Gabrigames Workshop…a Review!

Some of you may remember the earlier post I made about Gabrigames Workshop, a pair of Russian artists that sell on We ordered a set from them pre-painted at a very, very affordable price and were pleased with what arrived. Excellent sculpts, painted beautifully. The meticulous attention to detail was magnificent.

Me being me though I wanted to make a few small adjustments to help the pieces better blend in with our table.

We liked the stuff so much that we ordered more but unfortunately they did not have any more pre-painted items available.

Again, great sculpts! Very characterful, lots of charming details. Some would say whimsical but it suits the aesthetics we are going for in our games.

As you can see the scale is 28-32mm. A bit on the chunky side, but that lends to the whimsical aesthetic. I desaturated the original vibrant colors with a sepia wash. They are still colorful but blend in better with our other pieces, taking the cartoonish edge off without losing the colorfully charming look.

The ground of the bases was originally smooth. I added our usual gravel and sand mix, painted, washed and drybrushed just like the bases of our minis.

I then added some foliage, again just like our usual bases although I avoided loose static grass at the request of Mrs. GG.

One thing we noticed, the irregular shapes of the pieces at their base looks a lot more natural than my usual round bases for our small scatter terrain and objective markers. I think I may need to go back and retrofit some irregular shaped bases to some of my earlier pieces.

One thing that I am unsure about now is fire. We have some LED fires, some translucent fires and some painted fires. I would love to have them all be LEDs but that is not possible. The inconsistency is a little annoying but I like having so many light sources so I guess I will have to live with it.

There is just so much character on display. Sceneries write themselves when I look at these pieces.

Here you can see the scale on the second lot we bought. Some of it was marked as terrain for giants but we think it will work ok for human sized minis as well.

As you can see translucent fire and non-translucent fire. The fire in these pieces is often removable. In the big braziers if you remove the fire there is still coals sculpted in the bowl of the brazier. Excellent attention to detail. We like these pieces so much we even got some graves and Mrs. GG normally hates such macabre pieces.

I have a lot of work ahead of me with these but they are going to add so much to our games.

We highly recommend Gabrigames Workshop. Their prices are very fair given the excellent quality craftsmanship. They deliver pretty quickly. The designs are fresh, quirky and fun to paint. You can find them online to buy directly from or use their EBay shop as we did.

In other news, if you have ever watched folks role play online, be it Twitch, YouTube or whatever then you know some shows are better than others. Critical Role is very popular but we have not really gotten into it.

I did very much get into the post-apoc RPG series We’re Alive: Frontier on Geek & Sundry’s YouTube channel.

I found the stage props, costumes, music, sound effects and more really helped make it immersive. Although I do wish they did more with minis and terrain. The game mechanics were interesting to see. It was at times funny but rarely slapstick or farcical. It was often grim and depressing. Mrs. GG tried a bit and it was not to her taste. The game master was excellent but I also grew to like the players and their characters over time. The season finale came all too quick and left too much unresolved. I wonder how long we will have to wait until the next season.

Another Doppelgänger was spotted…

… spotted in the Commonwealth, reportedly leading the Institute and may even be a Synth!


  1. The pictures you took of the terrain is some of the best I’ve seen. Each one looked very sharp and showed the details well so you seem to be getting better at it, mate! I agree that not everyone will like the paint job on these pieces but the sculpting quality is certainly very high. I don’t look on eBay often for miniatures or terrain so it was nice to learn about a new product.

    More importantly, it is good to finally have definitive proof that you work for The Institute. I’ve long suspected that you were a Synth and now I have my proof! 😀

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