So much to do, so little time…

It is always a challenge to decide what to do next. My “to do” list is very, very long and while I have more free time than most people I still feel like there is never enough time.

This week I tried to focus on things I thought I could finish quickly, so some more jungle terrain and GW Isengard Uruk-Hai. Both lots had been started by someone else and just “product improved” by me. The terrain had been pretty bare bones temperate pieces.

My thought was that this work would go quick but nothing ever goes as quickly as I expect.

I am unsure if we will keep the jungle terrain. It just feels underwhelming compared to the Dwarven Forge terrain. DF does not make jungle terrain but we do have some swamp terrain coming from them in our Wildlands Kickstarter pledge. I am thinking it could serve as jungle terrain as well.

My wife has been working on some Citadel/Games Workshop trees that we thought might work well with the Dwarven Forge terrain. Here are three views of the set of three trees she did on its base.

These are the older, out of production trees. We have another set of these and a set of the newer trees which are not designed have a group base. On the trees above she used some spare branches and leaves of the newer design that we won in an EBay auction.

I used greenstuff to turn the skulls on the base into stones, which my wife then painted. GW and their skull obsession, grr! And I added an owl for a bit more quirky flavoring.

We think the trees came out great but we are not completely satisfied with the base. At this point we think it may not blend in well enough with the DF pieces so we are considering a heavier dry brushing of a lighter green on the base. But even then it lacks the diversity of details that exist on the DF pieces, particularly the fallen leaves which add some more colors to the DF pieces.

The Uruk-Hai came painted to various different standards as I won them in different auctions, so some were more work than others. All were more work than I expected. I had to pretty much paint the siege troops twice as I did not wait long enough to put a wash on them and some metallic flakes spread from the armor to other parts… making them look like “sparkly vampires”. Frustrating! But that is what I get for trying to rush.

I am pleased with how the “heroes” turned out. I know they may look boring with the dark colors but getting those colors without it just looking like a brown blob is quite challenging. The differences in the shades of brown is quite subtle and looks better when seen in person rather than with my poor photography skills.

The goblin on the left was a “proof of concept” piece. The previous owner had started the figure but not finished. It looks like they had used contrast paint. I decided to work with that and just add details and the base. I decided against an “underground” base as I expect our goblins to fight above ground as well as underground. And I expect to use these “goblin town” goblins from the Hobbit in our Tarnished Splendor games as well as our Middle Earth games. We have another 30+ of these but those are all completely unpainted. I think I will experiment with different skin colors rather than have one uniform tone for them.

Our finances have had another hit with the new Kickstarter for the second edition of The One Ring. We have decided to pledge since we have not managed to track down an affordable first edition main rule book despite having all the first edition expansions.

We saw another Kickstarter we like but can not afford to back it right now…

In other news, as part of our 7th Sea research we watched some folks playing the game on YouTube. Normally I have not been a huge fan of watching folks role play on YouTube but this was actually quite entertaining and recently Critical Role was recommended to us by a couple different people.

My wife has grown increasingly interested in the role playing aspect of 7th Sea, even more so than just using the background for Sharp Practice games. The larger than life heroes and narrative focus of the game really appeals to her. So it looks like we will have to find a way to balance the pen&paper RPG with my Sharp Practice battles.

We also stumbled on to and watched some of this RPG YouTube gameplay…

… which I found quite entertaining. However, despite my wife finding the dynamic between the players interesting the gloomy horror aspect of the post-apoc theme put her off. Looks like I will be watching this one on my own.

If you decide to watch that series, I recommend this prologue video if you do not mind larp like amateur theatrics. As a larger myself I like it. It helped set up the campaign shown in the role play videos. Asher, the team leader reminds me of Brendan Fraser…

We started watching Wanda-Vision but we are only two episodes in. Lots of nostalgic Easter eggs in there for me but my wife, having not seen the old tv shows it references misses out on that aspect.. so far I am getting more out of than how than her but she loves the MCU so we keep hoping it will eventually deliver for her.



  1. I like those jungle terrain clumps, but I really like those GW trees. Lotsa character. That citizens of the Old World kickstarter looks good, but funds are tight for me as well, and – my problem with all modern figs – it will not scale well with my true 25mm dudes.

    Maybe in another couple of years, 15mm will have scale-creeped up to 25mm and I can get new figures!

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  2. Thanks for the kind words!

    Scale is a constant frustration. I try to keep an open mind on scale to reflect real world diversity, but it is still frustrating to have a figure arrive and be bigger or smaller than expected.


