Some Reviews… Wargames Atlantic and Miniaturicum

Mrs. GG and I always try to make the most with the least and we do pretty good with that. Sometimes it may skew our idea of what things really cost compared to how other folks see things but always looking for a good deal has allowed us to have more toys than if we just always bought new. One of the exceptions we make is buying Wargames Atlantic multi-part plastic figure sets at new prices because we feel that they are good value for money. Great figures and spare bits make for brilliant kit bashing conversions. Above you can see two new boxes we recently got from Miniaturicum, an online retailer here in Germany.

First off, let me be clear. I do not do paid reviews. Folks do not generally send me free stuff so let me compliment Miniaturicum in surprising me….

Excellent customer service with great prices. And generous gifts at times as well.

I do not think they are aware of this blog but they sent us some free paint agitator spheres and this great miniature… which I do not actually recognize. Does anyone know this sculpt and who it is from? Please answer in the comments. EDIT: Turns out it is Blacklist Games.

The new box sets we bought are destined for our Tarnished Splendor project.

Mrs. GG and I both love the Richard Sharpe stories, so it made perfect sense to try to find a way to introduce some “Over the hills and far away….” to our Tarnished Splendor.

We are very pleased with the sculpts. Lots of ways to personalize figures for distinctive identity and some left overs for other kitbashed conversions. Just the one small issue of the lock being on the wrong side of one of the rifles. Other than that, these should make excellent unit to be the nemesis of my Montaignois company.

The Lizardmen were a very pleasant surprised. When they were announced I did not think we needed more Lizardmen as we have GW Seraphon and a few Northstar Snakemen (I just wish they had tails). Then when I saw the concept art I liked the inclusion of early firearms but not the actual models of the Lizardmen themselves. But when photos of the sculpts were published I started to change my mind. Once I saw some painted up I was firmly in the “we need some” frame of mind.

We are using a modified version of the 7th Sea game world of Terra for our Tarnished Splendor project. These Lizardmen are going to be at home in the jungles of the New World, part of our version of the bigger Syreneth plot line.

I am loving these sculpts but I must admit that I plan to introduce a bunch of GW Seraphon bits to help mesh the aesthetics. I prefer these Chameleons to the GW Seraphon Chameleons as well. Now, I wonder if we can use blue stuff and green stuff to mold copies of these tails for the Northstar Snakemen…

We have a number of Wargames Atlantic figures waiting to be assembled, painted and put to “work”.

Originally planned to become Haradrim for our Middle Earth project these Afghan figures are now destined for Tarnished Splendor. Brilliant sculpts!

The giant spiders are our “go to” for our Middle Earth evil arachnids. We may however find a way to introduce them to Tarnished Splendor as I like the idea of them being the descendants of a race of interstellar arachnids locked into war with the Lizardmen for thousands of years in those steaming jungles I mentioned earlier.

The Wargames Atlantic Afghan figures mix well with the Perry Afghans.

The bigger spiders are a bit fiddly to put together but with trial and error you can make a lot of slightly different poses that give them a sense of movement and individuality in a big swarm. The smaller ones lack this sadly but in exchange they are quick to build and paint. Victims are a potentially morbid but interesting addition…… you need to rescue them in time!

The Dark Age Irish are great for a few reasons. Excellent sculpts with distinctive character, usable for a large span of time outside just the Dark Ages. Dogs! Cloaks! I can not believe that cloaks are such a pain to get. You would think one of the big companies would make an accessory pack of generic 28mm plastic multi-period/multi-genre cloaks. As it is now, you have to pay premium prices for resin cloaks from a few of the smaller companies.

Another set of figures we thought to use for Middle Earth, as Easterlings or Haradrim, was Ancient Persians.

I wonder if some of these Persian heads would make good Gnome heads….

We intend to mix the Wargames Atlantic Persians with Victrix Persians.

We love the diversity and individuality provided by kitbashing figures from different companies. Unarmored figures can also easily become unarmed civilian NPCs. This is why we do not complain when we see companies making the same figures. We will also be mixing in some old, now out of production Wargames Factory multi-part plastic Persians as well!

Have you figured out yet that we really like Wargames Atlantic? Right up there with Victrix, the Perry Brothers, Fireforge, Gripping Beast, Conquest and Warlord Games. They all mix and match well with the end result being greater than the sum of the parts.

Oh, by the way we also picked up a sprue of the Halfling militia awhile back.

I say Halfling. The lack of shoes makes me think Hobbit but I suppose IP protection gets in the way of using that term. Their equipment is interesting but does not reflect what Peter Jackson, Weta and Games Workshop envisioned… making their use in GW’s Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game a bit challenging. And on top of that Mrs. GG was not a fan of them.

However… I had a cunning plan based on a recent failure of mine. You see Wargames Atlantic recently had a contest to vote on designing new sets of figures. I submitted Ottoman, or more specifically Janissaries…. but I later realized that I should have submitted Gnomes, specifically Tinker Gnomes!

So I have begun using green stuff to convert our sprue of Halfling militia to Gnomeland Security.

Now, bear in mind these are a work in progress. They have the advantage of being much smaller than the GW Goblins I used to make Gnomes in the past. Some of the Oathmark Dwarves look pretty Gnomish but they are also much bigger than these diminutive chaps. This is going so well that we bought a whole box on eBay at a nice discount.

What about you? Would you like to Wargames Atlantic make multi-part plastic Gnome box sets? No other manufacturer does as far as I am aware. Please correct me if I am wrong…. And let Wargames Atlantic know you want Gnomes!

