So many projects, so much to talk about…

Chaosium has some 7th Sea Second Edition bits on sale so we decided to take advantage of that and took the plunge. We were very happy with what we got!

The product quality is great, you can see lots of passion went into making the various bits. Excellent raw material as well as brilliant artwork. The dice and hero token chips are top notch. I have to admit I was a bit surprised as I have not heard any of the reviews mention this. It would seem to me money was invested in the products, making the margins for the Kickstarter most likely very thin… and that may be part of what had lead to a very troubled Kickstarter as well as the end of John Wick‘s game company. I am very glad Chaosium has picked it up.

The only problem now is that I want all the expansion books and we can not quite stretch our budget that far. The only affordable second hand copies I have found so far are in the States and with postage/customs they are no longer affordable. We could buy just PDF‘s from Chasium but we both really like physical books.

One of the frustrating things about this hobby has been the “hidden costs”. We anticipated the cost of figures to a certain degree but not how much they have turned out costing considering I keep seeing things I want. Then there is terrain, mats, paints, rules, dice, dice bags, dice trays, display cases, tool, glue, tutorial guides, etc etc etc. It all adds up… especially compared to computer gaming… but much of it also adds to the fun.

There is a real joy in creating the artwork. That we expected.

But we also enjoy some things we did not expect, like having cool dice to roll in cool dice trays.

I picked up some Chessex dice in powdered blue and copper for both Sharp Practice (d6) and 7th Sea (d10). There is something about the color combination of these dice that just pleases me in a way I struggle to articulate.

The photo above just does not capture the great colors properly, but suffice to say I love them for Napoleonic French or 7th Sea Montaignois troops.

We learned while playing Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game that we really like themed dice, especially where it has a fitting symbol instead of the six. To be playing your faction and in that split second of seeing your faction symbol instead of a number… it just sharpens our sense of success in the roll. Neither of us are by nature gamblers but I think this is a small taste of what gamblers must feel.

Our Sauron dice… used primarily for my Minas Morgul warband in our Battle Companies Middle Earth Strategy Battle Games campaign.

Our red and black generic Middle Earth “evil NPCs‘” dice.

My brown Dwarven dice.

And my wife‘s favorite dice… our Rohan and Elves (Rivendell, Galahdrim and Wood Elves) dice.

We prefer when the faction symbol is on the six rather than the one, so the older Middle Earth dice floating around on eBay are not so good for us. And Games Workshop has a terrible habit of letting newer dice go out of production rather quickly, so resellers hike up the prices.

So we are always on the lookout for cool dice.

As for terrain, we are anxiously waiting for some Dwarven Forge terrain from America and our Hagglethorn Hollow Kickstarter pledge. Both have cleared customs and are somewhere here in Germany but not with us yet!

Whilst we wait I have been painting some of the Dwarven Forge terrain we already have and adding some details to the Citadel/Games Workshop forest my wife painted.

I moved the owl from where I originally put it because it kept breaking off when ever I moved the tree. The beetle did not come out as iridescent as I hoped but I was using just washes over silver paint. And I only realized too late that of all the leaves I made out of greenstuff on the base only two match the shape of the leaves on the trees. Doh!

The mushroom, leaves and beetle are pretty large… not very accurate to scale for 28mm but the exaggerated size does help make them visible on the table while gaming.

I think the heavier dry brushing and all the new detail colors help break up the green as well as fit in more with the Dwarven Forge terrain but we will see that better when we have more Dwarven Forge terrain for the table. The darker, evergreen color sadly does not sit well with the brighter green Citadel “golf course” grass mat though.

As we transition away from our more traditional terrain to Dwarven Forge focus (and hence away also from that grass mat) I am beginning to regret having put grass on the base edges of the various scatter terrain I made. I have been considering trying to remove the grass off the edges as it is only done with PVA and then repaint the edges of the bases our standard strong tone washed brown.

And we are also hoping this all goes well with the terrain we are getting from the Monster Fight Club Kickstarter we backed…

Another piece I finished was some quick improvements on a rocky hill from Gale Force 9‘s Battlefield in a Box line.

It may not look like much added but I specifically wanted to go light on the vegetation so it would be more “general purpose” since it is heading for eBay.

Also destined for eBay is a lone GW skeleton miniature my wife found that had fallen behind one of our dressers….

… a quick bit of painting and now it is waiting for a new home!

My wife painted up a 3d printed tree that was a gift to us from our friend Tom.

Thanks Tom!

In other news, we watched the first episode of Tribes of Europa. I liked it but it is too grimly post-apoc for my wife so I will be continuing on my own with it.

Snowpiercer continues to deliver. It is entertaining however Sean Bean‘s character is the creepiest I have ever seen him.

I was disappointed to read that there will be no more seasons of La Revolution, the French tv series about the French Revolution being against vampires…. hence the need to remove heads…

It is a dark series but I think it makes an interesting addition to our Tarnished Splendor vision of 7th Sea… so I was hoping to convince my wife to watch it, and of course season 1 ends with a bit of a cliff hanger. Sigh.


