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While we did not get any gaming done, I did manage to finish quite a bit. Almost all of the figures are destined for EBay but a couple are for us, as is the terrain and unit trays.

First up I wanted to show an example of my “product improvement”. EBay auctions that I have won arrive in various states of painting, from untouched on the sprue up to almost just the way I like it… I always find something to modify to make it my own so far.

Some are better than others but these old GW plastic Bretonnian archers are a good example of the better than usual. You can see I only had to do some small touches… you can be the judge of how big an improvement it may be.

Next we have some gifts from my friend Tom.

You can find his blog here…


A longboat that he 3d printed and a Skaven pool that can be put to other uses. I did some small touches but he did the bulk of the work. Thanks Tom!

On the boat I added the tiller arm to the rudder and some green staining below the oarlocks. On the pool I added a mushroom and the rat. Little touches to put my own stamp on them. Normally I am not a fan of 3d prints due to the inevitable print lines but the construction of the boat masks these, making them look like the grain of the wood in my opinion.

I watched this video on painting 3d prints but it was not as helpful as I would have liked.

Do you have any advice or suggestions for painting 3d prints?

Next up is an old, out of production Games Workshop/Citadel jungle “palm tree”. I have a lot of these and did this one as a test sample, trying to decide if we use them or sell them on eBay to raise money for more Dwarven Forge swamp trees. I am still unsure. My wife likes it but I am less enthusiastic, feeling it is just ok. Looking at various blogs and tutorials I think I need to get more variation in the leaves. Perhaps using some yellow and lighter greens on the fronds. I tried several colors of paints and washes already on the fronds and trunks. I am not satisfied with the base in particular. My wife recommended not adding static grass, which I think is the right call, but it looks somehow unfinished to me… perhaps I need to get some more small foam foliage bits to use as ground cover. You can see I added some grass tufts, some with flowers, but it just does not seem enough.

Of course right now the plan is to use these as jungle pieces. However, I suppose I could make them desert plants instead. Since Dwarven Forge does not make desert plants, maybe that is the way forward. Any of you have some advice on this?

Next we have a couple of metal GW Farmer Maggot models. One had the head removed and not in a clean manner. I tried to fix it with greenstuff thereby make it look like a hooded mantle and longer hair. Mixed results in m opinion.

There other one has a face that turned out looking a lot like Buddy Hackett!

I also finished the latest addition to my Dwarven Battle Company. It is a metal Oathmark Dwarf, I made the one handed axe he had into a two handed axe which I think is a great improvement given the original size of the axehead compared to the length of the haft.

And of course you can see I did a bunch of unit sabot trays. One thing I have noticed is that my efforts to make them look cool has resulted in the 25mm bases not always fitting easily into the trays. Frustrating.

In other news, Fear the Walking Dead continues to be much better than Walking Dead: World Beyond. I want to like World Beyond but the show keeps letting me down.

Unlike The Mandalorian, which continues to amaze me. These are a couple of little things that annoy me about Season 2, Episode 2… SPOILERS…. look away….

…..such as The Child’s eating habits but otherwise great stuff. I like lizards and frogs so The Passenger is brilliant. I have arachnophobia so the episode felt tailored to me. The New Republic pilots were cool although not completely logical. Why not help with repairing the ship? Why save them to then only leave them? Overall it felt to me like it suffered from the short running time. My wife likes 30 minute episodes. I prefer an hour. This episode felt rushed compared to the one before with the Dragon. Why did The Mandalorian have to walk to Mos Eisley? Why not take the transport the bandits/bounty hunters(?) must have had? Given how many species there are, with so many languages… why didn’t the Mandalorian have some sort of default translation option right at the start? It felt too many times like the writer/director wanted specific cool scenes without worrying about the “why”… high in my opinion Leads to immersion breaking plot holes. That said, yet again the show has several old tropes which it does deliver surprisingly well. The final scene however makes me feel the writer/director did not intend the ironic message I took from it… that the Child is also a “Monster”.

What do you think?


  1. Really nice improvement on the Bretonnian face, but what really helped the overall figure was the detailing on the arrows and the subtle work on the cowl and overall dulling of the colors.
    That is my main picky point on 3d printed terrain, just can’t get over the thin lines that need to be sanded down. Agree with you though on the rowboat, works well as wood grain. I have seen 3d printed stones that just I just can’t ignore the lines.
    Buddy Hackett! I don’t have the time to watch its a Mad, etc World!
    Regarding the palm trees, maybe look at pictures of palm trees instead of other people’s painting of them? They do need some lighter green and yellow added somewhere.
    Reading the recap did it for me for World Beyond, maybe I will watch the last few minutes, they seem to be the best part.
    Hard to top the first episode of the new season of the Mandalorian, but I didn’t have as many concerns as you did with the second. I didn’t mind the New Republic Pilots leaving, I felt they had done enough to return the favor without putting themselves in jeopardy for helping a “criminal”. For some reason their voices bothered me though.Maybe the Mandalorian suit get a translator option in the next system upgrade. 🙂
    Looking forward to you getting back to gaming!

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  2. Thanks for the kind words, again!

    Yeah, I have looked at photos and videos of real plants to try to crack that one. I am still struggling with it and hoping to find an easy shortcut… which I know is foolish of me.

    Stonework in particular seems to really suffer from 3d print lines.

    I would not waste time watching any of the that World Beyond episode if I were you. It will only disappoint. I keep hoping it will improve as Fear the Walking Dead did. Of course that took several seasons of watching terrible episodes. At this point in some ways it is worse than Fear was in the beginning.

    If I had to guess on the New Republic pilots and their voices… I would say they were probably cameos. Although they did sound a lot like a couple of bored cops, as I know from personal experience. As for the suit… yeah, if it can track warm footsteps in snow it should be able to have a translator module installed. You would think that would be very useful for a wide traveling bounty hunter.


  3. Its good to see you’re staying productive and I agree with Bret that just getting the eyes right on that archer made a different as did filling in the details. I agree that no static grass on the 40k tree is the way to go. I used to have some of those from a starter set and seeing it gave me some nostalgia. There are a lot of options for making jungle terrain if you’re thinking about doing more. I think the Terrain Tutor on Youtube might give you some good ideas there if you’re thinking of making more terrain in that vein.

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  4. Yeah, I watched a lot of Mel’s videos awhile back. I need to sit down and rewatch his jungle ones. Or maybe his book can help, he updated to say his Kickstarter is finally in the delivery stage… so hopefully any day now.

    I really appreciate the comments from folks, the feedback helps me improve my work and the thought that people actually care makes the time spent blogging feel worthwhile.

    If anyone reading this is curious, the way I generally do eyes relies on a magnifying lens headset and a very, very fine tipped pen. It does not work for all eyes, sometimes I have to go back to a brush, but generally the pen is quicker and leaves a better result.

    I am leaning increasingly towards using these GW plants as desert plants rather than jungle. More experimentation required!

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  5. Always happy to help and see what you’re up to! I’ve heard of that technique and I’d say the results are more than satisfactory for anyone looking for tabletop standard so if it is working for you, I’d say stick with it!

    Those plants would look great as desert plants (which often come in strange shapes and varieties anyway). I think that is a really clever use of them.

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