Hagglethorn Hollow, Part 2!

So, the second two packages arrived today. Again some small damage to the big external boxes but no transport damage to the pieces visible to me, thanks to the excellent custom fitted styrofoam packaging.

My wife and I were surprised at the extra big size of one of the boxes but that led to some disappointment when we opened the box.

Ouch! Thankfully nothing was damaged despite the amount of “rattle room” in the box. The size of the box also misled my expectations of how much was inside. As we unboxed things, I could not help wondering, “is this all?”

The stuff in the back row was the stuff in the biggest box.

In our opinion these pieces seemed to have less bubbles and be a bit better painted than the items wo got in the first two boxes but that is a generalization…. and we may have been looking at them with lower expectations.

Here you can clearly the completely ineffective magnets. But you can also see some charming interior details. The designs inside are quirky and fun but not a lot of room for figures. Salute to Johnny despite that as we love his vision for these pieces.

More great interior details but disappointing paintwork.

We like the sculpt but the paint needs more contrast. And I have to figure out how to get it to blend better with Dwarven Forge Factory colors.

This time door handles were not painted.

My wife is generally not a fan of ruins but she likes these. I like the stone heads more than her. We both are glad we ordered extra wall pieces. We agreed to adding more grey and some plants to the stones.

We were both really looking forward to the Wizard’s Hut. I think that high expectation caused us to feel particularly let down by this piece. It is the only piece that I noticed having obvious mould lines and particularly bad paint overspill.

The color choice for the curtains was also…. off. In our opinion.

The Soothsayer Hut was one that after the Pledge Manager closed had me wondering if I should have gotten more of… for tribal huts.

However the bubbles in the resin of this piece were numerous.

The spire roof was one of the few pieces that looked damaged. My wife thought maybe it was done to look that way intentionally and just was not painted correctly. I am not so sure about that. But there were no small pieces in the box so I think it was damaged before it was shipped. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I can repair it easy enough I suppose.

I quite like the tower…. but more grey is called for.

The Tavern roof is one of our favorite pieces. Yes, this is only the roof! Three floors of unplayable roof interior but some cool exterior playable space. If there is one piece we really want two of, it is this one. Just by itself it makes a fine building if you do not need to go inside, whilst you could use another to make the taller version of the Tavern with two playable interior floors. I can see painting one with a terracotta roof and one with a slate roof.

Some of the stretchgoal freebies. I like them more than my wife does but I think they will really benefit from some personal modifications. Johnny again gets a salute for his brilliant imagination!

Now what do these pieces look like when added to the two boxes we got yesterday?

Pretty cool, right? The total is definitely greater than the sum of the parts.

The buildings need work but I can definitely see great potential.

You have to try to take into account my limited photography skills.

I can see stories waiting to be told.

The buildings play well with our GW Citadel trees.

Our figures look at home in the buildings already…. how much can we improve on them?

The pieces are big. They quickly fill a 6×4 table. They are very vertical. Domineering almost. Notice the work I have ahead of me with the Tabletop World buildings in the cabinet on the left.

We need them to play well with our Dwarven Forge pieces… and I think they will.

And there we are. A full Hagglethorn Hollow pledge plus Hunter’s Lodge, Fisherman’s Lodge and a spare wall pack (6 walls). No idea when we will see the art book we also pledged for.

Yes, our first impressions were disappointing. The pieces are far from perfect. We did not have high expectations on the factory paint given the price but we hoped to be pleasantly surprised. We are very pleased to finally get it all though. My wife did not share my belief that we would never get it.

Johnny and Ike at Tabletop Troubadour need to improve their communication. I have trouble trusting them because I do not feel they shared important information with us. They made promises they did not keep. But Johnny is an amazing artist. What is so frustrating is that I want him to succeed. I think his art makes the world a better place and I genuinely, passionately want more people to be able to enjoy it.

It has been a difficult journey and it is not over yet but I think Hagglethorn Hollow will help us create immersive worlds where we can tell stories that entertain and hopefully provoke thought.

Whether Hagglethorn Hollow is right for you or not is your decision to make. Hopefully we have given you material to help make an informed decision. We really, really hope that Johnny and Ike see this. Please feel free to like, share and comment below. We love reading your comments and welcome any questions!


  1. A quick “buy time for slow painting improvements on HH” maneuver might be if you have some unpainted (or willing to repaint) Dwarven Forge banks like these https://shop.dwarvenforge.com/products/6-6-a107-u_large-stone-banks-std-cavern-paint-unpainted?_pos=10&_sid=4f9f0cf5a&_ss=r&variant=32852894875751 to make them a mid-point between the gray-with-a-few-brown stones of the DF standard castle paint and the brown-and-some-light-grayish-brown of the HH.

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  2. That big box certainly was a tease! I couldn’t tell if the spire roof was damaged or not, looked ok to me. I agree that more grey is called for on some pieces, must have been a sandstone quarry nearby.

    Nice to see a gaming table in 3D, just need to be careful not to put too tall of pieces near the edge where you can’t reach over them.

    It was good to see some figures next to the pieces, gave a nice sense of scale.

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    • I am a bit worried about top pieces being knocked off and either crushing minis or crashing to the floor. It would have been nice if the magnets had worked as intended.

