To the last skeleton!

The last 36 skeletons…. finally! I am glad to have this behind me. Not my best work but not too bad either I think. You can judge for yourselves. I dislike square bases but otherwise, if we were using skeletons for any of our projects, I would be ok with using these.

Various different manufacturers, various different states of pre-painting, many of them repaired by me before being repainted. This whole skeleton project was to avoid being wasteful with incredibly inexpensive EBay auction win leftovers. My wife and I discussed at length my decision to invest my limited free time on this but I feel it was the right decision. In a way, as arrogant as I know it sounds, I feel like I “saved” theses figures… as if I rescued them from the Island of Misfit Toys.

As you can see I finished a couple of small terrain pieces, which we will not be keeping, and more unit movement trays which we will be keeping. However, we have another 53 movement trays to finish…

I have been thinking a lot of what I want to try to prioritize in the future, in addition to all the Middle Earth project items. Core Space, a sci-fi adventure game with a Firefly vibe and my Gothic Horror Napoleonic themed Sharp Practice project. So much to do!

Part of that planning is research. One of the most intriguing and inspirational blogs has been this one…

His alternate history settings are very imaginative and he has a flair for narrative gaming. In particular I like his fictional nation of Ruritania and the story of his character Doctor Sandorius. He also creates brilliant participation games for conventions, my favorite being his Cthulu Elizabethan Soloman Kane horror adventure in North America…

Much of my research has reminded me that I just do not have enough time, money or space for all the things I want to do. For example I cancelled the Samurai component of my Napoleonic Gothic Horror project but still continuing with the other campaign ideas (Europe, North America, South America and Africa). I am considering cancelling my Ancient Roman and Greek projects but continuing with my Persian project… the upcoming Victrix Persian releases are just too darned tempting!

I have cancelled my Fallout project, Star Saga project, Gates of Antares project, Zombicide Invader project, Alone project, Star Wars project, Deep Madness project, Sedition Wars project and Endure the Stars project. I am not sure if I will give up on my Stargrunt project but I might just never get around to it. I have too much invested to give up my Dropfleet Commander / Full Thrust project…. but again I have no idea when I will be able to continue progressing it. At this stage I am glad I did not invest in Black Seas because I can not see myself getting to paint or play it any time soon.

The new Xenomorphs and Colonial Marines from Gale Force 9 have me thinking that I need my Core Space Traders need to visit LV-426 though.

It is considerably more price effective now that they are offering the figures without the entire game.

In other news… the Season Finale of the Mandalorian Season 2really delivered! I do not want to spoil it but the end was great! The episode, like the entire series, was not perfect. Sometimes you need to avoid looking too closely at the plot holes but where it gets things right it gets them brilliantly right. It just outshines the Sequel Trilogy in every way. Did anyone else get a “The Black Hole” movie vibe from the Dark Troopers?

It is disappointing however that yet again a thread I was participating in on Lead Adventure Forum was closed… this time the Mandalorian thread. At least it was not removed like the Starship Troopers thread but being locked like that feels a bit stifling. The internet helps me feel connected in my remote rural area during lockdown but it seems my views and how I present them bothers some folks. So much so that I end up getting censored. It makes me feel increasingly alienated from other people. I speak my mind and yet again get insulted for the length of my posts then silenced. As always I care too much, think too much and wear my heart on my sleeve. Sigh.

I have considered ending my blog and deleting my various forum accounts. But I hate leaving a job half done. And the handful of people who are supportive of my work, you know who you are, keep me going. I really wish I heard more from my old friends about this blog but the good news is that I have made some new friends from this project and my posting on Lead Adventure.

So, rather than further cut myself off from people I have reached out again, this time regarding Core Space on Board Game Geek since I have not been successful in getting much of a Core Space conversation going on the Lead Adventure Forum. My first post on Board Game Geek is a bit lengthy if you are curious…

I hope I do not come to regret these decisions.

Moving on from feeling sorry for myself, the latest season of the Expanse has been brilliant! Much better than last season. I find myself really caring about the characters and being immersed in their reality. Very different “hard sci-fi” compared to the “space opera” of the Mandalorian but both good in their own way.

We started watching both the new El Cid series and an old miniseries on Napoleon. Both have been a bit disappointing but we hope they will improve.

It is funny how a little thing can get a show off on the wrong foot for me. I was optimistic about the costuming in El CID from the trailer but in the first few minutes of the first episode the use of a frog without a scabbard for the sword of the hero just spoiled my mood. Silly of me, I realize but that is the truth of it. I am bothered by little details like that.

The Napoleon miniseries has a great cast at least. I like the actor of Napoleon, although he seems quite different from Rod Steiger’s Napoleon in the movie Waterloo, which I also really like.