For Gnomeregan!

There are other Wargames Atlantic kits we like that we have not gotten only because we have to have a limit on genres. We particularly like the Grognards (sci-fi French), the Einherjar (sci-fi Dwarves) and the WW2 French Partisans (brilliant fodder for pulp adventure kitbashing conversions).

Considering how well Wargames Atlantic consults with their customers to bring out some rather cool but unexpected sets, I really have to give Wargames Atlantic a big Gnomish thumbs up of approval.

In other news, I watched the second season of Love, Death and Robots on Netflix. Not as good overall as the first season in my opinion but I really enjoyed the episode “Snow in the Desert”.

And another Doppelgänger was reported to me by my mate Tom, apparently running around the Old World of GW.

Also, you may have noticed the new lay out for the blog. Some folks requested that I make it easier to find old blog posts. Now there are several ways to search the site for archived material if you want to look for something specific or just catch up on old posts. The blog has grown far beyond my original intention and hopefully this helps.

I am considering how to further develop this blog. Things like the Doppelgänger, which was on my old Facebook page, may make their way here if people enjoy them. I might talk more about my larp experiences or my policing experiences. It depends on a number of factors so feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. It is great to hear what you think of these newish sculpts. I have to admit, I have been very tempted as of late by their box sets as several would work extremely well in a pulp setting. Knowing that you like them so well is going to make it even harder to resist buying them, I figure! Its really nice to see someone in addition to GW in the plastics space. I prefer plastic to metal and resin by a wide margin so I’m excited to see what all Wargames Atlantic makes.

    In terms of your website, I’d say do whatever makes you happiest. Initially, I wanted my site to be more professional and not overly personal but as time has gone on, I’ve found that including personal stuff can be fun and rewarding for me as a writer so I’ve embraced it. I’d recommend doing the same and not being afraid to experiment until you find the format that you like best.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am glad to hear you like the post. I have been thinking of doing some more focused reviews like this. It is encouraging to hear that folks like it.

      As for plastic multi-part kits, I would have thought you would enjoy doing kitbashing conversions. It seems like your kind of thing, to have the freedom to express your own vision of things.

      Getting the balance of “just personal enough, but not too personal” is difficult.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Definitely write some more as you have the time. I don’t have much skill with converting honestly. It is my one hobby weakness that I’d like to improve one of these days. Perhaps getting a couple of these kits will help which would be great 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Its not so much about being hard on myself as I’m not the best at thinking outside of the box. I wish I were better at it, to be honest! But alas, we all have to play to our strengths I suppose.


  2. I wish GW would do LOTR figures with options like Wargames Atlantic does. Those sprues look really nice, tempted to get the Chosen Ones just to paint and play with when I watch Sharpe again.
    That’s twice you have gotten and mentioned that the large spiders are fiddly to put together, how fiddly are they? I like the look of them but get tired of getting glue all over my fingers.
    Regarding cloaks, have you looked at Victoria Miniatures? They have a set that might work for you.
    Like Kuribo said, it’s your blog, do what you want. I like the new design, very easy to navigate.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I wish GW would do kits like these. The freedom in building is so much more enjoyable than the usual GW limitations.

      Only the Riflemen and Lizardmen at new, all the other things are previous acquisitions. You were sharp to pick up on the fact I talked about the spiders in a previous post. As for how fiddly… very fiddly. My language was hardly paladin-like when I was dealing with putting them together. But I like the end result soothe effort was worth it. I really need to finish building the ones I have and paint them up!

      Victoria Miniatures was one of those small companies doing resin cloaks I was talking about. Six dollars for five cloaks. That makes each cloaks cost as much as or more than what I pay for a single miniature when it comes to multi-part plastic kits.

      I am glad you like the new site layout. Since a few folks have expressed negative feedback on the white background I am considering other options but other than that it seems to be doing ok.

      Thanks again for taking the time to let me know your thoughts mate! I always look forward to what folks say and you are one of the most frequent commenters. What you say matters to me!


  3. Forgot to mention, looking at your order of British Riflemen and Lizardmen, it gave me a vibe of the old GDW game – Space 1889 🙂

    You’re right, it’s almost better to buy a figure set than the straight cloaks, more pieces for kitbashing.

    Think I’ll pass on the spiders, might just buy some more wizkids ones or find something else.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, there is definitely a Space 1889 vibe going on. I thought about opening up an option like that for our Tarnished Splendor project but trying to avoid going too far into Victorian tropes. Mars and Venus do beckon however….

      If the Wizkids ones work for you, cool. Perhaps the new Reaper ones coming from Bones 5 will work for you too.


  4. I got a test sprue of the Halflings, but wasn’t entirely convinced either. The heads are great, but the weapon options are a bit meh (like the pan though). I may convert the one or other.

    Love the Gnomes you made. That works really well with these guys. So maybe some goaties are in order to make them grow on me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah! Someone noticed! I do not tend to post many WIP shots, not until the minis are finished at least. I am glad you like the idea and hope that some suitable facial hair can help your Halfing, er I mean Gnome, sculpts grow on you.

      Considering the armor would reduce visible gender differences I am considering female head options from the Frostgrave Soldiers 2 and Wizards 2 boxes for future added diversity.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!


  5. Great Blog as always Rick, good to read your comments on kitbashing.The spiders, are all the sprues identical?They are something that one sprue would probably be enough of for me

    Liked by 1 person

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