A Few Good… Elves… and Things… Finished!

Currently we have a lot of hobby projects started in our household. It can be tough to getbthings finished however. There are always distractions and demands on our free time. One thing I was keen to see finished were these GW Mirkwood Elves. We won them on eBay awhile ago and intended to use them in our next MESBG Battle Companies Game but they needed a bit of work first. Although they were painted by the previous owner we wanted to make some changes to personalize them. Originally I was going to do it but then Mrs. GG decided she wanted to. She has even less free time to paint than I do so this took longer than either of us liked.

She changed a few bits of clothing, tidied them up a bit and added some foliage to the bases. At her request I added eyes to the two “hero” models but after my struggle to get the eyes right on one of the others we decided that eyes would not need to be painted on such small faces. They are on the small end of 28mm. I decided to add eyebrows but Mrs. GG did not seem convinced by them. I am more of a fan of little details like this, she is happy with a “details not visible at one meter are unnecessary” level of painting.

The eyes are painted on these two but very hard to see, both in the photos and in person.

When I asked her if she would be using this version of Legolas she stated she would not. That both would just be other Mirkwood Elves… in part because she is not a fan of how these characters are portrayed in the Peter Jackson film version of the Hobbit. And to be honest, I agree with her opinion on that!

The sculpts are interesting. We do not have much Games Workshop sculpts from the Hobbit. Very fine featured and with dynamic poses. Mrs. GG really likes these sculpts and said that these look how she pictures Elves in her mind’s eye …. unlike our Oathmark Elves, which I like but she does not.

Anyway, I think that is a thumbs up on GW Mirkwood Elves.

Next up I finally finished the last eight Pegasus Hobbies walls…

… bringing the total to thirty walls.

These have been much more time consuming than I expected because I wanted them to be just right. Each one has probably taken as long as a figure to paint. So looking at that photo I keep thinking about the unit I could have finished in that time but I keep reminding myself cool troops need cool terrain!

What I think looks cool is largely influenced by some of the artwork that formed my idea of what fantasy art should look like. We recently found this book on eBay in the UK….

I love the artwork of Darrell K. Sweet, much of it covering some of my favorite childhood sci-fi and fantasy books. I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover but cover art often helped me decide what book to try next.

In my painting I try to recreate his color palette. I love so much about his aesthetic but I struggle to articulate why. It is more stylized than what I would normally consider my usual artistic tastes. Mrs. GG is less of a fan, particularly of his Medieval fantasy fashion choices which differ so far from historical sources and to her eyes very non-Elven looking Elves.

The book has been great reading, learning more about the artist and his artwork. Highly recommended.

In other news, I watched Army of the Dead. Yet another zombie movie, this time from the famous or should I say infamous Zack Snyder…

I set myself up for disappointment. I love Dave Bautista in pretty much everything and Zack Snyder is supposed to be a pretty good director… but ouch. This was painful. Beautifully shot at times but cringeworthy tropes and terrible plot holes that border on amateurish.

These two videos express my issues with this movie, but beware spoilers…

…. and….

Extended universe? Ugh. I honestly hope not. The film was watchable if depressing and not exactly innovative beyond some potentially interesting but then wasted and not explained concepts. Popcorn film that can provide some cool inspiration for a better movie or game scenario but do not go into this with high expectations.

But it was not as bad as…. the sequel to 30 Days of Night…. Dark Days…

Vampires instead of zombies and one of the worst endings I have seen in a movie. Not that the sequel had a great premise…. Hunt down the Queen. Ugh. At least the first film has an interesting premise with the idea of having to deal with a nocturnal threat in the extended darkness of Alaska. This sequel has some decent actors, the best of which did not live long. I do not recommend you spending time you will never get back on this. My only positive out of watching this is that my time spent may save someone else the trouble. Public service done. Yay.

And the next Doppelgänger….

…. apparently a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.


  1. In the entire MESBG range, I think those elves are the nicest looking ones and they capture the feel of wood elves extremely well. That battle company looks great with your mat too I must say. I wasn’t familiar with Darrell Sweet’s art but I do think it is fairly timeless looking and I can see why you enjoy it! You know, I haven’t watched a single Zach Snyder movie because his reputation is not the best and most of DC’s movies haven’t gotten much critical praise. He must have a core audience out there somewhere because he never seems to run out of work to do but he’s someone I imagine I’ll keep avoiding in the future unless he finally releases something that I hear good things about.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You want a horrible “sequel”? Try Peninsula, the “sequel” to Train to Busan. But really don’t, it’s terrible and only a sequel in the sense it’s done by the same director and takes place in South Korea.
      I feel my biggest disappointment in Army of the Dead is the lack of anything of anything original or a novel twist on anything. Alpha zombie – Land of the Dead and I am Legend. Peninsula also has recovery of money in a zombie world. Opening credits – Zombieland. Still don’t know how they managed to seal off Las Vegas without zombies being everywhere. A one time popcorn watch, that’s for sure.
      The Mirkwood Elves are my favorite sculpts from the Hobbit releases, very dynamic. Unfortunately my still remain in the plastic mountain. I agree with your wife that table top standard is good enough for details, a standard I try to follow until I take pictures and then go back and add more details. I try and do eyes on my figures with various results.
      I recognize some of the artwork but never associated a name with it, looks nice for some inspiration.

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      • Warning…. Spoilers!

        Do you think we will get an expanded universe out of Army of the Dead? The time loop plot point? The robot zombie plot point?

        Train of Busan was interesting but not as good as I was hoping for. I did not realize Peninsula was in any way connected and have not seen it yet.

        Maybe when I feel more confident I will go back and do the eyes on the rest of those Mirkwood Elves.


  2. Those elves look pretty nice. I definitely share your wife’s one meter-standard, but for me it’s more like 3 meters.

    Longtime Darrell K. Sweet fan. I think the first covers he did that I remember were the Thomas Covenant series. Bought them for the intense covers alone. I bogged down early in the first book, the same spot everyone pretty much does, and it was the covers and their promise of a deep world that made me pick the series up again a year later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! I wanted to like the Thomas Covenant series but remember bogging down and never finishing the first book…. and that was a long, long time ago! Was the Series worth picking up again in the end?


      • Yeah, Rick, it’s worth reading for the world creation. The Land is really an awesome achievement, grounded in the 70s-era eco-awareness. I like a lot of the characters, particularly Bannor and Saltheart, but I never could quite forgive Covenant for what he did early in the first book, even when he (SPOILER) redeemed everything.

        But there are a lot of genuinely moving moments in the series, a lot of beautiful passages, so yeah, it’s worth reading.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have quite a pile of books to catch up on right now but I will consider giving the series a second shot with that kind of recommendation. Thanks!


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