Made to go…

This week I managed to get a few things finished but almost all of it destined for EBay or gifts to friends. A few things, like the lizardmen I painted from scratch but most of the others I built on the paint work from the previous owner.

One of the figures, the GW Banshee is destined to become the Spectre leading our new Angmar Battle Company. I am not sure that I am happy with my paintwork on it. I thought I would like this look given I have liked it in photos from others, including my mate Tom. But somehow mine just does not seem quite right.

In addition to those above, I surprised myself and got this one done today…

I have to admit that I have been distracted from our Middle Earth project by our Napoleonic Sharp Practice project… that and trying to raise funds for the various kickstarters around the corner. Especially Firelock Games newest Blood and Plunder Expansion and Battle Systems newest Core Space Expansion, both later this month.

Whilst we do not intend to play Blood and Plunder per se, we do want the two sloops and multi-part plastic sailors announced for the Kickstarter.

We are also currently considering the Icy Wilds from Monster Fight Club.

So what have we done for Sharp Practice?

My wife treated me to a beautifully print out of our PDFs from Toofatlardies….

…. and a whole bunch of assorted sprues from Slogger777 on!

A medley of assorted sprues, much kitbashing is planned. For example I want to stretch the fashions of the era a bit with some ACW and AWI figures becoming bandits, pirates, militia and guerillas.

We still need to figure out what to use for game markers.

If anyone has suggestions for cool shock markers we would love to hear them. I had thought the Bolt Action pinned markers from Warlord Games on small bases with a die but that is quite a bit of work….

Credit to Zitadelle

…. so leaning towards MDF numbered damage marker tokens from 4Ground.

In other news we watched Enola Holmes, which was better than I expected.

And the first episode of the new Walking Dead spin off series “World Beyond”, …. which was also better than I expected. I did not like the proposed concept of the show (teen drama 10 years later) but the execution of the concept is not the disaster I was expecting.


  1. Like the green on the Wraith, maybe the hair just needs a little more definition? That is an old warhammer elf you finished, I think I have some of those in the back of some drawer.
    You seem to have the knack for finding things on Ebay, I need to expand my searches more.
    Looking forward to seeing how you do with Sharp Practice, it keeps intriguing me.
    I gave up on The Walking Dead awhile ago, just satisfied with reading recaps now. Might give the new series a chance though.

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  2. The definition on the hair does look better in person than in my photos but yeah, I think maybe it is the hair in general that is not quite right. I will see what I can do about it.

    I spend way too much time going through junk auctions on eBay. I have noticed however a lot less good finds since the pandemic started. Less listings and those that do get listed tend to go for more money.

    When the Walking Dead first started I loved the show, I thought Rick Grimes in the first season was brilliant. But it went down hill after that. I stayed loyal to the show season after season, hoping it would get better. Fear the Walking Dead was a mess from the start but again I watched in hopes it would improve. It did. Introducing Morgan and his friends turned the atmosphere of the show around, giving us likable characters to care about. As for the new spin off… too early to say but l have a very low bar to judge it by now.

    Other than Middle Earth, what other genres do you game?


    • I started out with my brothers with the old Airfix Germans, etc so I really don’t game but move figures around and fight battles 😁 Have done DnD, Roman’s vs Germans in Hail Ceasar, bought the Warhammer for the bretonians, elves and dwarf figures. Have a shelf full of Traveller books and mini figs.

      Know what you mean about Ebay, there was a bag of bits up that I thought about bidding on but it got too expensive for what it was. Not as many LOTR auctions at reasonable prices as there use to be either.

      Will give the new Walking Dead a chance tonight – the bar is set low.

