Aftermath 2… The Taken of Minas Morgul versus Old Ozzy’s Outlaws as the Journey to Blue Mountain Continues…

Things on the table look a bit sparse as we wait for our Dwarven Forge Wildlands Kickstarter Pledge to be fulfilled.

As the various Battle Companies make their way North towards the Ice Bay of Forochel they come across battle sites where different groups have fought. Sometimes survivors can be hiding among the fallen.

At just such a site The Taken from Minas Morgul come across Ozzy and his Outlaw band. The Companies form up in skirmish lines and proceed to sweep the field for survivors.

It was a warm clear day and with such good visibility searching the sparsely forested woods would be easy… except for those that would try to hinder each other by force.

The Taken seize the initiative, securing two piles of casualties. At first it appears they only found enemy survivors but it turned out only one held a single enemy mercenary while the other held a friendly mercenary (thanks to underdog rerolls). The Outlaws find two friendly mercenaries at the location they secured.

The Outlaws then seized the initiative and recover another friendly mercenary at another location. One of the Marsh Specters uses it’s Fell Lights to lure an enemy mercenary into a trap, where he is surrounded and killed by the Orc warrior Nagduf.

The Outlaws hold the initiative and secure the final location, uncovering two enemy mercenaries.

Seeing so many Outlaws in front of them the Mercenaries look to the the dark figures of the Taken for assistance and both groups decide to break contact. With each side having recovered three living survivors the skirmish is declared a draw.

With a draw and being underdogs the Taken got +3 (Draw) and +6 (Underdog by 94 points so six rerolls as well which made a big difference in the game result) Influence for a total of +9 Influence.

Nagduf aus recognized for promotion but since he can not be promoted instead gets +1 Influence, making the total +10 Influence since they had no saved Influence on hand.

The Black Numenorean Kalamir is recognized for promotion and becomes a Morgul Knight.

Looking at how the bonus recruiting is supposed to be done for the custom scenario we decided it did not work for us as written. We decided to instead allow the Taken to recruit 3 Black Numenoreans but as they were at the limit of their Company size (18 members by house rule) they had to give up 3 Orcs. The narrative of this is that the “friendly mercenaries” turned out to be injured Black Numenoreans. Three Orcs were ordered to return to Minas Morgul to carry word of the Taken’s progress.

With a draw the Outlaws got +3 Influence.

Ozzy leveled and got the skill “Wise Advice”.
Viktor the Lame leveled and got +1 Courage

William Whipperwill leveled but failed to be recognized.

Einar leveled but could not be promoted so gained +2 Influence.

Norman Brewer leveled but also could not be promoted so gained +2 Influence.

We decided that the three rescued mercenaries turned out to be Corsairs of Umbar with bows and that since the Outlaws were already at their max company size (20 +1 wanderer by house rule) three ruffians would desert in the night. Since three Corsairs are hardly worth three Black Numenoreans we gave the Outlaws +3 additional Influence, for a total of + 10 Influence this game. Having 4 Influence already but having to spend 1 to keep their Mercenary they are now at 13 Influence.

This is the second time we have tried this custom scenario. It was very fast. Too fast. It really came down to the roll of what was in that last objective. Which our son decided as he woke up from his name adjust as the Outlaws seized the objective. So since he woke up, a quick game was convenient and his roll was the key moment to make it a draw instead of a victory for the Outlaws (although the underdog rerolls for the Taken helped). However the conclusion to the game felt oddly premature, just like the last time we played this scenario. So we are thinking of changing the game end rule a bit. Instead of ending once the final survivors are determined we are thinking of making it a rule that survivors have to flee off their friendly table edge.

The Aftermath scenario special reward reinforcements as per the written rule in the “Jonathan Baker Battle Companies Unofficial (House) Rules 2016” is not working out quite the way we want. The numbers and options seem off. At this stage we intend to just role play results that make sense to us based on how the game goes… as we have done both times we played the scenario so far.

I still need to play the scenario with my Dwarven Company and we are adding a Gundabad Battle Company. Makes sense to pair them up and give the Gundabad Company an underdog boost to their influence as well as a chance to recruit something interesting.

Both Companies had pack horses. These still feel a bit broken to me. Mrs. GG is not that fussed but these creatures seem a very expensive item to have that does very little in game. Both Companies left their pack horse without a handler as none is required by the rules. But this just felt odd to me. I keep thinking there must be a way to make these more interesting. Perhaps have a rule where every company must have a pack animal and an enemy company can capture it with everything on it (ie spare equipment and saved up Influence points in the form of supplies). This would add an element of attack and defend “capture the flag” to each scenario.

Do you play a game with pack animals? What rules do they use? I am thinking of how they are used in Sharp Practice and trying to find a way to come up with something for MESBG. Do you have any suggested house rules for pack animals?

So now I need to paint some Corsairs and I am still not completely satisfied with our current Black Numenorean solution of using Army of the Dead figures. I wish GW would make plastic Black Numenoreans to match their Morgul Knights. But that would likely be expensive. I think I may make up some proxies but what to use? I have some Perry Armored Knights, on foot and mounted. Or I could use some Fireforge Templars on foot and horse that I have tucked away. I have some great Fireforge Medieval Russians and Byzantines that I could kitbash but only on foot. Hmm. Do you have any suggestions?

