Some More Reviews… Dwarven Forged 2: Burrows and Monster Fight Club

We recently had two packages arrive. One from the Netherlands with second hand Burrows pieces from Dwarven Forge. The other from the USA with various pieces from Monster Fight Club.

I have wanted Burrows pieces from Dwarven Forge for quite awhile now but we could not afford them in addition to all the other things we wanted. So I have been keeping my eyes open for a good deal on some. Fortune favored my vigil and some became available on the Dwarven Forge forums. The seller had Hellscape (Lava) pieces as well but we had to stay disciplined and got only the Burrows.

They were a bit lighter in color than we were expecting and I will want to add my usual personal touches but overall we were pleased with what we saw. Mrs. GG definitely likes them more now, yet again an example of us thinking they look better in person than in photos online… even my own photos!

In addition to the tunnels themselves we got several little accessory pieces to add some flavor. I am hesitant to say flavor looking at those eggs…

One of the things I really like about the Burrows is the sense of elevation, of playing in a truly 3D environment as the tunnels twist and turn back upon themselves, like an ant nest. It has a really natural feel it. I can not help but think of….

We got this in part because we did not know if we could justify buying the entire Khri Colony set.

And we thought this might be enough. It is a little under half of the Khri Colony set. But for me, it just makes me want more. I love it!

I love the idea of something coming up through the floor or dropping down from the ceiling. I love the earthy, claustrophobic feel of it. I love the modularity. No two nests need to be same. I can see these being used for giant insects, Goblins, aliens, sapper mines in a siege. So many uses! And I love the idea of a 6×4 table with a mix of caverns, dungeons, mines and burrows. Different underground settings coming together to create a single giant location.

EDIT: I was asked to put some photos up with minis on the terrain to give a sense of scale. I also heard the Burrows could be difficult for based minis falling over but so far it seems ok.

As you can see the 25mm based minis work fine. There are even clever little stones acting as platforms for minis on the sloping tunnel parts. The 32mm lizardman base is fine too, but a tighter fit. The 40mm base cave troll has problems in some areas. The 60mm Mordor Troll Chieftain clearly struggles anywhere but the largest chamber. I also tried to show 25mm based minis in tunnels, caverns and narrow dungeon halls.

As usual the Dwarvenite is robust. It is virtually indestructible and easy to store. It is not cheap. But sometimes buying cheap Leads to a false sense of savings, buy right and buy once comes to mind. As well as, you get what you pay for. I see these as great value for money. But no, not cheap.

We love Dwarven Forge. So far it has never failed to….. please us. I was going to satisfy us but that is not quite accurate because it always leaves us wanting more!

Here is a excellent video from Dwarven Forge putting Burrows to good use.

And not my stuff but a very cool photo of how burrows can interact with the dungeon pieces.

In addition to these cool Burrows we also got some cool pieces from Monster Fight Club. We were very pleased with them as they exceeded our expectations. They looked more “scale model” and less “toy” than the online photos originally looked to us.

We backed the MFC Icy Wilds Kickstarter but fulfillment is still months away. And we recently bought MFC bushes from an online retailer here in Germany, which we were pleasantly surprised by. So we decided to get some more samples directly from MFC in the States, focusing mainly on Kickstarter exclusive leftovers from their previous Kickstarter.

We were surprised at how much better the paint looked in person and how robust the bigger pieces felt.

Again I will want to put my personal touches on these MFC pieces but the factory paint work is decent enough to play “out of the box”. I think I will need to do a wash to darken up that factory stone paintwork so that better blends with our Dwarven Forge stones.

We also got some unpainted pieces. The stones do not look as boxy in person as we expected and I hope some personal touches will help make them look even more natural while still retaining enough flat, playable space.

Like Dwarven Forge, Monster Fight Club is not cheap. Especially if you live in the EU and decide to buy from the American MFC website (which you have to if you want to buy left over KS only pieces as far as I am aware). Hopefully MFC will get more widely distributed internationally and become easier to acquire.

Is it worth the price? To us it is. You need to decide if it is for you, depending on your needs. We love the durability. We think it will compliment our Dwarven Forge and GW/Citadel terrain nicely and we eagerly await our Icy Wilds KS pledge.