  1. I was never a fan of themed dice, always thought of it as more of a marketing device vs useful, that said, those blue dice really are Napoleonic! Might have to change my mind 🙂
    I think objects in terrain don’t have to adhere to true 28mm, it only comes obvious if on a figure base. Basing is always a problem, I’ve had to repaint mine several times depending on mood and/or additional terrain/armies.
    Really like the broken tree, it looks great! The GW trees are really coming along, the only comment I would have is to tone down the shinyness of the wood.
    I finished the first half of the last season of Vikings, after the first few episodes it picked up and I liked it. Of course the usual questionable battle tactics but par for the course.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, basing is quite frustrating. We are likely going to end up with a bunch of sailors on our ships with little islands of temperate biome around their feet.

      The trees look shiny in person, but yeah our Vallejo brush on mat clear coat has not done a good a job as I would like. The Army Painter brush on mat clear coat was even less effective. We will have to wait until the weather improves to try some spray on mat clear coat.

      I have tried a couple of times to convince my wife to pick up on Vikings where we left off but so far no luck. Between the often repeated deceit of Rollo, the insane malice of Ivar and the plotting of a Chinese princess hooking Ragnar Lothbrok on opium, my wife has decided to show “jumped the shark” awhile ago. For her I think all interest was lost after the death of Ragnar… but I feel somehow compelled to keep watching to the end at some point…. perhaps like watching a slow motion train wreck in progress. All so very far from the optimism we held in season 1.

      Themed dice are a surprising treat but do not come cheap!


  2. I have a backlog of figures waiting for warmer weather for dull coating. I have a bottle of army painter anti-shine but haven’t tried it much. I usually take vallejo splinter blotches or flat earth to dull my plastic tree trunks I get from a craft store.

    The one reason I enjoyed this last season of Vikings, it wraps up Lagertha’s arc.

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    • I am always nervous about spraying mat clear coat, I have had it go wrong too many times, but a good mat finish really makes most pieces look so much better that it tends to bevworthbthe risk for me.


  3. Well I’m surprised to say it and don’t say it often, but I disagree with Bret! I love the themed dice and am really impressed by your collection. I only have one set that GW made but I think they’re really high quality and I kind of feel like I missed out on the previous releases. I don’t understand why GW has made them so hard to get. It seems like they did it just to aggravate people but that is neither here nor there.

    The terrain looks good and it seems like there are plenty of exciting machinations over there in Germany 🙂 I hope you get the stuff you ordered quickly. The mail continues to be godawful here where I live and I can’t wait for things to get better.

    Tribes of Europa seems like it might be cup of tea. If only I had time for a new TV show or two right now. There’s just never enough time in the day…

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    • We managed to get a few sets, as you can see, when the big MESBG re-release came out but foolish me I thought we only needed one die from each set and started selling the others on eBay. My wife was not a fan of this idea, she wanted to keep them all, but I was keen to reinvest and like Bret thought they were just a gimmick.

      However, as we started playing we found we enjoyed having different dice for different heroes and regular troops and that sometimes heroes used more than one die at a time. And it is fun to see the little icon in that split second of triumph compared to just six pips.

      So I managed to end up with just two dice from a few of the sets by the time I realized this.

      I assumed it would be a simple case to just reorder more but as I learned when the Mordor/Sauron dice we ordered on at launch never arrived Games Workshop has a very odd system of managing production stock. I paid considerably more than the original production price to eventually get our Mordor/Sauron dice set.

      It seems to me that GW likes to create a collector atmosphere with their products, “buy it now no matter the cost because you never know when it might be available again”. And I hate that. It is similar with Dwarven Forge but they are a very small operation compared to GW.

      Three episodes into Tribes of Europa and so far it is pretty good. It still feels a bit larpy with the themed factions but decent production quality, story and acting. The characters come across as very European if that phrase makes any sense and remind me of various people I have met over here. In some ways it really reminds me of Resistopia, a larp I participated in.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes! Matching dice for factions is fun. I swear that some dice just roll better than others too and I’m not a superstitious person 🙂 The inflated price on dice were ridiculous and I think fed into scalping online which is something nobody but scalpers want to see happen. Product shortages have been a low point in GW’s customer relations across their games in the past couple of years, I think. I agree on the collector’s mentality driving a lot of sales too. I don’t think it belongs with miniatures games, personally. The limited nature of a lot of these products whether it dice or cards is artificial. There is nothing stopping them from making more if they think someone will buy them! It feels like this business practice comes at the cost of their customers who miss out on things they want. I also feel like it is encouraging people to buy more than they can ever hope to paint or play which is another way of disrespecting and taking advantage of your customers in a way. Sadly a lot of businesses seem to favor tactics like this though from my perspective so GW is hardly alone in this regard.

        As an American who likes European things, I know exactly what you mean about something coming off as European unintentionally. I think I’d probably find that endearing about the show as I’m already an Anglophile and Francophile. I’m sure I can add some other countries to that list in the future too 🙂

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