Museum’s natural dyes course: https://www.wealddown.co.uk/events/natural-dyes-course/
    Fresh dyed and thus at their brightest, but definitely not muted even after a bit of aging!

    There’s a great bright yellow on this page https://www.wealddown.co.uk/discover/domestic-life/clothing/

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    • Thanks for the kind words!

      I am sure you will not be disappointed with the D&L scatter… and fairly sure you will not be disappointed with the minis.

      Having been a re-enactor I have been in many a debate on natural dyes and how colorful different societies/time periods were. The trick is to get natural dye vibrancy on film without it looking modern/synthetic, which is challenging.

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  3. The chain is an elegant solution to an unfortunate problem. I can’t sculpt to save my life, being able to use green stuff effectively is something I wish I could master, my level of expertise is basically filling in gaps. I applaud you for doing tattoos on the Corsairs.

    Getting very jealous of your scatter terrain, the fallen trees are nice but the pillars with led lanterns are excellent.

    Bought a sprue of Wargames Atlantic Irish warriors, the heads and other parts look very usable. The cloaks will fit some lotr figures depending on the pose and heads seem very similar to other manufacturers. Wish there were more axes though. They also seem to fit well with Warlord Games Irish warriors with Warlord Games being a little more fuller.

    My wife wishes that Sweet Tooth had finished the first season with Big Man and Gus sitting on the hill before the Last Men showed up. My concern with Netflix is that you never know if they will do another season and especially with Sweet Tooth with so many child actors that will change before a second season unless they film it soon.

    Not much new on the viewing end, my wife gave me a high definition version of Zulu so have been enjoying that. Colour-Sergeant Bourne a doppelganger of you?

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    • Thanks for the kind words mate.

      It is probably getting repetitive but I can not stress enough how much Mrs. GG and I like the LED items. The flickering lights really add a sense of time and motion to the table. We did not pledge for a fogger in the DF Wildlands KS but now I am regretting that decision. I think it would help add to that sense of motion.

      I am glad the WA Irish bits are working for you. There are so many kitbashing ideas in my head right now, just never enough time.

      As for Sweet Tooth I quite agree with you and your wife.

      Zulu, whilst not the most historically accurate is a decent movie. The movie version of Colour Sergeant Bourne is one of my favorite NCO portrayals on the silver screen and I wish I was more like him. Perhaps that is part of the reason I wear these mutton chops.


  4. Very nice work improving those eBay finds! The trolls in The Hobbit and LOTR have difficult skin tones to paint for sure as well. The rest of the terrain looks quite nice too as usual. Even a slow week from you still looks very productive to me.

    In regards to research taking up a lot of time, I can relate. It hasn’t impacted my painting much this week but I’ve suddenly gotten the board game bug and am considering getting some more once the wedding is over with. I find researching and contemplating options can be as much fun as actually buying them (which is strange because you’d think playing them would be the most fun) so I would say don’t worry if “research” takes a bit of time as long as you’re enjoying it!

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    • Thanks mate! I think it feels unproductive because I have such a big backlog of projects demanding my attention.

      I do enjoy the research for the very same reason you mention. I do wonder how much fun it will be to finally get to play these games!

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