Going Over Old Ground and New…

In case you did not know, Printable Scenery just had a Kickstarter for Hagglethorn Hollow 3d printing files.

As I was following it I saw in the comments that someone had researched the thatch roof weights and found a historical example of Roman fishing net weights made of terracotta.


This made a lot more sense to me than grey stone so I went back and repainted the roof weights I recently did. I think I prefer the contrast given by grey colored weights aesthetically but the terracotta color makes more sense to me intellectually and Mrs. GG likes this color better.

As an aside, we decided to back the 3d print campaign even though we have no intention to get into 3d printing. We love all the new Hagglethorn Hollow designs by Johnny Fraser-Allen and they will add to our original resin cast pieces…. if we can find a good printing service to make the models for us. We are hoping a professional printing service can reduce the print lines we see so commonly with hobby print services. Some folks have recommended Shapeways but I am unsure about using them. Do you have any recommendations?

Even if we get stuck with print lines we are hoping the quirky, organic aesthetic of the models will work better with print lines compared to many other designs.

Something else we saw in the comments on the KS…

Recently fellow blogger Kuribo helped me out by suggesting AK Interactive Ultra Matte Clear Coat Varnish to deal with models that just will not get matte enough with the usual acrylic matte clear coat varnishes.

It has worked a treat. In fact it is so good that sometimes it can be too matte. But it really helped on this Warg and this bear, both of which were still too glossy for my taste with Army Painter and Vallejo Matte Clear Coats. You have to experiment with it as it seems different depending on the surface. Sometimes it is great but other times it visually flattens the appearance, undermining the effect of washes and highlighting. It can make some things look chalky but it does tend to work very well for stone and I like it on Dwarven Forge stone walls.

So, thank you Kuribo! You can read his blog here…


I also decided to go back and try a few things on the Reaper translucent Nymph I did earlier.

My plan was to experiment a bit before starting on the big group of translucent minis we have. I wanted to try some more washes, Citadel contrast paint and dry brushing with my usual Army Painter paints.

The washes went ok for her hair and skimpy attempt at modesty but not so well for her wings. So I dry brushed the wings with one of the new Army Painter metallic colors. I then went a solid neon green for her eyes, trying to get a magical look. Then I decided on an overalls dry brush to bring out some of the details. It started good but I got too carried away, a common risk with dry brushing, and the mini started to lose its translucency. Worse the mold lines become apparent and the soft material is difficult to trim well. I got some of the excess dry brushing off but there is still more on there than what would be optimal.

Still, I am satisfied with it. And it helped me with these…

A pair of Reaper Elementals with simple dry brushing. I also added a complete Army Painter gloss coat on Water Elemental but just a few random spots of gloss on the Fire Elemental to help it catch the light a bit. I had experimented with more complex dry brushing with different colors and washes on the Fire Elemental but did not it so removed them and went back to the simple dry brushed Army Painter Moon Dust Yellow.

We have been committed to playing Ghost Archipelago at some point, having backed one of the Nickstarters from North Star Miniatures awhile ago… but I have been toying with the idea of trying Rangers of Shadow Deep, even though I should not be thinking of more games! Frostgrave itself did not appeal to me due to the wintery setting and the additional financial drain. However, researching Ghost Archipelago and Rangers of Shadow Deep got me thinking more and more of Frostgrave. Then I saw folks doing their own take on game, with things like Forestgrave, Wetgrave (Venice), Sandgrave, Junglegrave, etc.

So when I found some Frostgrave books at discounted prices I decided to reallocate money set aside for Kickstarter miniatures to going down the Frostgrave path…. Now, what non-frosty setting should I go for?

And for those of you with experience in the *grave series of games, what advice do you have for a new player like me getting started?

Bear in mind, my thinking on all three of these games is that they should be integrated into our Tarnished Splendor project so set in our version of the 7th Sea universe. Getting to the Ghost Archipelago via navigating the dimension connecting 7th Sea seems conveniently appropriate.

In other news, we finished the first season of Loki and loved it. Disney has really been getting the Marvel movies and TV shows right as far as we are concerned. Tom Hiddleston was perfect as Loki.

I thought there was only going to be one season but looks like I was wrong. We are both looking forward to more of this show as well as more of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in general. Hopefully Black Widow will be free on Disney+ soon.

Season 5 of Van Helsing is out and I started watching it.

Not bad so far, certainly better than some of the previous seasons. And certainly better than a number of similar shows, the kind Mrs. GG does not like to watch.

Normally Mrs. GG does not like to watch post-apoc movies or tv shows but she is enjoying Sweet Tooth….

…. which I am also very much enjoying. Gus, the main character with the nickname Sweet Tooth, reminds me of my son. Mrs. GG says “Big Man”, the large guy that begins to travel with Gus, reminds her of me…. which my mother agreed with. An interesting observation on how I am perceived by some folks that know me well. And so I guess he will do as my Doppelgänger for this post.

So what are you watching these days? What games are you playing? What minis are you painting? Please feel free to leave a comment, ask a question or just say hello!


