Aftermath… an Elven Battle Report on the Journey to the Blue Mountains…

Picking up where we left off, the Elves of Fingaerion’s Spear continue North towards the Blue Mountains. Not long before sunset on a rainy day they come across the aftermath of a battle. Intending to search for survivors the Elves spot a group of Orcs in the distance. Little do the realize that these Orcs are in the service of Raica of Angmar. Called, “the Crooked One” by her followers, this ancient Spectre is determined to get revenge against those that roused her from her slumber in the Ruins of Annuminas.

Raica and her followers…

Raica, Ashuruk (hero with sword&shield) , Bagronk (hero with two handed weapon), Dugburz (warrior with two handed weapon), Globurk (warrior with pick&shield), Ologburz (warrior with spear), Pushdug (warrior with spear), Snaggaburz (warrior with bow), Ugburz ( warrior with bow).

With the rain coming down, archery would be less effective and not long before the darkness of evening would limit it further.

The Elves had the advantage of having so many horses. Despite the Crooked Ones having arrived first the Elves swiftly reached the first pile of casualties. Suddenly no longer looking as wounded as he first appeared a human warrior, by the looks of it a Sellsword, jumped up and brandished his sword.

The Orcs moved forward, whilst the Elven cavalry swept past the human mercenary and continued towards two other piles of casualties. The Elven heroes Anduniel and Cailon confronted the mercenary and Cailon swiftly cut him down.

Immediately after that brief fight Fingaerion found a wounded Elf from Mirkwood. Raica had tried to use her Fell Lights but Fingaerion’s Mount ignored the malicious magic.

Three of the Orcs approached the pile of casualties closest to them. At first they thought there was a wounded Elf still alive but it turned out to be another human mercenary (used a reroll).

Another three Orcs approached a different pile of casualties. Again at first they thought they saw a living Elf but on closer inspection the Elf had been fatally wounded and no survivors remained alive in the pile (another reroll).

The Crooked Ones all consolidated in a collapsing ruin, hoping to use the cover to hide, and worst case scenario defend, until dark. One of the Elves took loosed an arrow at one of the scuttling Orcs, hitting the creature but failing to penetrate its armor.

The Elven cavalry quickly reached the final pile of casualties. Unfortunately none of them remained alive.

With that the Elves and Orcs withdrew, neither side claiming victory. Fingaerion’s Spear gained a new member as the Mirkwood Ranger decided to join in their quest. And the Elves all shuddered when they heard the screams of the human mercenary “rescued” by the Angmar warband. He would be joining the Crooked Ones but not as mercenary. No, instead Raica took his life and now he will serve her in death as a Specter.

The scenario is called Aftermath, from the Jonathan R. Baker Battle Companies (2016). Pages 97-98. Basically five objective points. Search them to reveal survivors. Roll on a chart. Once all five explored the side with the most friendly survivors still alive wins. It is designed to give you an opportunity to recruit troops for your battle company that you normally can not. We tweaked the rules a bit to suit our own needs.

With a draw Fingaerion’s Spear received 3 Influence points. Using the special rules for this scenario, Mrs. GG chose to forgo the D3 Influence for rescuing the survivor and instead recruited the Mirkwood Ranger to her group.

The Elven warrior Alion leveled but was not promoted.

Aduniel, the Elven hero scout leveled and acquired the skill Poisoned Blades.

Raica also received 3 Influence for the draw but also another 10 Influence due to being underdogs in the scenario. They only managed to use 2 of their 10 rerolls. None of them gained enough experience to level. However, Raica was now sitting on a pretty pile of 19 Influence at this point due to previous skirmishes that were handled administratively.

Our first game in almost a year! Made possible by a visit from my in-laws, who kindly volunteered to watch our son while we played the game. It was a very fast scenario but it took us a long time because we were quite rusty. It did not go at all like I expected due to the poor rolling for survivors at the objectives and the Elven cavalry moving so fast whilst there were somewhat Orcs. Still, it has given the Angmar a good boost in Influence and another Specter.

As you can see terrain was pretty sparse. Mrs. GG did a good job I thought with the limited terrain we currently have, having ebayed much of our old terrain in order to finance new terrain that has not arrived yet. We love the terrain we do have however just wait until our Dwarven Forge Wildlands pledge arrives!

I have a bunch more painting to do before our next skirmish. Mrs. GG did a great job getting minis done for her battle company so that we could play this scenario. We hope you folks enjoyed it, because we certainly did.

EDIT: It seems prudent to talk a bit about Raica and her Crooked Ones.

We wanted to add an Angmar Battle Company and we wanted to make it interestingly different. So looking at some house rules we found online called the QLD Battle Companies House Rules (Feb. 2020) we got the idea of allowing a specter from Angmar to become a hero.

In addition we have our own house rule that allows a Battle Company leader to On creation either advance to a higher profile if possible or take D3 Bonus Influence if they are already the highest profile possible. Raica rolled 2 bonus Influence.

Using the Jonathan Baker Battle Companies rules she took an Amulet of Angmar as her leader special ability. We give each new company leader a bonus ability from the Jonathan Baker rules.

We wanted to add a new company each special narrative scenario decided this after we did Ruins of Annuminas so we decided this company, being Angmar would start there. We did not want to fight out all the scenarios to catch them up but we wanted to give them a chance to win the special rewards from the narrative scenarios as they can add flavor to the company. So we rolled, 1-2 lose, 3-4 draw, 5-6 win. Raica Lost Ruins of Annuminas and Hills of Evendim. This is why Raica is sitting on so much Influence. We are not sure how she will spend it yet.

For the curious, during this administrative process The Taken won Hills of Evendim and got 1 bonus Influence (giving them a total of 5 Influence for that scenario) whilst the Outlaws won Hills of Evendim and got a Great Bow (and 4 Influence).

The next company we plan to introduce is a Gundabad company and I am slowly working on those now.


  1. Really nice to see you get in a game, mate. The pictures looked excellent and it was fun to read. How do you rate this scenario overall? It seems like it plays fast and sounded fun but is it one you’d recommend others try? I’d be reluctant to try fan-made content generally because designing games is hard but maybe I’m missing out with that mindset!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a cool game, even if the rolls and circumstances made it a short one. It could have gone on longer if either of us had decided to hold off on searching the objectives. If you want truly balanced scenarios fan made may not work but if you want narrative scenarios with decent thematic stories then fan made can work. We found this scenario fun thematically and as balanced as any official scenario.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like a fun little skirmish!

    Now that you’ve used the neoprene mat, do you like it? It looks a little washed-out in the photos, but maybe that is the angle of the camera catching surface sheen, or something?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a blast!

      We love the mat but it does look better in person than photos. I think it will look even better once we get some more small scatter terrain to further break up the “flatness” of it but still retain the level playable space.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice battle rep! I had forgotten about that scenario, went back and read through Baker’s scenarios again, I find he has the best ones for Battle Companies. The orc with the sledge hammer, doesn’t look like a modified gw one, do you remember what figure set he’s from?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I believe that is a Mithril Orc that I converted with bits from my kitbashing stash.

      There are a lot of cool ideas from Baker’s rules that we have added to our house rules.


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