Dwarven Forged Part 3, June Restock Loot Haul and Review…

Dwarven Forge is expensive. You can not get away from that but Mrs. GG and I feel that it is good value for money. It is high quality, durable, modular and we feel has great aesthetics. Looking at the prices of second hand Dwarven Forge terrain it also seems to retain resale value. Part of this is down to the limited supply. Being a smaller company on a tight budget Dwarven Forge does not maintain a lot of stock. So when a restock comes in, there is a bit of Hunger Games style feeding frenzy.

Give the additional expense of importing it into Germany we like to save up for restock event days in order to add things that are commonly in stock. Hence why our loot haul above is so big!

We were not able to get everything we wanted, particularly trees. We had our order in within 15 minutes of the stock becoming available and despite having them in our basket by the time we got to checkout they were gone. However, we have been told a lot more trees are coming in the next restock scheduled later his summer.

We did get a lot of great stuff like translucent walls of flame, light forest tiles (that are going to take some work to paint), giant mushrooms and the DF row boat….

Which is hardly a dingy!

Although it is modular so you can make it into a smaller dingy sized boat. As it comes it is more of a long boat, especially with the removable carved dragon head on the prow. Take that off and it is more of the type of long boat used in later historical periods. It is a great model, much better in person than in photos. We particularly like how the oars work, being movable and removable. It is expensive compared to other model boats but none of those are as durable, modular or utilitarian as this one with those awesome oars. It could do with a section to step a mast though.

A better look at this amazing boat. It is anticipated to be compatible with the new barge coming in the DF Wildlands Kickstarter for even more modularity. Still wish there was a section with the ability to step a mast.

And the docks! Again we love them. But expensive. You do not get a lot in the set but they are awesome in their modularity. Very useful Terrain for more than just docks.

Adventures need suspension bridges. It is a must. We could not afford everything we wanted in the DF Wildlands KS, so we passed on the bridge. But we decided that we really needed one. So we got it…and we love it. It is not nearly as chunky in person as I thought it was in the only photos.

You can also see some overhang pieces to use on the buildings. We hope these can help create that feeling of Medieval buildings often being wider on higher floors.

At first Mrs. GG and I were not huge fans of the DF buildings. We thought they looked too blocky, too chunky, too cubic, too many right angles. We wanted quirky curves and angles like in the Hagglethorn Hollow and Tabletop World architecture. But to be fair, now in hindsight we think a lot of our perceptions were based on online photos that did not do the building pieces justice.

One thing that makes a difference is the accessories. The magnetic roof accessories, the chimneys, the gables, the little roof platforms are great. The window dressings and doors are great.

It is easy to overlook the usefulness of the modular nature of the DF buildings. You can build more, with less… although admittedly not at the same time. So it may not help fill your table with a city but it can make replaying different structures in various scenarios much easier and more cost effective.

Plus you get playable interiors. With stairs!

Mrs. GG still does not love the Tudor style. We need to figure out a way to make them more appealing to her. I am hoping a wash and then a lighter dry brushing on the plaster will help.

One of the pieces I just had to have from Dwarven Forge was the Dwarven Forge. It is an LED piece so the coals light up but I need to paint it all.

Speaking of paint… we ordered a bunch of the DF paint line, Pokorny Paints named after the founder of DF, Stefan Pokorny. On first glance these seem expensive, especially with the import costs but considering the size of the bottles compared to the usual modeling paints we use we hope these will be both cost effective and make it easier to match the factory paintwork.

You can see we also got some more brambles, you can never have enough brambles. Some more bits for our burrows and some castle pieces.

We love the DF LED pieces so we were glad to get some torch stands. I think I need to decorate the bases somehow to make them blend in better. DF commonly has the set up as a stage in their tavern builds. And we love the quirky curves on those balcony pieces. Another way to add character to DF buildings.

Instead of Garn (tavern patron?) and a giant rat we received these two figures, which we are ok with. Granted I would have preferred a giant rat to a ratfolk mini but I saw the minis as a bonus and Mrs. GG is not keen on either giant rats or ratfolk. It is nice to get some more examples of DF minis to see in person.

What do you think about DF making miniatures rather than just focusing on the terrain they are most famous for? Do you own any DF miniatures? Do you think of miniatures when you think of DF?

In summary, we absolutely love Dwarven Forge.

We like the people that work there and we like their products. Whenever we have engaged with folks at DF, both in person at the gaming convention Spiel in Essen and online they have been brilliant. Nate in particular is immensely entertaining in the DF videos. His imagination and enthusiasm is amazing. Nate and Chris make a good pair on the DF Twitch shows, although I always watch them recorded rather than live as I do not wish to join Twitch. DF makes a lot of videos. More than I have spare time to watch to be honest but Mrs. GG and I have been trying to work our way through their YouTube collection at least.

The new Dwarven Forge website is much better than the previous version although the forums can still be a bit maze-like to navigate.


