Things finished, on hold and just beginning…

I tend to have too many projects on the go at once, so it feels like a long time between finishing things… but when I do finish a bunch all at once it feels great.

As you can see I got a lot finished this past week, even though we did not get any gaming in over the weekend.

I did a new Galadriel for my wife. I went with a more fair complexion this time. Some other odds and ends finished for friends and EBay. Neither my wife nor I am keen on this sculpt of Gollum but fortunately we have a model with a different pose for me to paint.

The skeletons are Mantic and a good example of me repainting something I got very inexpensive on EBay (1 Euro plus postage).

We do not need any skeletons for our projects however…

I did some terrain bits that are alright I think but will be going to a new home. I am still not satisfied with some 3d prints. My mate Tom sent me some well printed boats and a tree but they have proven more the exception than the rule.

Tom has a cool blog….

Lots of cool stuff to read on there but he needs some motivation so if you see something you like on there be sure to let him know! Reader feedback really helps motivate us bloggers to keep writing so if you want to keep reading but surety tell us what you like.

There was a time when I would have been very pleased with these buildings and terrain…. but I have to admit I have been bitten by the Dwarven Forge/Hagglethorn Hollow/Tabletop World bug. The buildings are plaster and are decent enough sculpts but a bit delicate.

In other news whilst Fear the Walking Dead and Walking Dead: World Beyond are on mid-season Break Season 10 of Walking Dead finally arrived on Amazon Prime in Germany. I started watching it and yeah, it is grim. There is something about Alpha and the Whisperers that make Virginia and the CRM look like amateurs. They actually scare me more than Negan and the Saviours did. Religious fanatics have that affect on me though… and the Whisperers have all the hallmarks of a religious cult. I am about 6 episodes in… and whilst our protagonists make some bad decisions they repeatedly demonstrate pretty epic combat skills. Watching them compared to folks in the other shows… in a D&D context….World Beyond looks like Level 1 to 3 killing giant rats. Fear is like level 9 to 12, getting retainers and building castles. Walking Dead is like Level 15+ adventurers dominating everything until the DM throws them a curveball or beats them with a plotstick.

I tried watching Utopia… I stalled a few episodes in because it is just so bloody grim. Like, mentally exhausting grim. It started out kind of hokey fun, if dark but quickly went off the charts into crazytown. I am surprised I lasted as long as I did, about halfway through the season. We will have to see if I decide to continue or give up on it.

Into the Badlands got more episodes without me noticing so I need to get caught up on that… and still finish Knightfall, and Vikings…

Season 2 of the Mandalorian has been great! The episode today was just plain….epic! Maybe not as technically good as the previous episode with Ahsoka Tano but this one has one of my favorite Star Wars characters, played by a badass actor, flipping old Lucas canon on its head. Now normally I oppose this kind of thing but I admit I think I like how this has turned out. Only time will tell if it was the right call though.


  1. Funny that you talk about Gollum, I just finished painting the one from the Riddles in the Dark set. I agree that most of the poses for Gollum aren’t quite right, I have the other one where he is on the rock but I like the one from the Riddles in the Dark the best.

    Speaking of rocks, I like the terrain piece you have with the boulders, what are they made of?

    Nice to see the Stormtroopers with different weapons, too bad they still fail to use their air support. The next few episodes should be interesting.

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    • The piece with the boulders uses carved foam covered with gritty plaster.

      Close air support… good point.

      One thing about the show is that it always leaves me wanting more!


  2. Those buildings look great! That red cloak or curtain is really striking.

    I have a lot of dwarvenite and like it, but it is getting too pricey for me. The last kickstarters have been as expensive as their resin.

    TTW makes beautiful stuff, but I don’t think they have a distributor here in the States. I doubt I could do it justice, anyway, as intricate as it is.

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    • Thanks for the kind words. My wife was surprised by my choice of that red but I wanted something to set off the other tones of the palette.

      Tabletop World sculpts are amazing… and we may have to rely solely on them if Hagglethorn Hollow fails to ever be delivered… at least until Dwarven Forge’s next Kickstarter! The current DF buildings are a bit too blocky for us. Or maybe the next Archon Studios Dungeon & Lasers Kickstarter.


      • I saw the Hagglethorn Hollow, and loved the look, but things were tight and I had to let it go. I regret it, as I’d love to have just one of them. But I have noticed it is pretty far behind, and there some questions about how Brexit will affect the shipping for you guys when it finally happens.

        I did not go in one the DF city kickstarter, for that exact reason – too blocky. The streets were too sanitized. I think Lankhmar or the City-State of the Invincible Overlord when I think of fantasy cities, and that was neither. Plus it was like $200 for only five buildings.

        I am intrigued by the D&L buildings that they have teased. Still blocky, but not limited to the 4 by 4 footprint, and a lot more modularity. I’ll definitely pick up a few – the price will surely be right.

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  3. Archon Studios D&L pricing in the kickstarters is amazing. I have a sprue of the Kazumi Temple from their Rampart Kickstarter on the way from an ebay auction. I hope it is good enough to convince my wife for us to get more of the Kazumi stuff for the Seraphon/Lizardman faction in our Napoleonic Gothic Horror project. I am thinking Kazumi for the surface and the new Battle Systems Core Space:First Born Kickstarter Terrain for the catacombs beneath the surface.

    Lankhmar is how I picture medieval fantasy cities as well.


  4. That is a really productive week, I’d say! All of the terrain looks great but I really like the statue. It looks perfect for MESBG. I like the paint job on the Mantic skeleton as well. It seems like those are some good sculpts from them. I think some of their sculpts are nice and some are a bit too simplistic for my taste but their prices are pretty fair so that is the tradeoff I suppose.

    I’ve heard that Mandalorian Season 2 is really hitting on all gears so I look forward to seeing it in the nearish future! 🙂

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  5. Thanks mate! Nothing like your quality but I have such a backlog of work I have to be realistic with my quality expectations. Much of the Mantic fantasy stuff is either too skinny or too bulky for my taste but skeletons can be very skinny! (Edit: Pardon the pun!)

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