More terrain…

It has been a busy week, but not much time spent painting. I did manage to finish some more Pegasus Hobbies walls (only 8 more to go! ) and first of our long line of Hagglethorn Hollow re-works.

So it started with some plastic putty and some greenstuff. Then some drybrushing on the thatch, painting on the stones/ropes and then washes.

Mostly it is just a case of increasing the contrast of the paint scheme in order to have some of the details “pop” more. It looks more subtle in the photos than in person.

In addition to trying to decide how to proceed with our Hagglethorn Hollow buildings, we have been trying to figure out how to proceed with the Archon Studios Dungeons and Lasers 3 Kickstarter.

We have been building things with the D&L 2 pieces to try to make a more informed decision on D&L 3.

Trying to decide how well the pieces will work with our current buildings…. and just how ambitious we could get.

The frustrating thing is having to guess how things like the new roof pieces will work to transform these pieces into better looking buildings.

We have decided that we have Dwarven Forge for dungeons, so D&L would be better, mostly, for budget buildings. So rather than retain the versatile modularity we would treat the pieces like terrain bits box pieces and actually glue them together. But it looks like we will have to wait for D&L 3 to deliver next year to see that develop.

I am still undecided on how we will proceed with the D&L Dwarven Mine sets we have.

One thing with the D&L 3 Kickstarter, it will almost undoubtably go over 1 million Euros, and a “village level” pledge is an incredible value for money given the stretch goals… but more for miniature figures rather than terrain. Even if you just give the terrain away the figures are well worth the pledge cost but you need to pledge for the village, not minis only, to get the Troll, Giant and Dragon freebie stretch goals.

One of the other distractions to my painting schedule was the arrival of some second hand Dwarven Forge pieces we bought from AnimeSensei on the Dwarven Forge forums. He was the very model of a decent person to deal with and we would happily deal with him again in the future.

We were surprised to find many of the Dwarven Forge pieces look much better in person than they do in photos online. We are now much more interested in the Dwarven Forge fieldstone and Tudor buildings… which means we will likely be very interested in the next Dwarven Forge Kickstarter, a city focused KS currently scheduled for October.

We love the DF LED items.

We are also increasingly liking some of the DF figures.

And the Golem design for Dungeons of Doom, where you have some appearing to be built into the Wall but actually removable, is genius.

We are definitely addicted to Dwarven Forge and their Dwarvenite material. With their items it is not a case of what we like and do not like any more, it is just a case of just exactly how much do we like a piece and can we afford it.

In other news, Shadow and Bone continued to be excellent. While not perfect it was pretty close, doing a better job of balancing further plot hooks with a satisfying conclusion to the season in the finale. It left us feeling satisfied yet wanting more… unlike the season finale of Jupiter’s Legacy…

Now, bearing in mind we have not read the comics, we enjoyed this series except for the cliffhanger season finale. We enjoyed the show enough to binge watch it when we should have probably been painting but it was just so…. more-ish… like an open can of Pringles.

Both Mrs. GG and I strongly identified with certain characters (Grace and Sheldon have an argument in one scene that could have been scripted from similar arguments in the GG household) but there are some definite flaws in the show. Mrs. GG was a bit more forgiving than me, as usual, but we both enjoyed it. It was more graphic than we felt it needed to be but was not as extreme as “the Boys”, which I could not get Mrs. GG to watch and I was unable to finish the first episode of. I know that show is incredibly popular but it felt like unsettling, gore-porn when I tried to watch it. This show sails close to that at times, so be warned if that kind of thing bothers you and you are thinking of trying either show.

We also watched Mythica, A Quest for Heroes…

… which was liking watching a larp being filmed. Beastmaster style B movie for the 21st Century. The Dwarf tavernkeeper was kind of cool. Do not watch this with high expectations and you might be entertained.

And finally, this week’s Doppelgänger….

Apologies if anyone finds offense…



  1. The terrain is coming along and I can’t imagine that you have space to get more. You lucky dog! Its really cool to see how easy it is to make fantasy villages and castles and that sort of thing. Even ten or 15 years ago, it would have taken so much more work and scratch building!

    I don’t know a lot about Jupiter’s Legacy nor The Boys but both series are written by people known for pushing the limits and having graphic violence if I’m not mistaken. I’ve heard that both series have great commentaries on superheroes and I have no doubt about that. I love superheroes but don’t have interest in watching either show as I know graphic violence, especially without a purpose is not something I’m interested in. I have plans to talk about a superhero show that I’ve been watching in my next update and now you’ve got me even more excited to write that up 🙂

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    • We have a bit more room but we need to be smart in how we proceed. We can not get everything we want. He have been trying to stay disciplined and avoid getting any Dwarven Forge Hellscape (Lava) terrain. It looks very cool but we just can not afford the cost or storage space for everything… the same way I had to struggle to not pledge for the Wild West themed Zombicide. There has to be some limits.

      And yes, it is amazing what is available for terrain and figures these days. Even more great things are on the horizon.

      We like superheroes in the GG household. Maybe not as much as some folk since we do not generally read many graphic novels/comic books but we enjoy good superhero stories and we like to see certain “realities” explored, the way say Watchmen does or Jupiter’s Legacy. Mrs. GG is a bigger fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. than I am. We really should get caught up on that. We need to see the last season of Gotham. Etc etc etc. So much to watch, so little free time.

      I very much look forward to hearing more from you on shows you enjoy!

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      • I can relate to not being able to have room for everything and eyeballing that version of Zombicide both! I am definitely a fan of superhero stories and their deconstruction though I haven’t gotten around to reading Watchmen somehow. I would recommend the series Powers by Brian Michael Bendis for a pretty cool take on that. Somebody made a TV show of it but I don’t think it reached its potential. I never got around to watching Agents of SHIELD but I know some people really enjoyed it. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts if you do go back to watching it. Maybe that will convince me to give it a try!

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      • That version of Zombicide has such cool sculpts! I did not really like the steampunk add on sculpts but otherwise there were so many sculpts that I loved.

        You know me, if I watch something I will not be shy about sharing my feelings on it. But it is great to hear when someone tells me that they are curious to hear what I think. Thanks mate!

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  2. I’m amazed at how well you improve your terrain pieces with minor touches. Just changing the stones from brown to grey on the stones holding the ropes on the house add the extra pop that makes the house stand out more! The addition of led lights really does add a dimension that I will have to consider doing.
    I started the second episode of Shadow & Bone and my wife started watching and now she is watching it with me. Glad to hear that you thought the first season ended well, always a concern with Netflix shows. Doubt I will watch Mythica, but the mention of Beastmaster might make me watch some of my 80’s Sword & Sorcery DVDs I have 🙂

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    • Small things like highlighting and washes help with contrast. Picking out detail bits help the piece “pop” with dimension. And tidying up overspill creates a better overall subconscious impression. Little things add up.

      LEDs on terrain pieces do so much more for us than we expected. There is just this amazing, childlike glee we get when we turn the LEDs on and they flicker away. It lends a sense of motion to the table, making it less like a snapshot in time.

      I hope Shadow and Bone entertains you. Beastmaster was a childhood favorite of mine. I tried to get Mrs. GG to watch it but she gave up after about 15 minutes. She is not a huge fan of 80’s movies in general. She prefers more contemporary cinematography, particularly the editing and camerawork.


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