Warg Madness!

As you can see, I finished some more Wargs. These all have been made to be riderless. I also finished a bat swarm and some terrain pieces.

With this lot I now have 20 riderless Wargs. Whilst working on these, as they were almost done I realized I should have filled in the seams on their backs. But then matching the paint would have been a headache and adding to the time spent… so this will have to do, at least for now.

The bat swarm is the metal one from Reaper.

I used greenstuff to change to tombstone into a more natural rock… not my best work but I think it is ok. As always it was a challenge to decide exactly how to base it. Some models make sense to model as if underground (for example these are for our Moria Goblins) but we will rarely be gaming underground so I decided to stick with our generic temperate outdoor base design, just as I have done for our Moria Goblins.

This is how the foam Ziterdes tower started….

It is a decent enough tower but you can not access the inside so Iould like to eventually replace it with a Dwarven Forge or Tabletop World Tower.

So some of you wanted a close up of the Dwarven Forge terrain. Here is a shot showing the differences between the “old” and the “new” painting.

I will try to replicate the older style with the scattered autumn colored leaves on the newer pieces. I also think we need some variety in mushrooms. Suggestions on mushroom colors welcome! As are any suggestions on how we can further improve on the DF terrain.

A couple of people have also asked to see our work space, gaming space and storage space.

As you can see, I get the comfy chair. And yes, that is quite a lot of work waiting to be done. The shelves are not bowing under the weight however… they warped due to moisture whilst in storage.

We have not filled up the display cabinets as quickly as I had expected. If you look close you can see several Tabletop World buildings waiting for the arrival of our Hagglethorn Hollow Kickstarter pledge… so that I can try to match the paint! (Sidenote: I have been slowly taking over space from my wife’s sewing). Apparently HH is on ships and due to arrive in the EU later this month. No idea however how long it will take to get distributed though.

I have been researching “Really Useful Boxes” to see if we can come up with better storage for things not on display. Particularly our Battle Systems Core Space stuff.

Our gaming mat is the old Citadel grass mat, pretty practical but it does look like a golf course. I have been thinking more and more of a neoprene mat to use with our Dwarven Forge terrain. What is frustrating is not being able to take a piece of DF terrain to a convention and compare it to various mat makers material. Photos are just too darned deceptive. I also noticed that using a dice tray we have from Deep Cut that distance really makes a difference. What looks good from 3 feet away does not look so nice up close. But of course my eye sight is getting worse every year as well.

In other news, we finished the Napoleon miniseries. Not a great show but watchable and it inspired some interesting research paths for me. I find myself respecting Napoleon’s abilities and some of his ideas but hating many of his decisions and disliking his personality. His passion for education and science was commendable and his Napoleonic Code was much greater in my opinion than his military achievements. But his reversal of Republican ideals, his nepotism, his egomania all make him a tyrant… although I struggle to apply the term petty to that.

I am looking forward to season 2 of Snowpiercer later this month. And of course Disney+ has a bunch of Marvel stuff for us to watch.

Not to forget, my wife and I have three more Sharp movies to watch…. and I need to convince her to watch the movie Waterloo with Rod Steiger as Napoleon. Christopher Plumber is the definitive Wellington in that movie, for me anyway. Then there is the Hornblower series…


  1. Once again, very nice!
    Regarding mushrooms, I must admit I have never seen a red one. Here in the Pacific Northwest we get a lot of brown to tan to grey ones, with some yellow mold sometime along the top of fallen trees.
    Besides the warg attack scenario in Battle Companies, the new Quest of the Ringbearer has a warg scenario entitled Wargs in the Night. Based on an incident from the Chapter Journey in the Dark from the Fellowship of the Ring where the Fellowship defends a hilltop in the night from an attack of wolves/wargs including their Chieftain. GW has a Warg Chieftain and 18 wargs attacking the Fellowship. The wargs have the Fearless special rule and every slain warg returns the next turn. The scenario lasts 11 turns and ends after that if the Fellowship receives priority. Evil wins if 5 members of the Fellowship are slain and if Frodo is killed the good can only get a draw.
    Thanks for the pictures of your workspace and gaming area, I am envious of your display cases but not the number of figures I can see! I have a few dioramas of my painted figures that I rotate displaying on my bookcase but most of my painted figures go into flat storage boxes. I line the bottom of the boxes with plastic gripping shelf liner to keep the figures from sliding around. I notice a pair of magnifier glasses on your wall, I tried a light/magnifier combo but couldn’t work out focus vs hitting the light with my paint brush, I now just take pictures along the way to see where I need to clean up my painting, especially faces and eyes.
    Keep on posting and keep on the good work!