Dwarven Forge is expensive. However we feel is great value for money. Buy right, buy once. We wish we had gotten into DF sooner. It is so durable, so modular. We also wish DF had a more convenient EU distribution process with more stock held but we understand the limitations of being a smaller company.

We continue to heartily recommend DF products. We look forward to our Wildlands pledge arriving despite the delays and we look forward to the next DF Kickstarter, which will focus on more city buildings and is scheduled now for early 2022.

Expanding the DF building line might help DF become more appealing to the larger tabletop wargaming community… which to be honest has been somewhat resistant to DF so far from what I have read online. I am not sure why. Some folks say price but then Games Workshop terrain is expensive. Gale Force 9’s Battlefield in a Box line is not exactly cheap either.

What about you? Do you consider DF suitable for things like Rangers of Shadowdeep, Pulp Alley, Sharp Practice, Warhammer 40k/AoS, Bolt Action, Saga, Black Powder etc. If not, why not?

Is there anything you wish DF made? They keep asking that question.

What do you think they do to make DF more appealing to non-D&D gamers?

I have been asking these questions in numerous places.







If there is somewhere else you think I should be asking, please let me know.

There are a few folks like me who would like to see a modular sailing ship system in DF’s Dwarvenite. Something that could easily convert from say a sloop to a xebec, from a cog to a galleon, from a carrack to a galley. This is something of a running gag on the Twitch shows as some folks think this is too ambitious and would not sell well. But I like the idea of the various different ships you might be able to build from a single set of pieces. Whilst it would not help make a fleet it would make it easier to have a different ship each scenario and help in storage/transport as well.

Mrs. GG is not that fussed about a modular DF ship but she does really like our DF boat.

What we both really want are rural roads from DF, Roman style cobblestone and unpaved dirt tracks. We want fields of crops that can change the crops or add a scarecrow. Hay stacks. Wooden palisades. Tribal huts. Thatched roofs.

And of course I keep encouraging them to make Steampunk or Clockwork Tinker Gnome themed items!

What do you want?


  1. The only thing more amazing than the size of the collection you have is how quickly you repaint them. Can’t wait to see what you do with these

    Liked by 2 people

  2. These all look like handy acquisitions to me. That bridge and boat should be fun to game on in particular. I hope the paint works well for you too. I can certainly see where that would be quite handy. I’m not gaming in the fantasy space currently so Dwarven Forge doesn’t tempt me too much. I also have a hard time accepting the quality of anything pre-painted because I’d be like you (but pickier and even slower at repainting things) so that part of their product isn’t a great fit for me as well. If I got into fantasy again, I would definitely give their unpainted stuff a look. Either TableTop World or Dwarven Forge seem like the best place to go for well-done terrain pieces. I should also add that I’m in awe of your terrain collection and have enjoyed watching you piece it together.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks mate. I agree that you would be disappointed with factory paintwork, except maybe as a sort of blocked paint primer.

      That’s the thing with this analog gaming, it takes much more time to prep than computer gaming. But we are pleased with how our collection has grown. We are not at Sorn’s level. Not yet!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. If I wasn’t so invested in Hirst Arts and liking to make things, I could see getting into DF, especially making a small village at a crossroads.

    To paraphrase Chief Brody, “You’re going to need a bigger gaming table!”

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This is a good set of enhancements to your collection. I”ve been really happy with their paint so far.

    It took me a few restocks to get my trees, but the time between tree restocks has been getting shorter and the restocks bigger, so hold hope! 😀

    I use the light forest floors in more builds than I don’t. Those are going to be worth your painting time and the tutorial video has a useful sequence to approach all that detail.

    Love the boat. Quality is fantastic, plenty of room for minis, and as you say, the coming Bayou Barge compatibility will be great. Longboat ahoy!

    Those flame pieces are great. Look good and not wobbly. (Extra so for me as they’re very visible on Zoom for my remote games.)

    I’m excited to see how Wildlands expands Dwarven Forge use beyond D&D. The combo of the beautiful sculpting and the sturdiness of the pieces makes it well worth the money to me, and I suspect that word will begin to spread.

    The coming science fiction set (a highly entertaining end of the Kickstarter commitment somewhere in the last hour of this Twitch stream if I recall rightly https://www.twitch.tv/videos/729702128?collection=bIMQzwX2KRa0rQ) will only expand that further.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Seems we are of like mind on several things. I always appreciate and enjoy your thoughtful comments.

      One requirement of being a Dwarven Forge fan is having patience. From watching the DF On the Anvil twitch videos is looks like Wildlands fulfillment, the mid-summer restock and development of sci-fi terrain has all be delayed again. I suppose it gives me more time to work on my backlog.

      Liked by 1 person

      • And I your posts. Thank you!

        No surprise about the delays, between pandemic and worldwide shipping hiccups over the past year.

        It’s probably for the best (I say glancing over at my painting backlog).

        Liked by 1 person

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