In other news we stumbled onto MIB: International on Netflix Germany. Somehow we had missed that this film had even been made.

It was OK. Not great, not bad. We laughed a few times and did not feel like we wasted our time. Somewhat forgettable though. I felt like Chris Hemsworth was just playing himself (or Thor) rather than actually acting the role of a new character but Mrs. GG felt his character was considerably less likable than Thor.

We also watched another Mythica movie, the second in the series.

Again, not great cinema but entertaining enough. We give them credit for a non-Hollywood ending. Very cool facial tattoos on the new character. It might surprise folks to hear I have some tribal tattoos on my forearms.

Speaking of what I look like… the next Doppelgänger….

Well, some folks have said I have an ego the size of a planet….



  1. Oh dear. I didn’t know about Monster Fight Club. Darn you, tempters! {shakes fist in direction of giggling gnomes}

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  2. It’s always dangerous reading your blog, now I have to watch Them!, one of my favorite movies of that genre.
    How tall are the walls and how wide are the tunnels? Can we get a figure placed for comparison?
    Watched the Army of the Dead, bank heist in Las Vegas full of zombies. I felt the opening credits were the best part, similar to the opening credits of Zombieland. The movie also reminded me of I am Legend with Will Smith with the way they depicted the zombies. All in all, not a bad movie, but then again I’m a sucker for zombie movies.

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    • Them! What a classic. Those ant sounds still give me chills.

      I thought it easiest to just add more photos with minis in the burrows. You should see them in the blog post now.

      Army of the Dead is on my “to watch” list. I love apocalypse/post-apocalypse stuff, including zombies. What is YOUR zombie plan? I am a big Max Brooks fan. Mrs GG will not watch these kinds of shows with me but she agreed that The Gambler is a brilliant song choice in the trailer. I have a feeling it will not deliver up to my hopes but then I have high hopes… with more realistic expectations.

      And I can watch Dave Bautista in anything, I love his work.

      Not zombies but have you seen him in Bushwick?


      • Thanks for including the pictures, gave me a better sense of scale.
        My zombie plan? Like to think I have one, but after the various civil and non-civil covid responses I need to rethink it. Never had a plan during the nuclear scare times, always lived where it would be first strike so I didn’t worry, might just go with that.

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      • Glad to help and now I better understand the scaling myself.

        Fair point about Covid affecting previous zombie plans… and while I had one when I was single, I have struggled to come up with one that works well with a family.

        As for me in the nuclear scare times…. I always figured some officer would decide how my death could best serve the nation.


  3. I mostly liked the look of the burrows when they were introduced in KS5, but there were two things that kinda bugged me (and still do). First is the lines for inserts (of eggs or whatever) in the middle of the larger pieces standing out. I get the irony with this, as there are clear lines between the pieces in my dungeon and cavern tiles, but my brain can process them easier and for some reason those cutaways for inserts just stand out to me in the burrows, taking away from an otherwise natural look.

    The lower heights on the walls bug me a bit, too. It makes them look a bit more open than the tight, claustrophobic feel they should generate. i think that was so they could do the elevation over other burrows tiles easier, so I get why it is so.

    The sculpting and painting on them is top-notch, though.

    I’ve tried convincing people that I look like Kurt Russell, with zero success so far. Maybe it’s the clothes?

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    • Lines On DF terrain are a funny line. Mrs. GG agrees with you on the inserts whereas they do not bother me, I hardly see them. The lines on Dreadhollow Forest tiles bothered us both a lot more until we got them. Seems that photographs highlight the join lines to us whereas in person it is easier to overlook them for some reason.

      Also, we do not play gridded games but we wonder if players who do find the grid lines created by tiles easier to overlook.

      I see you point about how the burrows could be more claustrophobic.

      For me it was the beard, although my hair never looked that good and now I have a muttonchop beard.


  4. I would have to say that burrows really impress me and look like they’ll be a blast to game with. That is the type of thing I’d love to have my collection if I had the room for it! The rocks do look a bit blocky and unrealistic to me but I’m a stickler for that and I tend to use slate for my rocks so take that with a grain of salt. The other items all look nice and should give you some extra versatility with your terrain which is always nice!

    Ego the living planet is your doppelganger!? Mrs. GG might need to try and rein your (over)confidence in a bit then 😉

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