More Wargs!

So, as you can see I finished some more Wargs… and movement trays (only 50 more to go)… and some pack beasts!

Most of the Wargs were won in an auction already painted to a decent standard, I just did my usual tweaks. A couple were from another auction and had to be done from scratch, you may notice the non-GW 40mm bases that I used. I often look for ways to cut cost.

The two on the left is how I got them (14 more to do still). The two in the middle are ones I only had to tweak. The two on the right are the ones I did from scratch.

The giant Warg is actually from a figurine of Sharku from Eaglemoss. I removed Shaku. Then I used greenstuff and putty to try to hide the leather riding harness on the Warg. Finally I repainted and rebased the Warg in order to create a new Warg Chieftain model. My wife and I prefer this to the usual GW Warg Chieftain model. Now the creature looks as dangerous as the stats make it in the game. It is a real beast!


… has become this….

The Warg Chieftain was also an experiment for me with Citadel Contrast paints. I used Snakebite Leather over a base coat of Army Painter Skeleton Bone. It did not come out as I expected but I think that was down to me putting it on too thick. I ended up tweaking it with washes, dry brushing and too many coats of matt clear coat. In the end however I am at least satisfied with the result.

Sharku is a bit bigger than the GW Orcs, like the Warg, but I figured I could kitbash him into a large, standing Orc with some new legs.

As you can see my Warg pack is growing. The bulk are made to have riders…

I need to paint a lot of riders!

We only have a few currently finished designed to have no rider.

The pack beasts came out about as good as I hoped. The horse is a better sculpt than the mule but the horse is an expensive metal Foundry model and the mule is an inexpensive soft plastic Wizkids model. Both are going to Battle Companies that have been using riderless Rohan horses as proxies until now. I am so glad to have this done! Two more of the same to do though… then I need to source some new, different ones…you can never have enough pack beasts.

This has all taken much longer than I expected but free time is challenging to find given the recent holidays. Speaking of holidays…

My wife’s parents spoiled us with a very generous gift of some Dwarven Forge terrain! We are both very happy about the look of the terrain. The sculpting is brilliant and the material very robust. I want to tweak the painting though, to take it to the next level. Expect a future blog entry about that!

And my mother spoiled us with some terrain from Battle Systems! I am thinking of modifying the art-deco building to be more Bladerunner-esque cyberpunk for our Core Space project where the Dangerous Days expansion introduces a slightly more post-apoc vibe to the game.

The Expanse continues to be a great show and it gets me itching to play Core Space. My mate Tom has helped out with that by gifting me a very cool Battle Systems Core Space shuttle. He put it together, I just took a marker pen to the white cardboard edges.

It even has a cool interior!

Another holiday surprise was the arrival of the “Terrain Essentials”book from Mel Bose, which we backed on Kickstarter quite some time ago. Whilst the book was considerably delayed the quality in the result was worth the wait! I hope the same holds true for our Hagglethorn Hollow Kickstarter pledge which is reportedly on a ship heading to Europe even as I write this.

Mel’s book arrived with resin figure of Mel, which I love! He will have to become an NPC in our Core Space game. I just have to decide which head to use… I am leaning towards the hat version, reminding me of Jayne Cobb!

My wife and I have learned a lot from Mel’s YouTube channel. His book should continue to further educate us on quality terrain building.

Speaking of learning… I have learned a lot from the blog of my mate Kuribo. I highly recommend his blog.

Another of my mates, Tom, not only has a cool blog…

…. but also a YouTube channel!

In other news… the Mandalorian continues to entertain thanks to passionate fans!

On New Year’s Eve we watched, “The Death of 2020”. I have to be a bit careful here because I do not want to veer into political blogging. Several parts of the show made me laugh out loud, not something I commonly do when watching tv. One section really irked me a great deal… but anyone reading this that knows me personally should be able to figure out what part that was. Overall the show illustrated just how outrageous 2020 has been.

In the search for something light hearted we were surprised to find a Monkey King tv series that is better than we expected. Cheesey but funny at times.

Of course we only watched the first episode… before going back to watch some more of the Napoleon tv series I mentioned in an earlier post. We are up to the bit where he becomes First Consul. I was unaware of the part his brother played as President of the Directory. The show glosses over a lot of the details but it is good for encouraging more research.

Speaking of Napoleon… one idea I had for our Gothic… blah blah.. Napoleonic project was to use a fantasy world rather than a fictional version of history, and Hyborea came to mind. Imagine a few hundred years after the death of Conan and black powder weapons have been invented….. seems the internet almost always has an example of someone who had my ideas first…

Other inspirations I have had for this project has come from this amazing blog…

I love the Imagi-Nations he has created. The narrative aspect of his gaming is exactly what my wife and I are after. I spent quite some time going through all of his blog posts. Great stuff!

We won an auction for a bunch of Napoleonic British and for a great price…. my wife really likes the Hanoverian landwehr wheel caps, so we are thinking of using these all for an Imagi-Nation of her own creation. The question is, do we use a fictional alternate history setting or a completely new fantasy world? I see pros and cons to both.

We also like the 95th Rifles that Wargames Atlantic are coming out with, so will likely get those in the future for her. Perhaps using those with the Hanoverian landwehr wheel caps as Jaeger type skirmishes.

Well this has been a particularly long blog post. I guess I had a lot to say. I hope all of you Reading this have had an excellent Winter Holiday and start to a better New Year!