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      • Yeah, I started with Airfix too…. over 40 years ago now. Of course back then my gaming involved more BB gun sniping than dice rolling. I read a bunch of Traveller books but never got to actually game them. And we seem to have the same taste in Warhammer. We looked into Hail Caesar before we got into MESBG as I love Romans and my wife loves Celts but the game mechanics did not appeal to us. Infamy, Infamy from Toofatlardies looks interesting though… and we ended up with some cheap Romans and Celts after all…

        I lose a lot more auctions than I win but I bid on a lot. It only takes one good deal though to provide a lot of great, inexpensive figures. That said my bidding history has given me and my wife the idea that more than 50 cents a plastic figure or a Euro a metal figure is expensive and retail prices in general are far too outrageously overpriced. Which makes budgeting a challenge sometimes.

        Let me know what you think about the show.


  3. Bret’s suggestion above is where I would start too. You could create a wash out of a medium gray color like Dawnstone by mixing it with a lot of water or medium and then applying that in the deeper parts of the hair. That should make the hair look better. You might try washing that blue-ish green color in the deepest parts of her clothing as well. Finally, if you want to really push it, I’d add some highlights of lighter blue-ish green (using white or ivory to lighten it) and then apply that paint to her face (put them in the places you’d normally do with a face so nose, cheek, chin). That should draw the viewer’s eye towards her face a bit more which is always a good thing with minis I find.

    There’s nothing wrong with taking a break MESBG and I find that when it comes to painting for gaming, it is hard to do more than one game at time. That might be because I’m messing around with a diorama though.

    I agree with Bret that I need to look more on eBay because I really would love to get my hands on some of the classic Warhammer sculpts like high elves but whenever I look, it is the same minis over and over and anything desirable is really expensive. You seem to have a knack for finding great deals though maybe the miniature market in Europe is stronger than here too!

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    • Interestingly my wife recommended trying the same thing you suggested for the hair. I will give it a shot.

      It is challenging to bounce between games and genres. I still have a bunch of sci-fi stuff on my to do list, although a bunch of it went on eBay recently to help raise funds for the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter and to cut down on my unrealistically large pile of lead and plastic. But I find I paint best (and quickest) what I am most in the mood to paint. Trying to just plough through something to get it done when I am not really in the mood for that piece becomes painfully slow and awkward.

      In my experience so far the very best deals tend to be in the UK but shipping is a problem with me being Germany. I have had help from a friend in the UK with that but it is awkward to go through him all the time so I only trouble him on special occasions. Getting anything from the States is incredibly problematic and cost prohibitive so I do not browse the US EBay very much. The very best deals I have had have been “junk boxes” here in Germany but they are a gamble. I got burned a couple of times and since then I do not bid high, instead I bid often… and it tends to be a surprise when I win. The figures do not tend to be in the best condition either but that is not a huge problem for me with my joy of kitbashing with greenstuff.

      All that said, Germany does have a surprisingly active miniatures market.

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      • I’d suggesting following her advice then 😀

        It is definitely hard and when you split your painting goals across two games, it feels like you get nothing accomplished. I don’t think I could handle that as a matter of fact.

        International shipping costs are really bad in both directions right now unfortunately. It is a pain to ship things out of the US too. You have to fill out extra paperwork and the post office is always swamped in the US so it really is a hassle that I avoid.

        I tend to see the best stuff in the UK as well. I haven’t gotten much shipped from countries in Europe outside of the UK but it seems reasonably fast, if expensive. Regardless of that, it sounds like you’ve got a strategy that works well. I think the one thing that stops me from delving into eBay more is that I tend to want “mint”, unpainted figures and the lots you’re talking about almost definitely aren’t going to have a lot of that which puts me off from them. With that said, you always do great work with eBay finds and I enjoy seeing what you find and are working on as well.

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    • Many a fine figure were felled by bb guns and firecrackers…
      Gave the new Walking Dead a chance, will probably watch the next episode since no one did anything too stupid. Usual walking dead though, no scares, suspension of belief, etc. Curious why so many people were just walking around, resources spent on banners, etc. Like I said, will give it another chance.

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  4. It is focused on a safe zone that has survived and prospered… one of three, hence the three circle logos and it is 10 years since the outbreak. The narrative is supposed to be about the teenaged protagonists dealing with “the real world” after a decade sheltered in their safe zone.


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