      One of the things we really wanted to add to our gaming was verticality. Using Dwarven Forge mountain pieces was part of that. These towering Hagglethorn Hollow pieces are another. City fighting should really be interesting with so many vantage points.


  3. Very thorough review of the lot. I think overall, this is a great looking group of buildings. The paint jobs could’ve been a little tighter, but still maybe better than expected for the small upcharge. All the bubbles are off-putting, though, and a few parts (like that one door) that look miscast.
    Definitely wish I’d picked up a couple. Storage is a major problem for me now, could not have taken much more than that. I think you guys will really enjoy these as you start setting up some games.
    Looking forward to what you do them!

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  4. The terrain definitely looks impressive on your table. The scale and coverage they provide is really impressive! I think these pieces are similar to the previous in that they will require plenty of drybrushing to unlock their full potential but I’m sure you were expecting that after opening the first two boxes. The most important thing is that I can see that the terrain has you inspired to do more hobbying and gaming so that is the most important thing I’d say! 🙂

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  5. Hi! Thank you very much for share this! I didn’t arrive to the campaign so that I had to enter in the late pledge. Now I’m expecting to arrive my order this week (I’m from Spain), and seeing all your stuff makes me feel very calm. Ultimately I never have thought that this was any kind of scam, but I share with you that the lack of transparency and communication always has been very disappointing, is obvious that all the project has been too much bigger for Johnny and Ike and they must to improve their abilities to manage their business. At least we are getting our stuff (I purchased all unpainted because I like painting and wanted to try a different color scheme), and besides the pieces are not perfect, love how they fit in your table and I’m sure that you will enjoy it very much 🙂

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    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. I always appreciate hearing what people think. And I am glad the post has been of help to you. There is a lot of potential in Hagglethorn Hollow and hopefully we will all have fun in the worlds we create with it.


  6. Thanks for part 2 of the review. makes me look forward even more to when I get whatever i ordered (I could go and look it up I suppose) and see them in person. As for those TTW lurking on the shelf, the castings those guys produce are the “gold standard” from where I sit. The fit tends to be outstanding, I find minimal if any mold lines or flash, and the take paint rather well I find. BUT, be sure to set aside some serious time for doing them justice. I enjoy these long form posts and your mix of product talk and methods and side discourse. Keep it up.

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    • Thank you for taking the time to comment! It makes the work worthwhile when I read that someone enjoyed it.

      TTW is pretty amazing. Great aesthetics, great production quality. I just hope my painting skills can do them justice.


  7. Very nice review. I myself basically got what you got minus the extra walls and everything I got was unpainted. I do the same for my Dwarven Forge, always unpainted. I’m sorry it’s coming from a Chinese factory, it’s not done professionally or by someone for has the love of role play gaming.
    I also have Tabletop World models which I’m painting and they just had a Kickstarter for graveyard pieces. It’s ended but one they they did in the updates was give some great tutorials on painting things like wood and stone.
    Check it out.


    • I am glad you like the review!

      My wife and I backed the Tabletop World Graveyard Kickstarter. We love their work.

      We are also big fans of Dwarven Forge… which is also made in China. And Reaper…. which also has nice things made in China. Made in China does not have to mean poorly made. But the decision you made to buy unpainted was probably a good one given the time we have spent repainted factory painted pieces!

      Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions, time is a precious gift and it is appreciated.


  8. Thanks again for making this review, at this moment the UK is still in the project data analysis stage so your photos are very welcome.
    I’m just sorry the product doesn’t quite live up to the excitement of the last couple of years, hopefully we can all do Johnny’s vision for the town proud with our supplementary paint work!


  9. Thank you for the review! I followed the KS, but it was out of my price range. I’m also wary of hand-painted items, since the quality can be all over the place (happened with some though not all Stonemaier Games Realistic tokens). I also have resin buildings, and the interior isn’t enough room for gaming. I suspect IRL we can cram in more people and furniture into a 2×2 area than we can do with miniatures! Feel free to repost it on RPG.net.

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    • Thanks for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate folks letting me know what they think of the blog posts and I am glad you like the review.

      While I am no expert, I think there are often scale issues at play with buildings because people want a lot of buildings in a small space… if buildings were truly to proper scale with figures we would only see a couple of buildings even on a 6×4 foot table.


  10. Great review over the two pages, and I think it’s certainly fair – but – the value of the paint on these buildings is really a matter of perspective. They’ve really used the “Prototype Paint”-“Factory Paint” dichotomy here, but at the same time I know a bunch of different people with very different levels of painting skill and with that – expectation. For the people who use Wizkids/Nolzur’s prepaints as their characters and foes, the paint here would probably be considered amazing. For people more experienced in the hobby side, like yourselves (and me), it’s a set that has essentially been basecoated for your covenience and ability to set it down right away if you just can’t be bothered doing ti right away (or ever).
    Speaking for myself, if I were to show up for a game at a friend’s place and they had a tabletop full of this terrain, I’d be happy and impressed.
    For myself to own them – and I suspect we have this in common – I’d be okay with it as a starting point, and to use, but I’d be doing bits here and bits there and replacing the magnets and repainting those and adding more colours to the stone, and adding a wash on these, and…. for awhile before I’d be *truly* satisfied with them.
    I guess there’s a bright side – you’ve got a lot of future Blog content set as the two of you work your way through them bringing them up to (and beyond) spec and adding your own unique touches to each piece. 🙂

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