Paying Full Price… or Nearly Anyway…

In order to be able to get as much for our hobby as possible we try to avoid buying things brand new, at full price. EBay is our main shopping point, getting second things at the best prices we can find. But sometimes we do buy new, usually looking for a sale. In the things I finished this week, pictured above, a few of those things were bought new, some on sale some not. But one thing we decided to do was even when buying second hand, we get the things we really want not things that “will just do.”

One of our most expensive indulgences is the Dwarven Forge terrain.

We managed to get some things at great prices second hand but some things we had to buy new because you just do not see that much Dwarven Forge terrain for sale second hand here in Germany. We tended to buy factory painted in order to save some time but I almost always plant to put a bit of time in to give pieces my personal touch.

It is going to be a lot of work to get all of our dungeon pieces to match the color palette we decided on but that is the look we like best. The Pokorny Paints were worth the money, they cover Dwarvenite very well. We like the translucent material for flames but not all pieces take washes and dry brushing as good as others.

These trap door pieces are something I won as part of a larger eBay auction of spare bits. I am not sure what game they are from. Two are plastic originals and two are plaster copies from the previous owner. I tried to use a different brown for the wood on each.

These are some Archon Studio Dungeons & Lasers 1 stretch goal scatter bits. Notice the end of the sarcophagus, the gap did not look good so I just added some sand to give it a rough texture, then painted it to hide the gap, same as I have do e on some columns in the past. I think it worked nicely. The altar is a bit more gruesome than what Mrs. GG normally likes but I think it will set the tone for one of our non-Middle Earth games at some point. We have more copies of these various pieces and I am thinking of doing the copies as overgrown, outdoor pieces while leaving these as bare, indoor pieces.

I think these are Wozkids Deep Cut pieces. We won them in an auction on eBay with no packaging. They painted up alright. Originally I was going to go for a colorful cloth top but I changed my mind as it is a pretty simple stand. I wanted the cloth to look ratty enough that no one would steal it at night if left on. Now I need some stuff to put on display!

Some more odds and ends won in a bits auction on eBay. Metal cast furniture. I do not know the company it was made by. May be 25 mm scale but should work well enough for our 28 mm.

This is a small plastic scatter piece from Mantic. I added a small, irregular shaped base as a proof of concept. The base is made of thin foam poster board. It works well enough but we will have to see if it warps over time. I am trying to make more use of small flock scatter and less static grass.

Now these were not cheap. We got a little discount on them but not much. We wanted some War Bats for our Gundabad faction but did not like most of the giant bat models we found. The ones we did like, the Forge World War Bats are even more expensive. Then GW came out with these recently so we bought something new.

I spent a lot of time trying to get these just right. I looked at a lot of photos of real and model bats but in the end decided on this.

Getting the wings like that was a lot of different coats of Citadel Contrast paints and Army Painter washes.

Our Gundabad Battle Company is going to get one. The Company won a narrative battle (Hills of Evendim) in an administrative roll and won the reward of a Dunedain joining the party. That made no sense so we house ruled that they got a War Bat instead, which we are going to allow to get experience and perhaps one day become a “hero” model.

Mrs. GG and I finished putting our personal touches onto another Hagglethorn Hollow building. I tidied up the paint, the usual washes and clear coat… and the flowers in the window box. Mrs. GG did the foliage on the roof. We are quite pleased with how it came out. However, this is time consuming work that eats up into time that could have been spent on other projects.

This is technically a roof piece but it can be used as a stand alone building.

Here you can see it as a roof on the building I finished previously.

In addition to these finished pieces, I assembled a Wargames Atlantic warrior and two hounds so that I could answer a query regarding kitbashing conversion suitability with GW Lord of the Rings figures.

The GW minis are on the outside, the Irish warrior in the middle. As you can see these is some size disparity… but not just between Games Workshop and Wargames Atlantic. You do need to consider the height of the bases.

Personally I think the Wargames Atlantic figures will provide fine kitbashing conversion opportunities for more Middle Earth figures. As Bret specifically asked about the head sizes, they are on par with Victrix if that helps.

In other news Sweet Tooth and Season 5 of Van Helsing continue to entertain… but I have been trying to focus more on painting and less on tv.

Although… a lot of my time is getting eaten up by researching Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep. I came across an interesting blog with good battle reports for Frostgrave. I like how the author has listed the party members and I think I need to do something similar for our Middle Earth Battle Companies Battle reports.

Here, take a look…

Looks like Scott and his missus game like Mrs. GG and I do. Lucky fella!

The latest Doppelgänger spotted…

…. apparently that doppelgänger shared my level of enthusiasm and ideas of salesmanship.


  1. Thanks for the comparison shots, think I will buy a sprue off of ebay and see what I can do with them, if nothing else but for the dogs.
    Superb job on the bats! Those wings are excellent! Not a big fan of bats in games for some reason but if I could paint like that might change my mind.
    I believe the trap doors came from the GW set Mines of Moria, don’t have access to mine right now but that would be my guess.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I highly recommend the Wargames Atlantic kits. I do not think you will be disappointed. What do you plan on making if you do not mind me asking?

      Somewhere I was reading about bats being common monsters in games but very rarely any kind of a threat in reality. It seems that they are only monsters in games because so many people are irrationally afraid of them.

      I think you are right about the trap doors as I seem to recall getting a bunch of pieces I recognized as GW Moria pieces in that auction.


      • I used some unhelmeted heads I had and did a rogue battle company using Minas Tirith bodies (look at my wip on OR) I liked the look so might do more or give my corsairs an alternative look.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I do not visit the One Ring forum any more but having just had a look at your suggestion, it seems I have been missing out on your great work! Nicely done mate.

        The Irish head should make fine Corsair replacements.


  2. Nice job on all of the above.
    I like you D&L pieces. I have not painted any of my fantasy terrain bits from them yet, just some scifi. I like your altar, gruesomeness and all!
    I think I have those same chairs, got them from Johnny Lauck when he was still casting as Discount Hobby a decade ago. Originally Metal Magic, I believe, as a lot of his stuff was. He sold all the molds and rights when he folded to various companies; I know Armorcast bought some, they might be producing those now.
    I really like how you guys have spruced up the Hagglethorn buildings.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Those are some great terrain pickups! Wizkids makes pretty affordable stuff so you may find that you don’t need to buy it second-hand to get a good deal. Mantic’s stuff is a bit more expensive but worth it from what I’ve seen. Those bats are real show stoppers, mate. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought you did some careful glazing on them. The wings look very real and lifelike! The bats are also one of my favorite sculpts from the newer Vampire releases in AoS so I’d say they were a great choice to purchase and paint up.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re getting a lot of hobbying done, I’ve been doing the same with what little free time I have. Also, there are worse people than Jeremy Piven to look like too. I like him as an actor even if he might not be the nicest person in real life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Even when things are not priced too badly new, I still try to get them second hand if I can. We do have some more Wizkids terrain bits that I got new for my birthday that I still need to paint up.

      Thanks for the kind words on the far they have been among the most popular of my painted pieces, getting considerably more compliments than the rest of my miniatures. These bats are pretty simple compared to so many of the really complicated GW sculpts that tend to be too busy for my taste. The newer GW skeletons for example are pretty cool but I prefer the more simplistic look of the Oathmark Skeletons.

      I was unaware of Jeremy Piven being not the nicest person in real life. That is disappointing to hear.

      Liked by 1 person

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