Ridgeback Gundabad Orcs & Goblin Mercenaries oh, and some GW Cave Trolls…

I was very pleased to finally get these finished. I still have some more Ridgeback Gundabad Orcs to do but at least now I have enough to get a Gundabad Battle Company going. And I have some more Cave Trolls!

The Games Workshop Cave Trolls are a mix of plastic and metal models, with three of each. Indonesian them in different eBay auctions but all were painted to varying degree by the previous owners.

I went for a fairly dark look.

The mottled look of the stomach, chest and inner arms is done various layers of wash in a somewhat random pattern.

I was unfortunate enough to drop the metal spear wielding Cave Troll after I finished painting it so had to reattach the spear arm and try to blend in the paint on the repair. The result was imperfect but does the job I think.

We now have seven Cave Trolls. Our first on was a 1/72nd scale Dark Alliance Cave Troll as you can see on the left of this photo…

… which I think does the job but it is nice to have the different sculpts from GW as well. The metal ones have the best details but the plastic ones do the job and all of these GW models were bought second hand at much less than the brand new retail price. I had planned to sell one of the two plastic ones we have with identical poses but now I am not so sure. Considering the going rate on eBay I may just go back and do some sort of conversion on the repeat pose figure, maybe change the weapon. We’ll have to wait and see what I decide.

Ridgeback Miniatures, who sculpted the Gundabad Orcs and Goblin Mercenaries is a company I found on Facebook, back when I used that social media platform so these minis have been waiting in the paint queue for quite some time.

You can see here a Gundabad Berserker and Captain as well as the usual Orcs in their heavy armor. They are crisp sculpts with lots of character but on the skinny side, except for the Berserker. I like the quality of the Ridgeback miniatures and he gave us an excellent price on some left over old stock.

I am not normally a fan of minis with location iconic bases, grisly trophies or blood covered weapons. However I made an exception for the first two in the case of this Captain. You might not notice that in addition to the severed Dwarf head in the Captain’s hand there is the head of a Dwarven statue under his foot.

Here you can see the Goblin Mercenaries. Characterful sculpts and considerably less expensive than the Forge World sculpts… we got a good deal from Ridgeback Miniatures.

Getting their skin to a state I was happy with was very challenging. After several failed attempts I ended up using a similar technique as I did with the Cave Trolls, starting with a light grey base and several washes of various colors in a random, chaotic pattern. Plus purple sores.

The Misty Mountain Goblins from the Hobbit movies look very different from the Moria Goblins of the Lord of the Rings movies.

I was unsure about basing these but in the end decided on our usual temperate woodland bases rather than cavern bases. I decided to go for a cohesive look rather than individually appropriate given most of our gaming will be on temperate woodland tables.

In other news we watched Tomorrow War.

Mrs. GG’s and my thoughts on the movie echo those of the guys on the Angry Joe Show…. stupid but entertaining movie. Decent acting, good cast, beautiful cinematography, great creature design but plot holes you could drive a truck through. Terrible writing that really needed serious script doctoring. And it feels like an entire trilogy in one film. It literally feels like the movie is about to end and suddenly it is as if another film has started… at least twice.

For a spoiler free review that better articulates my thoughts…

Once you have seen it, then you might enjoy…

Several people have repeatedly tried to get me to watch zombie tv series “Kingdom”. A couple of times I tried to start it but could not get into it however I have finally persevered and by the beginning of the second episode I was finally hooked… mostly because of the character of the Prince’s bodyguard. He is a character I can identify with but I also have grown to like the Prince.

I do not know much about Korea of this time period so it is interesting to see things in comparison to China and Japan. Great hats. Such great hats. And incredibly horrible, terrible, abominable rulers/government. This is a very dark, grim and horrific tv series. More child deaths on screen than usual even for this kind of show. But in the first few episodes, I think because of the Prince, there is still a sense of hope… so it feels more like hopepunk than like grimdark. Which works for me. The Prince is fallible but I want to see him succeed, he gives me hope and I see myself in the bodyguard. Maybe not who I am but who I have tried to be. (“….. but what about the beef pancakes?” if you have seen the scene and know me you will understand what I mean?)

Another doppelgänger spotted…

…. spotted serving in Starfleet.

So that is me this week. What have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Really nice paint job on those trolls, Rick! Interesting look with the layered washes.

    Those Ridgeback orcs look pretty good. Some of the goblins seem a little stiff, though the guy vaulting over the stump is pretty dynamic.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent work on all of the trolls and Gundabad orcs. Those trolls are not easy to paint and I’ve seen quite a few people mess them up so good on you for getting them done! Tomorrow War wasn’t on my radar and I only heard of it right around the release, but it sounds as if it is quite a bad movie so I’ll probably avoid it. Not that I have much free time right now between the move and wedding stuff. I’m already starting to long for a quieter time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If you are looking at maybe converting one of your trolls, consider changing one to a woodland troll with a uprooted tree or branch for a weapon. (Easy for me to say)
    When you get an Ebay purchase that you have to personalize, do you strip the model to bare plastic or metal and start over or just paint what you feel needs to be improved?
    Spent the holiday with family so nothing new on the watching front, have tried Kingdom and wasn’t something I wanted to continue watching. Have the last part of the final season of Vikings on my DVR so might try catching up on that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good call on the tree trunk club.

      As for personalizing EBay models, it depends. It depends on the previous paintwork. Stripping is a pain so I try to avoid it. That works easier on models that are supposed to look rough, ie Goblins, Orcs and Trolls. I used to think personalizing prepainted pieces would save me time but I have that it rarely does.

      Kingdom is pretty grim but there are a couple of characters that I have started to care about and that carries the show for me.

      And, yeah I need to get around to finishing Vikings at some point. I have been trying to finish Knightfall with Mrs. GG and it has been hard work.


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