  1. Excellent work on those Wargs, mate, and I like the outside of the box thinking on repurposing that toy too! I’d imagine those wargs take drybrushing pretty well so they’d be good candidates for some batch painting if you’re so inclined 🙂

    That terrain looks awesome and I’d like to see some close ups of it. Does it come pre-painted? Sounds like I should give the offerings of Dwarven Forge a look…

    Thanks for the shoutout as well. You are too kind 🙂

    I watched a flipthrough of the Terrain Tutor’s book on Youtube and it seems like something I should pick up too. There’s always a lot to learn with terrain and he’s the best source for it, I think. I hope you enjoy it and I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you apply what you learn as well.

    Looking forward to seeing the Napoleonics as well. Your excitement for that project is contagious 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As always thanks for the kind words. The time you take for your supportive and helpful comments is very much appreciated.

    Dwarves Forge terrain can be had pre-painted or unpainted. I have read the material it is made of, Dwarvenite, can be difficult to paint but I have recently been told by a person who has painted it that the trick is to avoid spray on primer base coating, instead use brush on primer.

    I will post a blog entry with close ups when I start working on my improvement ideas. One of which is picking out some of the fallen leaves with autumn colors. We received pieces in both the “old” Dreadhollow paint scheme and the “new” Wildlands paint scheme. The older scheme has leaves done like this and it adds some more depth to the piece compared to the newer all green leaves on the ground. I am also thinking of changing some of the mushroom colors.

    We like the pre-painted pieces because of the time it saves. My wife thinks it looks fine “right out of the bow” but I think it could do with just a bit that of detailed tweaking I mentioned. The aesthetic is a bit “cartoony” but we like that for the quirky, characterful look that should compliment Hagglethorn Hollow. It has a bit of a Jim Henson Dark Crystal/Labyrinth vibe. We think it is particularly good for Middle Earth.

    The real clincher is the amazingly robust nature of it. We have even let our toddler son play with it!

    If you follow Mel’s videos you will know that he has had a real hard time of late but he seems to be on the road to recovery. We love his infectious enthusiasm. He deserves some measure of success to reward his hard work and generous nature.

    Speaking of enthusiasm, I am ridiculously enthusiastic for my Napoleonic project right now. Proper frothing. However, with the latest lockdown my son will not be returning to school for some time I think and that will eat into some of my planned painting time. And Napoleonic uniforms take so much time!

    Then there is Core Space…. and as always…. more Middle Earth!

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  3. That is very interesting on the Dwarven Forge terrain. I’ll be curious to hear how you get on with it and I look forward to the close ups too! Pre-painted, if done well, can save a lot of time. I’ve been thinking about getting some for Fallout and weathering it myself to speed that process up but we’ll see if I can give up that much artistic control 😉

    I couldn’t agree more on Mel. I really appreciate what he gives to the hobby community and I hope he’ll be able to do regular content again soon.

    I look forward to seeing more of whatever you tackle. Juggling that many projects will be tough but hopefully you’re able to make steady progress on them. The wargs you knocked out recently are certainly a step in that direction 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Seven more Wargs currently on my workbench as well as several other odds and ends. My wife suggested the Wargs could be werewolves for our Gothic blah blah project. After the regular Wargs I still have 16 Fell Wargs (GW 40k Fenrisian Wolves) to do at some point. Step by step, I have years of painting ahead of me. As always thanks for the motivational words!

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  5. Loving your Warg-mania, you do like to do things in a big way! Your skeleton mob looked excellent too.
    That space crew and shuttle looks spot on for the forthcoming Spacegrave (Frostgrave spin-off) too.
    I really appreciate your kind comments on my blog recently, it’s always nice when someone ‘gets’ what you’re doing, and even more so when they take the trouble to let you know.
    I look forward to seeing more of your projects.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Dave!

      I appreciate the kind words here and the inspiration your blog provides. I am keen to see what Stargrave delivers… as well as what you do in the future!


  6. Wargs! You are lucky to get an Eaglemoss piece, they are very rare on the US Ebay site. The piece with Sharku’s head looks like it could also be an evil statue buried in the ground. I need to up my Christmas wish list, you came out very well! Like you said, even with prepainted pieces, I feel they need something else added to them, maybe a wash here or there, or a piece of tuff, something that makes them more distinctive and yours.

    Watch Sharpe and now you need the Chosen Ones! Warlord has some chosen one models but I like the customization you can do with the Wargames Atlantic ones.

    Be interested in seeing your hobby area and how you keep all the different eras/games organized.

    Looks like your blog will be very interesting this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The funny thing is I was not even trying to get that Eaglemoss Sharku per se, it was just part of a larger auction and I paid very little for it. Eaglemoss pieces over here tend to run a broad range in price. If you set out to buy something immediately they tend to be expensive but if you wait, watch and bid you can eventually win a piece for a pittance. I trawl through thousands of EBay listings every week.

      I thought about getting some 95th Rifles (both the plastic and the metal) from Warlord Games during their Black Friday (or rather Black November now!) sale but the timing was not great nor the deal quite good enough. Wargames Atlantic however should prove more versatile. I love multi-part plastic sprues for the kitbashing opportunities.

      As for our hobby areas, I will try to get some photos in the next blog entry.

      Thanks for continuing to motivate and inspire me mate!


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