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    • Thanks again for the kind words.

      I lived in Seattle for a few years but must admit I never paid attention to the colors of mushrooms. I like the iconic cartoony red capped Fly Agaric mushroom but I can not have every mushroom looking like that.

      We are keen to go through the Quest of the Ringbearer but with an alternate Fellowship and with my wife using her Battle Company to support that alternate Fellowship whilst an evil Battle Company opposes them. We just do not get any gaming time together these days as our son is quite a handful.

      My wife quite likes her desktop magnifier. I have never really gotten the hang of mine, I just use it for the light. I prefer my magnifying visor to paint. I used to have excellent vision but in recent years my eyesight has begun to degrade. It is quite frustrating and I miss the crisp vision I used to have. It is something far too easily taken for granted. I used to think Mr Magoo was quite ridiculous but I am growing to understand his plight now.

      The backlog of work is rather monumental but it is caused by two key issues, the first is seizing opportunities to get good deals on eBay and the second was getting things from the UK before Brexit might affect costs. I was not convinced a trade deal would be reached but thankfully I appear to have proven wrong. It does not help that my wife has had very little free time to paint as well.

      Thank you for continuing to be so supportive!

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  2. Now that really is Warg madness! You have to really question whether the person cranking out so many in a short time is mentally stable or not 😉 In all seriousness, they look great and you’re going to have an absolute army of them. Bret’s suggestions for a scenario is a great idea. That one would be a lot of fun even as a one-off and it is a scenario that I’d love to play if I had the models. I don’t have Quest of the Ringbearer but the scenario is also in the Fellowship of the Ring Journeybook if you happen to have that and an older copy of the rules, you’d also be in business that way.

    To continue the snarkiness, I, for one, wish you didn’t show off all that storage space you have. I am truly envious!!! The space you have reminds me of how suburban homes in the US are, especially in the Midwest and South where there is a lot of space. I’m impressed and glad to see European home owners in at least some areas are afforded that kind of luxury. Some Brits I know are awed by houses in the US and how large (oversized even in some cases) they can be. The shelves you have look great in terms of storing plenty of minis and I can see now how you’re able to take on these incredibly ambitious and impressive projects.

    Napoleon and Napoleanics are a blind-spot for me which is probably not uncommon for Americans, unfortunately. I know a bit about Napoleon’s overall accomplishment but for a Francophile like myself, you’d think I knew more about that part of history. One of these days, I hope to read more about what the little man accomplished and I would also like to visit his palace/retreat Fontainebleu outside of Paris, as it looks beautiful as well. So I think what I’m really saying is your enthusiasm for the period is infectious 😀

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    • Considering how dangerous the Warg scenarios are in Battle Companies, mostly down to the Chieftain, I think the scenario in the Quest of the Ringbearer will be quite challenging. We picked up the book but have not had time to dig too deep into it.

      We live in a small rural German village. There is a barn attached to the house which we hope to convert into more housing space. Our hobby room is the first room in the barn that we have finished. Now the ambition of that plan far overshadows my painting plans. I quite enjoy the space but have not always lived so. In the States I lived in some small places, literally bedsit type places with a communal toilet. In the UK I even lived on a 27 foot gaff rigged wooden cutter for awhile. So the space is a real luxury for me.

      It really makes a difference that my wife enjoys the hobby as well.

      As for Napoleon, I love history but there is just so much of it! And my memory is not what it used to be… just like my eyesight. I am constantly amazed by the things I learn that I feel like I should know already. And yet there is always more, just around around the corner, waiting to be uncovered. My interests span the globe and the ages.

      My madness, like my enthusiasm, is infectious so beware!

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      • Yeah, the Fellowship player is in for a challenge in that scenario! I think it would be nice to give the evil side a chance to really be evil and make the good side sweat and I’m pretty sure that scenario will deliver on that.

        That makes sense on space as well. I have gone in the opposite direction than I would have guessed and went from having plenty of space growing up to moving to a city relatively recently and having way less. It certainly has made me appreciate what I had growing up! I would agree that you’re extremely lucky to have your partner enjoy gaming too. Many of us do not have that kind of arrangement!

        You can never learn enough when it comes to history and I find I forget enough myself that going back to periods I love is almost never-ending as I learn and relearn things I’ve forgotten 🙂

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