  1. I liked the grey, but the terracotta works well also, either one would be good with a slight edge to the terracotta.

    I’ve heard good things about Rangers in the Shadow Deep and will be interested in seeing how you incorporate it.

    Been in a hobby slump lately, haven’t picked up a paint brush on a figure in awhile and just been dinking on my terrain project. Same with watching anything, just been watching stuff I’ve seen before. Just need to have time I can devote to hobby vs yard/house work and being social 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am running the risk of getting distracted with all the cool stuff in the Frostgrave books that arrived yesterday.

      Sorry to hear about the slump. I have not forgotten your request in regards to the Wargames Atlantic Dark Age Irish set. I built one of the Irish warriors and a couple of hounds to do size comparisons for you. Photos should be in my next blog post. But to keep you til then… bigger than early LOTR minis, about the same size as later LOTR minis. Should work well enough.


  2. A light hand is definitely helpful with the ultra matte varnish. It is easy to overdo it like you say. You did well on those other minis and you can get to my site with Kuribospainting.com if you want. That’s how I get there myself come to think of it! Regardless of that, you’re too kind for giving me a shout out 😀

    I’m excited to hear about your adventures in Frostgrave and/or Rangers of Shadow Deep! I have avoided Rangers only because I don’t have a big enough collection of fantasy miniatures or terrain to easily jump in and play. If I had a bit more, I’d definitely consider giving it a go. I seriously considered getting it a while back, I just knew that with the storage limitations I had at the old apartment and how I get bored working on terrain after a while, it wasn’t the right time for me to pick it up. I’ve heard many, many good things about it and with your terrain and miniatures, I bet you’ll be able to get going on it much quicker.

    I’m chuffed to hear that Loki is good. I’m looking forward to it more than WandaVision or Falcon and the Winter Soldier because I think the character is stronger and there are tons of fun things they can do with him. I too am eagerly awaiting Black Widow. Its been so long since we’ve had a proper Marvel movie now or at least it feels that way to me.

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    • My *grave series of gaming is quite some time away. The more I research the more I see I need to buy, build and paint. But I am excited for it. How much will be tied in with Tarnished Splendor and how much will be stand alone, I do not know yet.

      I think you will appreciate the humor in Loki.

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  3. How about Dungeongrave?

    Inspired by Ultima Underworld:

    A great dungeon was made by some long dead evil, slain by heroes long ago. The corrupt rulers of today’s kingdoms use the dungeon as a penal colony for miscreants, bandits and political enemies.

    Each level of the dungeon is ruled by different gangs, some monstrous, some criminal, some trying to create order from the chaos. Smaller gangs eke out a dangerous existence, trying to appease the ruling gangs (or at least not attract too much unwanted attention), whilst vying for scraps to keep going and see another day. The entrance cannot be opened from the inside, but rumour has it that the evil sorcerer who created the dungeon had a master rune key, hidden somewhere in the deepest (and most dangerous) level.

    If a gang could make their way through the levels and find that master key they could escape, or perhaps open the doors for good, and rally the denizens of the dungeon to overthrow the tyrannical kingdom above!

    This would give you a good excuse to use a lot of your Dwarven Forge terrain, and the dungeon could be full of interesting sections to get good use out of the terrain, such as a frozen cavern, or a magical forested chamber. Each level of the dungeon could have its own random encounter table (of increasing difficulty), with the assumption being that the warbands work their way deeper underground as they progress, looking for magic items to help them on their journey and treasure to hire new soldiers from the various societies that have formed on the different levels of the dungeon. This would give you a good chance to use varied interesting models you might want to peruse as well.

    Of course eventually they could find the master rune (possibly by fighting a neutral boss monster/gang on the lowest level) and escape, and therefore the warband can be retired as they escape the dungeon. Alternatively the entire campaign could be ‘won’ then by opening the dungeon doors and freeing all the trapped peoples within.

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    • An interesting setting mate but I have to admit I would rather modify the work other have already put into the *grave series books than write stuff from scratch. The underground scenarios of Into the Breeding Pits should help put our DF dungeon pieces to work.


  4. Those 3d prints look like a nice set. You could try applying some purpose made smoothing products for 3d prints. They are basically a primer filler.

    Gaming-wise I didn’t touch a rule book in years. Seems my Field of Glory times are over, but I will try to get into skirmish games again.

    Miniature-wise I am working on a mix of historicals (Romans), fantasy (more or less forest themed) and even modern (I want to make a modern day vampire diorama). I also started to finish my anthropomorphic frog sculpts. So overall lots to do, but not much time.

    You should give Kobra Kai a go on Netflix. Great show.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was unaware of 3d print smoothing products. Thanks for the tip, I will look into that.

      It sounds like you have quite a few projects on the go. There is never enough time.

      I have always wanted to see a decent production quality tv show or movie about a contemporary special ops unit made up of Papal Swiss Guards that hunt vampires, werewolves and demons.

      Cobra Kai is pretty good, I love the nostalgia. I only got halfway through the first season though before I got distracted. I need to get back and catch up… but there never seems to be enough time!


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