The table had some interesting features that Mrs. GG came up with but it was far too sparse for my taste. I have some more terrain bits to paint up but waiting for Dwarven Forge to restock and deliver our Wildlands Kickstater pledge is a bit frustrating. Once we get those things sorted and our Monster Fight Club Icy Wilds Kickstarter pledge delivered our table should look a bit more lively.

Ofcourse I have a ridiculous backlog of things to paint, both terrain and minis. Never enough free time!

As always suggestions, advice and questions are welcome. We would love to hear about any house rules that you use. Anything that you think would help our gaming is most appreciated!


  1. Gotta say, not a fan of that scenario. It’s good for building up your company if needed but something about it just doesn’t ring true for me. That said, very nice looking table and figures!
    I also changed my warriors of the dead to evil looking and have them as a retinue of the Dark Marshall, I think they need to have more armor to truly be Black Numenorians, will be interested in what you kit bash.
    Pack horse dilemma, I feel that they should have a handler, but not count against the company total, more of a npc or camp follower. Someone who can defend but not attack if you know what I mean. I do agree that the bookkeeping is onerous but the packhorse should carry supplies for the company. It’s funny, when I follow your thread on LA I always want to look under a historical category vs fantasy, I follow Peter Jackson’s theory that he was filming history 🙂
    Watched two totally different shows lately, the anime Resident Evil (big fan of the games and the movies) and my wife and I started watching Sweet Tooth on Netflix. I’m liking Sweet Tooth, one of the reasons being the violence is implicit vs explicit, a nice change from what is usually on that network.

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    • We are hoping the change to the scenario rules helps the scenario play more smoothly. We like the narrative aspect of it, rescuing wounded survivors but we think the mechanics need some work for the battle to flow better.

      The pack handler who defends but can not attack is similar to the baggage train rules in Sharp Practice. And yes, definitely not part of the Company model limit. The trick will be getting something that makes sense narratively but does not give one Company too big of an advantage over another… ie an Elven pack handler at base stats is considerably different from a Goblin pack handler at base stats. I did also toy with the idea of different pack animals but need to consider stats. A pack Warg at base stats is a lot more defensive than a pack horse. Maybe have a pack Warg be a “broken” Warg with similar stats to a pack horse but just look different for narrative purposes.

      We have a very cool pack Tortoise from Reaper that I was planning to use for Tarnished Splendor, and still have not gotten around to painting, that may also fit in here.

      I have been meaning to catch the Resident Evil animated shows that I have not seen yet. I remember one at an airport that was alright. Mrs GG and I watched the trailer for Sweet Tooth and it seems like one of the few post-apoc shows Mrs. GG is willing to try. It is reassuring to hear that you like it.


      • A warg pack “horse”, in all honesty had not thought of that. Regarding handlers, maybe just a generic handler stat for all races would work.

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      • I thought of a “pack Warg” when I read that Orcs an horses do not get along.

        I was leaning toward just accepting a basic stat line for each given their point value reflects their quality but a universal generic handler stat line may work best for “fair” play.

        That said, there are some great “pack” models from Reaper. We just picked up a pig pulling a cart that would be cool with a Hobbit Company. Also our Bones V Kickstarter is due to arrive soon and it has an Ogre pulling a cart that would be a cool “pack” model for one of the evil Companies.


  2. The table looked pretty good, though it might have been a little more attractive if some of the terrain bits were closer to one another. Not really clumped, but maybe maybe a more patchy appearance would feel more natural than everything roughly the same distance?

    As far as being sparse, maybe so, but it looks pretty playable. If there was twice that much terrain, would it be too difficult to play through? Probably not, just thinking out loud.

    I’ll be interested in how you feel about playing on the Wildlands stuff once you get it. A handful of figures in a skirmish game would play pretty well, but I wonder how it will do with 20+ figures on a side. I envision a lot of removing trees while maneuvering figures between them. But I am probably wrong…

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    • Mrs. GG and I talked about it, and agree that the issue is probably not so much that it is sparse as it is not as natural looking as it could be due to the symmetry of the Lay-out which Mrs. GG did out of a mind for “fair play” and game balance. It is something we will work on.

      You also make an excellent point in that we have been focusing on low model count skirmishing. These tables will play very different for armies of 100+ figures.

      Thanks for the food for thought!


  3. I don’t think that the table looked bad at all. I think I’ve played games with less terrain (and of course, I wasn’t happy about it) so I wouldn’t sweat it. The scenario does seem a bit short and abrupt but I was glad to see you got a game in and enjoyed it all the same. For me, the setting for this battle should have more ruins in it and maybe trees that look a bit more sinister so if you have a chance to add those in, I think it will add a great sense of evil to the setting. With that said, keep working on that terrain and I think you’ll find you have even better looking tables in no time 🙂

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    • Mrs. GG specifically avoided Ruins because we have had them in so many table set-ups already. For me Middle Earth has ruins everywhere, not so for Mrs. GG.

      I do not know about evil trees, as I did not picture the location as menacing in and of itself but I would have liked to have had more corpses and battlefield debris… but I need to make some first!

      As always I enjoy hearing your thoughts on our games so thanks for taking the time to comment.

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      • You’re welcome mate and it is always striking how different people’s visions of LOTR can be. I’m convinced that is one of its greatest strengths as an literary entity 🙂

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      • For me, it certainly became that as I wanted to create this beautiful and ambitious vision to recreate the movies and books but it took too long and wasn’t rewarding enough. It seems to be working out better for you and Mrs. GG thankfully!

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