Continuing the World Building…

Gandalf is not new… merely there for a sense of scale…

It has taken me awhile to finish this lot as I have had, and continue to have, a lot of ongoing projects. Some of these pieces have been been more challenging than I expected. I know these things are not as glamorous as high end miniature heroes and monsters but they are the bread and butter building blocks of cool gaming table setups.

The Monster Fight Club terrain was not as difficult as I expected, in part because the Pokorny Paints we bought from Dwarven Forge are excellent to work with and help make matching the DF pieces easier. As you can see here I used some greenstuff to add foliage tonten rocks in the same style as the what the DF pieces generally have. I decided against adding any foliage to the smaller “partially submerged” rocks as these were MFC KS exclusive resin pieces which we are unlikely to get more of, unlike the larger plastic rocks.

With the MFC rock pieces a key point was to use a Citadel Sepia wash to “warm” them up. I also used greenstuff to sculpt some fallen leaves on this piece…

… which cleverly has a cave hidden behind the wall of vines.

The MFC pieces are flatter and more blocky looking than much of the DF pieces but that can be helped by mixing in DF pieces… if they are painted to compliment each other. The DF piece is in the center, surrounded by MFC pieces.

In addition to these I decided to spruce up, if you will pardon the pun, a 3d printed fallen tree from our mate Tom over at…

I am still a bit fussy about 3d print lines but Mrs. GG is more forgiving. She is pretty excited about the current Printable Scenery Hagglethorn Hollow Kickstarter.

While we have no intention of taking up 3d printing we are considering backing the KS just so we can have the files to get someone else to print things for us. We think the quirky, organic design aesthetic of Hagglethorn Hollow may be more forgiving of print lines but that could also be us being over optimistic.

Another idea I had was to modify toy trees. Schleich toy trees are not generally cheap but they are as robust as DF trees. Collects and Safari toy trees are a bit cheaper but really the trick is to get lucky on eBay with second hand toys.

I really thought I had made a mistake with these all the way up until they were finished. Now I am satisfied with them. Not as good as DF trees but some diversity for tropical plants at least.

Most of the work was getting the bases to look decent on the Deep Cut Studio neoprene mat. These prehistoric trees should work fine for primordial tropical plantlife in Tarnished Splendor, especially when mixed with DF swamp trees and old, out of production Citadel jungle trees that we have.

The Schleich Mopane tree, normally only found in Afria, will likely find more use than just savannah maps as it seems too cool to use so rarely… but we will have to wait and see. Certainly the odds of getting any more for a decent price are low.

In other news I binged on the Netflix tv series “Kingdom”. The more I watched the more hooked I got. Unfortunately when you really relate with a character that connection can hurt when they do something foolish or something bad happens to them. The two seasons worth of shows flew by. There were some annoying plot holes but I found myself caring about characters and wondering what was coining next. It was over all too soon. Or was it?

No word on a third season but there is a special additional episode coming…

I really hope this show gets picked up for more seasons as two just is not enough for me.

For decent undead storytelling Undeadwood was also fun to watch. A group of folks, including Matt Mercer of Critical Role and Khary Payton (Ezekiel) of the Walking Dead, role playing the investigation of supernatural events in the infamous town of Deadwood.

Watching these folks role playing was much more enjoyable than I expected. The story line was a bit underwhelming but the interactions between the players and game master were entertaining enough to carry it. Most of the time, as much as I enjoy role playing, I can not enjoy watching folks role play on YouTube. This one was different and I hope to find more like this.

Something I found that was not good was Day of the Dead: Bloodlines. This remake managed to be worse than the original, which is saying quite a lot.

The ending was very, very different from the original and was surprisingly bad…. Despite being the kind of ending that in theory I should enjoy.

Also bad was this version of Robin Hood…

… despite a stellar cast the writing was abysmal. The costuming and set design was about on par with Costner’s Prince of Thieves version but Costner’s was much better due to the writing and fight choreography. There was obviously a lot of work put into this version but it falls so far short of its potential. This could have been a good movie and that is what makes me most sad/disappointed. We watched it in English but I could not find an English language trailer. My favorite character, with the best lines, was the Welsh bowyer but he had all too few scenes.