I am pretty excited about all the new projects announced by Disney. Star Wars, Marvel… and Willow! I love that movie. “Peck! Peck! Peck!” Oh Mad Martigan, you fool!

And with that thought I think I will close this blog entry… wishing all of you a Merry Winter Holiday and Happy New Year! Thank you all so much for your friendship and support. May your wishes come true and your health be good!


  1. Don’t cancel your blog! I enjoy reading it not only for your gaming but suggestions on what is out there I might watch!
    I like your skeletons, I was hard picked to find any duplicates, are there any? Not a fan of square bases either but sometimes they work better together.
    I think you are cancelling more projects than I ever considered! Luckily I’m a cheap …. and procastinator so by the time I think I want to do something a new shiny object has caught my eye.
    Want to thank you for getting me to read Heinlein again, found my brother’s copy of Starship Troopers and read it again. The one thing I think the movie did better than the book was having males and females equal in their duties. Just finished Glory Road and off to read Stranger in a Strange Land next. We actually have quite a few of his books in a box I had forgotten about.
    I’m also disappointed in the locking of that thread, I didn’t see anything in it that warranted that. The last episode was great, I kept thinking they were going to end it at different spots as a cliffhanger, so glad they didn’t. That show is going to sell a lot of toys.
    Hope you and yours are healthy and enjoy the holidays!

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    • I do not think there is an exact duplicate in all the skeletons. Some are close and some are much better than others but I worked with what I got.

      All those projects I cancelled had been gotten largely second hand, “on the cheap”, thanks to persistent and fortunate eBay hunting. But I know that I am fortunate with what I consider limited budget. I have a very generous family. Also, with the current health crisis and subsequent lockdowns holiday money has been reallocated to our tabletop gaming… hence our large Dwarveni Forge pledge for example.

      Fair point about gender equality in the movie compared to the book, but I do think Heinlein was considerably liberal in that regard considering when he served (1929 to 1934) and later wrote the book (1958-59). Whilst I try to avoid getting too political in this blog I will say that personally, and having been a grunt myself, I am pleased to see women making progress in combat arms in the US… particularly those that have made it through Ranger School. I had some inside contacts from my time serving confirm that they did not get an easy time of it and fairly earned their Ranger Tabs.

      Thank you for the kind thoughts and words mate. I wish you and yours the very best!

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  2. Hey, Rick,

    The skeletons look great! So glad there is a real-life Island of Misfit Toys!

    I haven’t seen the Mandalorian yet. The recent Sequel Trilogy had kinda turned me against the franchise, but recently reading some of your posts on the show has me reconsidering. That LAF thread was kinda odd, I did not see any inflammatory stuff. But I missed the thread that got axed, so maybe things were about to get heated? I dunno, but still seems like heavy-handed moderation.

    I am in awe of how many projects you were juggling. But, yeah, at some point, if we make it this far, we realize our time is finite; not just the hobby time. It would be very sad to see you leave the hobby altogether. Maybe just focus on a few projects, and see where that leads you.

    Best of the Season to you and yours, happy and healthy New Year!

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  3. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts mate!

    No chance of me leaving the hobby… but I might further reduce my online presence. I used to be a considerably prolific writer on Facebook but it has proven to me to have been a good decision to leave that platform. I loathe Facebook now. Too much power centralized into too few hands. The lure of easy communication is a dangerous one that is open to abuse. Ack! I am talking politics again! I need to stop! Sorry. Truth is it made me angry to be shushed, especially when so few folks actually express interest in what I write. You folks are a select few! So I have been considering ways to make the most of my increasingly precious time and reduce my vulnerability. My wife suggests however, “that I should not cut of my nose to spite my face”.

    Most of the projects were interconnected as crossovers with an eye on long term hobby longevity… but I am not a young man anymore. My memory, eyesight and longevity are not what they used to be!

    My Winter Holiday gift to you is some advice. Get Disney+. The Mandalorian alone is worth the price… everything else is a bonus. Whilst you may not love it as much as I do, if you liked the original trilogy I absolutely guarantee that you will like at the very least the first two seasons of the Mandalorian. It is the way. I have spoken.

    Wishing you and yours the very best mate!