  3. Have to say, not a fan of the jungle terrain, as you say, underwhelming.
    I never understood GW’s fascination with putting skulls on everything, part of the reason I never bought those trees, wish I had thought of changing them to rocks.
    Enjoyed the first few b&w episodes of Wanda Vision but since I’m not a fan of the MCU that is as far as I got. I could see that fans of the MCU would enjoy the show and all the references but as I said, not my cup of tea.
    Wow, reading my comments, I guess I’m the grumpy mapper!

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    • I appreciate your honesty mate!

      As for skulls..I do not mind GW giving option skull bits, it was easy enough for us to just not add the hanging macabre bits… although we struggled with what to do with the ropes on the one tree and in the end decided to just leave them as old, abandoned ropes that have served a mysterious purpose in the not too distant past. My wife did not want any skulls, I could handle the first one as a bit of flavor but I think I found six including one GW “ape caricature” WHFB Orc skull.

      After preparing the blog yesterday I tried some ideas to modify the forest base to make it look more like our Dwarven Forge pieces. A heavier dry brush of lighter green, some greenstuff fallen leaves and a mushroom. I might see if I can find a small animal in my bits box to put on it as well.

      I have been doing detail work on some of the Dwarven Forge pieces we have. The factory paintwork just does not do proper justice to the amazing sculpture work.

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  4. The jungle terrain looks great to my eyes and very playable to boot! I think the basing on the GW trees is too uniformly green and some leaves, other plants, or dirt showing through would give it a bit more visual interest but even with that said, the trees look great on those and it sounds like you already did some more work on it from what I read above. I think the Uruk Hai skin tones are subtly different and look nice. GW always pushed a reddish brown color in their paint guides (probably because it helps add contrast to the dark brown colors in the paint range) and I think your scheme looks a bit more realistic and similar to the movies so great job on that!

    That HeresyLab Kickstarter does have some cool looking minis in it. I think they better sell all they can because Games Workshop is bring back old Warhammer fantasy armies some of which will heavily resemble the sculpts being released in that Kickstarter. I am excited to see what they release from a painting perspective even if I doubt I’d get into the game itself, especially if it has a huge model count like Warhammer Fantasy used to have.

    I’ll be curious to hear more about Wandavision. I’m on the fence about watching it as I don’t know Scarlet Witch or Vision well outside of the Marvel movies and the unique format of the show also doesn’t appeal to me particularly. I’ve heard good things so far so maybe I’ll give it a shot one of these days. With the exception of the Captain Marvel movie and the most recent X-Men movies, Marvel generally puts out high quality stuff.

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  5. I did try to make some of the jungle terrain playable rather than just line of sight blockers, nice to have that get picked up on.

    My photography skills do justice to the subtle drybrushing, washes and detail work my wife did. One thing we have noticed, some times you need to exaggerate things to be visible on the tabletop. Kind of like stage play theatrical make up. So I made exaggerated details, ie slightly larger than correct scale leaves (as well as other little surprises) and heavier drybrushing of a lighter color than my wife used.

    I have experimented with a number of different skin tones for the Uruk-Hai in order to add some individual diversity. I am pleased to hear some folks like it, even if it breaks from GW painting guides. That said, the majority are fairly standard red brown. I have not been satisfied with my attempts to get a more mottled appearance as per the movies, the mottling is just too small in the movies. It is a bit like trying to paint a modern camouflage uniform pattern.

    The rat seller is my favorite of the Heresy Lab miniatures. I tried to win one on eBay but it went for more than I was willing to pay… my average budget mind you is 50 cents a figure in plastic/resin and 1 Euro a figure in metal.

    I wonder what scale the models will be for the new Warhammer Fantasy. I am betting it will be 32mm but then I am a cynical as well as grumpy gnome.

    We did not see the more recent X-Men movies but we did see Captain Marvel and enjoyed it well enough. Neither I nor my wife are much for graphic novels these days so we have to rely on the movie version of superheroes.

    Thanks as always for taking the time to participate in the blog post. I appreciate your kind words and interesting observations. Comments always help motivate me to do the next blog post.

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  6. I agree with everything you said, especially how hard it is to add little details to the scale of LOTR and also that highlights and shadows can and should be pretty strong for tabletop gaming.

    I am curious about The Old World but I’m similar to you in that I would be shocked if I want to play the game. It is unlikely to be easy to get into if it is at all like the old Warhammer Fantasy….

    The recent X-Men movies are mediocre to bad, I’m sorry to say because many of the previous ones are great. Captain Marvel is not bad, I just found it boring and nothing in it was terribly exciting or even memorable but I know many people enjoyed it. I read graphic novels off and on and there aren’t a lot of truly great ones from Marvel in recent years from what I gather though I’m thinking about buying and some reading them in the nearish future so perhaps I can report back in some way when I do that.

    You’re welcome mate. Keep the updates coming! 🙂

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