  1. As you said, rocks and trees are the bread and butter of a game board and I feel that the trees are the hardest to do right. Sometimes I feel they just need to be representative and sometimes my internal model railroader voice says different. Rocks can be done various ways and still look right as long they make sense on the board.
    I know that you have had problems with excess shine, this blogger used a product that I hadn’t heard of:
    Based on your “recommendation” I watched the Day of the Dead remake, I couldn’t believe that it could be worse than the original. I had just watched the original not too long ago and while I feel it is Romero’s weakest one in the series, how bad could the remake be? Started out ok but as the “what the”s multiplied I started to see your point. If (and that is a big if) they had a military advisor on that film they hired someone who played Call of Duty and called himself an expert. The ending was different, enough said.
    My wife and I finished Sweet Tooth, all in all we enjoyed it (with some reservations about parts) and the season ended on a somewhat hopeful note, but the season can’t stand on it’s own. Hope Netflix renews it.

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    • We are admittedly going for something of a Jim Henson mythical look to our terrain rather than strictly realistic. I think that best suits my painting style but may not be to everyone’s taste.

      The Vallejo Ultra Matte that Kuribo recommended has generally done the trick although sometimes it can be “too matte” depending on the model. It has nicely improved a couple of furry creatures that were stubbornly glossy no matter what else I tried. I will put some photos up on my next blog post.

      I generally enjoy Romero’s work but I agree his Day of the Dead is among his weakest works. The remake is just terrible.

      We started watching Sweet Tooth last night. A couple of episodes in and I am totally hooked. It is an interestingly fresh look on the usual tropes. Decent acting, decent writing. No perfect but better than a lot of stuff out there. Gus very much reminds me of my son. Apparently the Big Man reminds Mrs. GG of me. Thanks for encouraging us to watch it. It is certainly much better than season 2 of Knightfall which we are struggling to finish.


  2. Glad you’re enjoying Sweet Tooth, it was a pleasant surprise for us.

    Have a question for you concerning Wargames Atlantic Irish Warriors, how do they compare size wise with GW Lotr? I know that the gw figures aren’t always consistent but a general idea would be helpful, I’m most interested in the heads. Thanks.

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    • GW LOTR figures tend to run a bit small. The earlier the smaller. I seem to recall Rick Priestly saying in an interview they had the Perry Brothers sculpt them to 25mm to save money in the beginning as it was unsure if the product line would take off. Hence the early Last Alliance figures are among the smallest.

      I have not yet put together one of my WA Dark Age Irish minis yet but I will see what I can do for you.


  3. The rocks and trees look great to me. I think taking time to add life to the rocks really pays off when you’re playing and taking pictures. I completely agree on 3D print lines. I can’t stand them and it scares me away from 3D printing. I need whatever I’m painting to be of the highest quality so I don’t get frustrated when painting it but I fully admit that I’m picky about these things.

    I’m impressed by how you manage to find plenty of TV to watch. I think I must be a snob or overly picky because there aren’t too many shows that I don’t get around to watching that I think, I should really watch that. With that said, its always interesting to see what you’re into each update.

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    • The tv time is largely right before bed as I tend to be too tired to concentrate on painting at that hour. I watch one of my shows (ie post-apoc, post 1900 war, horror, etc) while Mrs. GG puts our son to bed then we try to watch a show we both like together before we fall asleep. I am interested in many of the technical aspects of tv and cinema so sometimes I can be entertained watching a terrible show if at least I learn something not to do. In a different life I would have gotten into the tv/movie industry. I find the life of Capt. Dale Dye particularly interesting in how he took his military experience to Hollywood and made many films better as a technical advisor.

      What he did for Hollywood with his company Warriors, Inc continues to amaze me. There are lots of military technical advisors in Hollywood but think he is among the best because he was also good with cinematography as well as the military aspects. I would have loved to have worked for him but my one run in with the Hollywood crowd on the set of the movie Assassins, with Julianne Moore and Sylvester Stallone, (where I spent an evening running security for their wrap party) was disappointingly inauspicious.

      Julianne Moore was lovely. Very down to earth, very friendly. Sylvester Stallone was not. Lots of big egos that night. Lots of folks trying to ingratiate themselves with others. Much as I love cinema I could not see myself swimming in that pool of sharks very long.

      Thanks for the kind words on the rocks. You would think they would be simple but it can be challenging to get the dry brushing just right.

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      • There is certainly an art to painting rocks! A light touch can really help. That is interesting and makes a lot of sense considering how much you enjoy TV shows. I’ve always thought the model makers and artists who work on movies to be incredibly lucky and if I had the talent, I’d love to work at a place like Weta or Lucasfilm instead of my somewhat dry profession but I recognize that there’s a reason why very few people end up with those kind of fun jobs. They are few and far between unfortunately!

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