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  4. Big congratulations on finishing those skeletons! That is a job well done getting them done so fast. However, I am going to temper that a bit by saying, I am going to probably agree with your wife and say that you should really consider not taking on rescue projects and focusing on your own hobby goals instead. I’m completely biased because I would never rescue miniatures and I only like to work off pristine canvasses if you know what I mean but my reasoning is this, you only have so much time in the day and you have so many projects you’d like to do currently. Put your time into those that you will enjoy the most! If rescuing miniatures is what brings you the most joy then by all means, but if you enjoy gaming more (and I think you do), don’t put a lot of time into tasks like that or you will limit how much gaming and projects you can accomplish. Just my two cents and follow your gut and I’m sure you’ll get it sorted out 🙂

    I can relate to wanting to do a lot of projects. I’ve been toying with diorama and other gaming possibilities and I’m realizing that I probably don’t have the time for much other gaming no matter how appealing other ideas might be. So I can completely relate to how you feel there. Unfortunately, Lead Adventure is fueling a lot of this and I need to stay off of there and stop getting inspired. “No, I will not buy Gangs of Rome or try and make Dracula’s America work solo!” 🙂

    Don’t let rude comments or your threads being locked bother you. I’ve never had very pleasant experiences on forums and I’m very hesitant to try and participate in that medium. I’ve had much better luck with WordPress and the thoughtful interactions people have on here which is why I hope you’ll keep your site going. Its one of my favorites to follow!

    Finally (!), The Mandalorian was really good in the second season and it improved upon the first season too. The last couple of episodes all had great action, were visually appealing, and the plot was genuinely interesting too. I grew tired of Baby Yoda wanting to eat everything jokes in the second season and I really didn’t enjoy the “frog eggs” episode but those were some of the only complaints I had (which is pretty good!). I do wonder where the show will go from here but it certainly seems that the future is promising!

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    • I hear you mate, I really do. I have to get better at prioritizing my free time. That said I do not seek out “rescue projects” per se. They are a side effect of bulk auction wins…. which have dropped off remarkably of late for some reason. I trawl thousands of EBay listings, recently I got some great deals on some Napoleonic stuff my wife likes for our Gothic Horror Adventure Exploration project (I really need to come up with a catchy but short title for that). But there are a lot less tasty “job lot” auctions than there used to be, at least here in Germany.

      Dracula’s America….I… must… not… get… into… Victorian/Wild West….Gaming!

      That said, I have been toying with the idea of pushing our Gothic…blah blah…Napoleonic project to slightly post-Napoleonic say 1830’s-ish following what I have reading some brilliant Imagi-Nation blogs over the past few days.

      My wife and I hated the “eggs” subplot in the Mandalorian. It was one of the few really low points for us. But both of us were amazed at how moving various scenes could be with a little puppet. Costuming, music, set design, fight choreography, dialogue… so brilliant! I just wish the episodes were not edited to be so short!

      Thanks for your continuing moral support mate! Wishing you and yours a magnificent New Year!

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      • That makes sense. I thought you were buying things, fixing them up, and then flipping them for profit. No shame in that at all but that is kind of a job in and of itself I would think. I can see where fixing up everything you buy could be tempting. I’d pitch or donate the extra minis to a friend if you can to help you allocate your time effectively but then again, I don’t have many local friends to give stuff away to myself so I don’t know if I could follow my own advice in that regard 🙂 Either way, I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

        Its good to hear that Victorian Horror and Wild West gaming isn’t just tempting me! I’ll be excited to see the Napoleonic project take shape. I think it is going to be a really creative project and fun for you to play.

        I wish you and yours a wonderful New Year too! Onwards and upwards and I think there’s reason to hope 2021 will be better than 2020! 🙂

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  5. I try to gift to friends or trade what I can but I am fairly isolated these days. If I was part of a local gaming group I imagine I would donate them to that but it is just me and my wife. And we have a limit to storage space, so unless we are going to use something for a future project or just absolutely love it enough to be purely for display I need to shift it.

    We are trying to find a way for our Gothic.. blah blah…project to scratch multiple itches. It may have some Victorian but not Victorian and Wild West but not Wild West elements. Just like we are trying to fit some pulp adventure (dun duh dun dun, dah dah dun!), some colonial exploration, some fantasy, some horror, some Black Powder military, some tall ship naval… maybe even some steampunk. Partly because we enjoy the creative world building challenge but also partly as a way to cut costs and reduce overall game ownership. The less game systems we have to learn, the better!

    Whilst I hope my wife will find it as fun to play as I expect, I am trying to think of ways to make it fun for solo play. For now our son is not allowing us much mutual free time to game. We hope that changes in the future.

    I look forward to seeing your projects continue to develop mate. As always your dedication and hard work, leading to beautiful painting results continues to inspire me!

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  6. Happy Discardia!
    I present you with a bonafide license to do what you love and let go of what is no longer bringing you excited energy.

    Keep on striking that balance between recouping some expenses to fund your current fun, and letting those sunk costs go. Your astonishingly cheap eBay finds could go on to be exactly that for someone else. 🙂

    Having health problems over the past few years has probably disrupted my life as much as having a toddler has yours. Between that and pandemic, it’s time to maximize satisfaction in the hours we’ve got.

    Thank you for making and for writing!

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    • Thank you for being so supportive!

      There is of course the risk of selling on something that we later need but it is balanced by the ability to get new things that may better suit our needs.


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